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Testing positive?

What medication show as positive for pot if you dont even smoke pot?

Ibuprofen can show a positive result for marijuana.

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Any medication that contains Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC based medications are highly regulated. The issue is that pot is not the only plant that has THC. Some other foods like tomatos have some low levels of THC or other Canabanoids that might cause a false positive test. All Canabanoids including THC are lipophilic. In other words Canabanoids bind with fats and oils real easy.
So if you have friends that enjoy that particular herb they can put some pot, stems and/or seeds in some hot oil or butter and use the THC rich oils to bake any number of sweet treats.
Some cultures that live off of live stock that feed on a natural landscape also have high levels of THC. If the animals graze on hemp or other plants that are rich in canabanoids, the drug could be passed through the milk, and fat that is eaten by people.
THC has a half life of 7 days. In other words every 7 days the amount of THC in your body is reduced by half. The problem is that THC is stored in your fat cells. So people that ingest a lot of THC might never be completely free of the drug. Everytime they burn fat THC can be released from the fat cells and back into the blood.
The real question as to why a false positve might occur depends on the type of testing being done. If the testing is only for the presence of canabanoids then a false positive might be frequent. Some test also test for the presence of herbs or teas that are used to cover-up the presence of THC. Things like golden seal and echinacea have been said to mask the THC and some labs will report a positive test for simply having large amounts of these other herbs that are not illegal in your system. The most difficult and expensive way to test for THC is to test how much is in a given unit of blood. This test will only show a positive if the THC reaches a certain thresh-hold