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I need help!?

Okay see heres the thing, me and my guy friend have been friends since i was 3 and he was 5. Now he is turning 16 next month and he wants me to come to his party and sleepover with some of his friends he lives an hour away and said he would call me and get my answer then. the thing is he is kind of different . He was dropped on his head when he was a baby and he was adopted by his recent family when he was 1 year old. He is just kind of slow he is not like a rtarted person but still .When he asked me I wanted to scream no at hom. I have known he has liked me for a while because he always tries to kiss me! How do i put him down gently! He is going to call me in 3hours to get my answer what should i do? I am so freaking out!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

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