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how will walking everyday imporve my health willit do anything for my body???

Walk for as long as possible, 30 minutes minumum, walk at a brisk pace. As with any body management system, the most important thing is to take in fewer calories than you expend. Resist the urge to "reward" yourself with a double whopper after the walk.

of course it helps, because it gets your blood moving, and hormones working so you feel good. breathe deeply though while your walking, to get fresh oxygen in

u will loose weight.

it will bring up your heart beat and help with the cardio system and it will help you lose weight too with the proper diet. walking is better than running on your legs the impact is not as hard on your knees. I lost a lot of weight with the proper diet and walking up to 5 miles a day. I did this everyday. I felt better and got around better to (with out losing my breath over small activities) an overview it is good for you. or at least it can't hurt you.

Walking does a lot for your body. Ever since I have gotten my dog I have been walking every day and I feel better and more refreshed! It also circulates the blood and tones you up! Walking is the best exercise!

Ofcourse it will! didn't you know that walking is an exercise so that you could always stay in tip-top shape.And besides,when you walk it can make your body even more healthier bec. it can make you sweat a lot and all the germs inside your body will come out from the sweat making your body clean inside (and when i say you become more healthier bec. when the germs are all out of your body, the inside of your body will become clean making you a healthy person bec. when there are no germs inside your body, that means you'll never get sick or ill bec. you always walk)

Yup. It will burn fat. Anything cardio burns fat. The more you sweat the more you burn fat. Keep it up :)



Walking is very good for you. It's a free form of exercise, and it saves you gas. Walking like a lot of other exercise, will improve the way you fell everyday, you will want to take better care of yourself, eat healthier foods, etc. It's also a good form of exercise for when your pregnant. Other exercises that are kinda really intense can cause your milk to spoil, if you breast feeding that is. Walking is a good way to relieve stress, if you and your spouse are having an arguement, go for a walk, it'll help you think and it'll probably help the arguement to be resloved sooner!