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Is Walking....?

the best exercise?....I wanted to start walking once a day, long should I go for??

Walking is great I loving doing it for exercise. When its hot out side, I take my ipod and some cold water, and walk. I sweat alot and lose alot of calories. Make sure your paying attention to what your eating not just your exercise. But if your at the size you want to be and just want to be healthy walk early in the morning while its still cool outside and make sure you sweat. Start small maybe 25-30 mins, I highly recommand you have some music that gets you motivated. nothing slow, something up beat. if you have a hill near by then try walking up that for 30 mins it will help burn more calories

30minutes if you keep a decent pace and you swing your arms

Apparently it is because your getting a cardio workout that has the least amount of wear and tear on your body (except swimming). As long as you keep your heart rate up it can really help your cardiovascular system. Don't walk too slow or for too short a time period though. A half hour brisk walk everyday is good.

Hi Liz!

Walking is the best form of exercise for you if you enjoy doing it. If your goal is a lean body, then anything that keeps you active, that you actually enjoy, is great! If you couple this with staying at or below 1500 calories a day you should start to see body fat come off very soon.

Go for walks as long as you want, the longer the better.

I believe this answers your question, but if not, you may email me.

Good luck on your diet and fitness goals!

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Walking burns the same number of calories as running per mile, believe it or not. It just takes you longer than running, but the physical principles are the same.

Running is a great exercise, but not necessarily the best for newbies who want to lose weight. Walking is certainly a very good alternative because it's much easier on your knees and body. If you're not very fit, start by walking 10 minutes a day and work your way up to 40-50, by adding 5-10 minutes every week. 45 minutes of brisk walking is roughly the equivalent of 3 miles, which is optimal for weight loss.

BTW, do not exercise every day. Leave 1-2 days in a week for resting.