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Credit Report.?

How long do bad things stay on your credit report? And how does them not being on your credit report effect the credit score?

They say seven years, but I've seen obnoxious sh*t from banks stay on longer on mine!

A bankruptcy stays on your report for 10 years, other items stay on for 7 years. After the item has been there for 2 years, it does not affect your score as much, unless the creditor keeps updating the bureau.

I think all things (good & bad) is 7 years,
10 years for bankruptcy and repo . . .
Most of the FICO is your debt to income ratio but I'm not sure what % is the neg info.

Hey, wiki even has FICO ! I love wiki . . .

7 years. Mind you, creditors can still try to harass you after this time, but avoid them at all costs. They often try to hook you in with lies and have been found to use illegal practices.

7 long years

The Fair Credit Reporting Act provides that information can be maintained for a period of seven years for most information and 10 years for bankruptcies. However it does not say the information HAS to stay there for seven minutes, much less seven years. If you can find any inaccuracy in the item reported, the item must be removed. That IS a requirement. It is hard to find inaccuracies unless you know the 340 laws in the FCRA and how they work with each other. That is why people who try to do a credit restoration by themselves have little luck. They can get a few things removed from their report but are disappointed when they find the information is re-inserted on their report.
When you consider that four out five credit reports have errors on them and most of those have such serious errors that it can affect whether or not they can obtain a loan, what are the odds that there is something wrong with your credit report.
Now, if you want the credit report cleared up right and permanently, you need to find a reputable credit restoration firm and pay them to do the job for you. They know how to manipulate the laws of the FCRA to remove information from your report that needs to be removed. Please note that I wrote "credit restoration FIRM" and not person. There are a lot of people out there who have purchased a do-it-yourself kit off of the internet and now think they are professionals. THEY AREN'T! If you want to know how to find a reputable firm that will work for you (and I mean by doing more than writing a few letters) then read this article as it has good information.
Once the negative items have been removed from your report, your score will start to rise. Then, if you are responsible with your credit management, it will continue to rise.

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