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I need help!?

Okay see heres the thing, me and my guy friend have been friends since i was 3 and he was 5. Now he is turning 16 next month and he wants me to come to his party and sleepover with some of his friends he lives an hour away and said he would call me and get my answer then. the thing is he is kind of different . He was dropped on his head when he was a baby and he was adopted by his recent family when he was 1 year old. He is just kind of slow he is not like a rtarted person but still .When he asked me I wanted to scream no at hom. I have known he has liked me for a while because he always tries to kiss me! How do i put him down gently! He is going to call me in 3hours to get my answer what should i do? I am so freaking out!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

jus tell him dat u cnt come n dat ur nt alloud 2 date n den jus talk on da fone for a while till he gets ova it...

If I were you, I would just tell him nicely you are too busy to come out there and you have things to do tomorrow (like help your mom with groceries). There is nothing worse to a guy then being lead on (like if you were to let him kiss you, or go sleep over there) and you giving him signs that you are interested. Just tell him you are too busy and maybe you can hang out some other time.

Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but my mom would have never let me go to some guy's house for a birthday sleepover an hour away.

Just say no, thanks for inviting me but you can't. You don't have to give a reason why.

say ur mom won't let u go

Just tell him you can't come to his party.

Hey I know how you feel trust me.If you just wanna get out of the sleepover tell him your mom is busy and you need to help around the house.Or if you wanna get rid of him forever get a guy your crushing on or pretending to crush on and make it seem your interested in that guy once he noes your not interested he probally will go away. But whatever you do make sure you mean what your saying because you might just regret it.-CD

i think u should tell him the truth the more longer u hold it in the more mistakes would happen, u should be calm and keep him calm tell him u hav plans tonight.

Tell him that your parents would not allow for you to do that. it would not be a good idea for them to let you sleep over when there are guys that age around that you are not too sure about. Be safe.

Dont worry set him straight u can tell him that ur still very young to be in a relationship and for the sleepover tell him that youll go but as friends nothing will happen at least not yet LOL!!!!

Been there too....kind of.
Well first tell him that you can go to the party but you can't sleep over. When you go to the party bring a friend with you, but not a guy you like because then you're friends just might get mad and start something. Make sure you bring a close friend and she'll have to be like a wing man...or soemthing like that. Hang with with your friend more than the guy friend.

You can still talk to him, but keep your distance then he might slowly fall out of love with you. Tell him you can't make it because you're mom said NO ,a nd ask your mom to help cover for you. Explain to her that you really don't feel comfortable staying at his house.

Good luck
hope it goes well