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Why do my video clips play upside down?

When I try to watch Yahoo News video clips, they are upside down over half the time.

Thank for answering this. I finally know how to fix this. Yay!!!

Uninstall it through upload or eliminate courses / restart / re set up it. you gained't lose any of your documents or folders. WMP and IE have a habet of going incorrect. in case you do not believe my advice. Make a fix aspect in the previous you do some thing you are able to continually bypass again.

Upside-Down Display In Windows XP

Within Windows XP, certain video drivers or graphics card chipsets supporting 180 degree screen rotation can cause the Windows XP display to be presented upside down. This can be (but is not always) tied to lowering the screen resolution in some accessibility programs.

To revert to a right-side up display, hold down the CTRL, ALT and UP (arrow) keys.

You might also try a popular third-party viewer that can handle a multitude of file formats. Ffdshow is popular, and even if it doesn't solve the problem, it has a feature that lets you rotate video 180 degrees to solve this very problem.

You can also try to update your codecs, a major culprit in upside down video issues: I use the ACE Mega Codec Pack, and I've never experienced an upside down video. As a bonus it includes codecs to play just about every kind of video format you're likely to encounter on the net. If you have any other codecs already installed (and showing up in the Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel), uninstall them first.

Finally, you might also have a problem with the software you're using to convert the .mov files to other formats. You can try a different program like WinAVI Video Converter, which can translate among innumerable video formats. All of the software I've mentioned in this post is freeware except for the WinAVI Converter, which is $29.95 after the free trial version expires.