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What's considered good and bad credit?

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above 750 is good credit..below 650 is bad credit

Subjective question.

Above 750 your credit is not the main factor that determines the rate of your loan.

Below 500, you might have trouble obtaining a loan.

Anywhere in between might be good or bad, depending on lots of other factors, like job stability, earnings, other debt, repayment rates, and dozens of other factors.

You can get a "Free" credit report from the link below. It is a free 7 day trial, just cancel before that time and you get a full credit report with scores from all 3 bureaus.

Credit is a double edged sword. You need credit to get credit. Good credit is paying off large debt on time - mortgage, car payments, and paying off credit card debt in full on a monthly basis. Bad credit is making the minimum payment on your credit card bill.
Your credit score determines a lot of things, including interest rates on homes and cars and insurance rates. Don't mess it up.

good credit is a score of about 600

A good credit score is what each of us aspires to. After all, a credit score is one of the important determining factors when it comes to borrowing money – and getting a low rate when you do.

Excellent Credit: 750+
Good Credit: 700-749
Fair Credit: 650-699
Poor Credit: 600-649
Bad Credit: below 600

poor or bad credit - 350 - 619
fair or average credit - 620 - 659
good credit - 660-749
and excellent - 750 850
Certainly if you have good (or excellent) credit your choice of credit cards is extremly wide. You can find credit card wiht low APR no annual fee, 0 for balance transfer. Besides there are a lot of rewards programs that allow you to get airline miles, hotel rebate, gas rebate and even cash back. But you should take into accaunt that cards with rewards offer higher APR then other.
If your credit score is fair your choice of credit cards is less. And these cards offer only fewer benefits.
But if you have bad credit the best way is to find a co-signer. It will improve you credit score and allows to avoid high payment for card. Another issue is to apply for bad credit card. But such cards offer extremly high fees and small credit limit. But you can apply for secured credit card, to my mind it's much more better.