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Again.... please Equality??

Does anyone know of a good and interesting topic that relates to equality?? My teacher gave us some thesis ideas we could use like: What helps it to exist, what breaks it down, what people have to do to maintain it, or what people do to destroy it. But.... I want something creative and something that readers would actually read. What topic should it be? Please help.


Equality as described in our constitution is the fact that each individual is to be encountered on their own individual merit, regardless of their origin, race or religion.
What supports this is an open mind when encountering an individual.
What opposes this is a pre-molded set of ideas of what 'is right'.
Equality in politics revolves a lot around 'minorities' - the kinds of people who have been unconstitutionally discriminated against. Prime examples in the work place have been people of the feminine gender and people of color other than 'white'.
Thanks to the efforts of many of our historical defenders of human rights, the old prejudices are slowly falling away when it comes to people of color or people of feminine gender.
At this point, the issue at hand seems to revolve around religious and sexual preference issues.
If you want to rattle the cage, you may want to focus on homosexual issues. This is today's hot topic.
Samples for questions that could be addressed:
1. What are the pros and cons for gay marriage?
2. What are the pros and cons for gay adoption?
3. And HOW does the concept of equality enter into these topics?
If a marriage is a co-habitation and financial partnership, how is such a marriage equal between homosexuals and between heterosexuals? (IF such equality was actually an option in today's social constructs).
You could interview some gay and heterosexual couples to see how well each couple has fared in their management of relationship, finances and social life.
Based on your findings, you could create a thesis either for or against gay marriage.
E.g.: If most of the heterosexual couples appear to be successful in a long-term, mutually beneficial and productive relationship, they can be compared with most of the homo-sexual couples on the same parameters.
This just an example - let me know if you would like more input by sending an email.
Congratulations to making the extra effort of coming up with something truly unique and interesting rather than just 'doing the school work'!