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Was Michael Jordan Overrated?

Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, consider the following:

1) He's considered by many to be the greatest scorer ever, yet, his scoring numbers pale in comparison to Wilt Chamberlain. For example:

Highest ppg in a season> Wilt 50.4 MJ; 37.1
Most games with 70+ points> Wilt: 6 MJ: 0
Most games with 50+ points> Wilt: 119 MJ: 30
Most points in a game> Wilt: 100 MJ: 69 in overtime
Highest fg% in one year> Wilt: 73% MJ: 54%

2) His 6 "rings."......people act like he won them all by himself. Actually, Jordan's playoff record without Scottie Pippen is only 1-9 ( that's 1 win and 9 LOSSES! ). Its no doubt, Jordan had great players around him.

3) When he retired, everyone predicted disaster for Chicago. How could they possibly expect to win without Jordan? Yet, the Bulls only dropped two games in the win column, going from 57-25 in Jordan's last year to 55-27 without him.

So what do you all think?

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