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What are grammatical Skills???

Please give me examples. Thanks

Having grammatical skills means being able to write in a particular language in a way that follows the correct rules for that language. One example would be the ability to use words like its/it's or there/their in the correct context.

In short, it's a skill that these days is becoming extinct.

If you're looking for further examples of these rules, the Wikipedia article below has plenty:

Grammatical skills. That's a toughie. Big topic.

Whether this refers to natural language speakers or professionals only differs in terms of degree.

Grammatical skills are what editors have. In fact, grammatical skills reflect an educated populace; unfortunately, we have an educated populace that doesn't read very much, so their grammatical skills are not what they ought to be.

Vocabulary knowledge
Phonogical knowledge
Word recognition, usage and mastery
Punctuation and sentence parsing for meaning
Familiarity with various style manuals (MLA, APA, Strunk and White, Chicago, Turabian, ASA, etc)
Knowledge of standard English grammar, punctuation, and diction
Knowledge of writing style
Familiarity with specialized vocabularies as needed
Writing skills
Spelling ability
Mechanical editing skills
Ability to ensure consistency of style within a document
Ability to clarify meaning while maintaining the integrity of ideas
Ability to suggest changes in wording and, with guidance, to provide some substantive editing
Ability to explain and defend editorial decisions.
Communication skills
Ability to improve document readability and effectiveness