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What are disasters?

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This question would qualify as a "disaster"

Computer disasters: virus, hard drive fails, hacker, data lost, out-of-power, flood, fire, etc.

Like things that happen maaan, know what I mean like a disaster maaaan. Like I was walking down the street and my spliff fell down a drain, now thats a disaster maaan.

Like GWB is president of the USofA, thats a disaster thats still happening maaan, like know what I mean.

Disasters are anything causing great harm or danger. Natural or unnatural.

Mike Dukakis's 1988 tank ride. John Kerry's run for President. Hillary Rodham Clinton's birth. I could go on...

Disasters only viewed by the weak. No matter the situation it is all about how you perceive it.

New orleans.

here is your 2 pages ... From a chipped fingernail for some ----------------------------------------... eruptions for others.

Disasters are basically, something that impacts more than a few people's lives in a fatal way.

A bus load of people is not quite a disaster because it doesnt involved "too" many people.

A plane accident, involves hundreds, so that is a disaster.

The Hindeburg blimp was a disaster, because it was played LIVE on television (Or, I may be wrong, but played on television), but it was actually video taped and a commentator was announcing the disaster while it was happening!

Something that will or can or does impact a lot of people, like a race car going into a crowd, wiping out a lot of people, but the main thing is, that its broadcasted live on television and everyone is experiencing it...

The World Trade Center would be the largest disaster that anyone of this time has witnessed... ( I NEVER would have believed that, that would happen to such a large office building!).

Thats something that I will never forget as long as I live...

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