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Sleep Walk?

What causes sleep walk?

As far as I can tell (the only times I ever did it) was when I was so dog-gone tired my subconscious refused to let me wake up and took over my conscious mind to turn off my alarm clock, close the door, etc.

I've never slept walked any other time. But it was rather frustrating that the only thing I've ever done sleep-walking was to turn off my alarm clock. I even set traps to wake myself up (sharp objects in the path to the clock) but my subconscious knew where everything was!

i am sure theorists have several ideas. i am a sleepwalker and have found myself outside twice in my life and have found things moved around in my house so i know,since i live alone, that i am walking in my sleep. i do believe in my heart of hearts that it is caused by stress . the reason i say this is because each time i realize i have walked in my sleep i have noticed the night i went to sleep i was either crying or upset deeply about work,my children,or something that i was upset about before i fell asleep. i have been doind this since childhood and as a child fell down steps in my sleep. if you are a sleepwalker i suggest you get a door alarm so you do not walk outside. if it is someone you love, i can tell you children and my now deceased husband got to learn when i was awake and when i was not. my husband said i looked at him but my eyes looked like i was looking right through him.thats the way he described it.glazed like look. i also answered him appropriately most of the time however when i answered there was a few second pause before i started to speak and so he would tell me to come back to bed and sometimes i would right away but sometimes i would just stare like i was confused but eventually he could talk me into it.i also know sleepwalkers can get violent if you shake them awake. when i woke up outside those two times it was a very scary thing. i did not know at first where i was or how i got there.once i was totally awake i realized what was going on but immediately i did initial reaction was fear. that is why you never wake up a sleepwalker. hope that gives you some insight. it can be dangerous so i have alarms on my doors so the loud noise will wake me up.yes i will be scared and confused however that beats walking into traffic.i find it amazing tht sleepwalkers can open locks,doors etc and not bang into things which tells me that the brain must be partially functioning and the eyes seeing but the main part of your brain is actually is an interesting phenomena.