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Do the mormoms have many wives.?

Are mormons polyigamists and hav many wives.

that's what I have heard in some areas. Some are still polyigamists.

There are different sects of Mormons, or so I have heard. One does permit more than one spouse. Best place to learn the answer to this, is speak with the Mormon Church.

They used to practice it. And then it was abolished. Several of them still wanted it so they moved away and started their own form of Mormonism but they are not recognized by the Mormon church and have been excommunicated. It is also illegal..

I know what a "Morman" is, but what's a "Mormom"? Is that a lesbian Morman with multiple 'wives'?... he,he,he... Inquiring minds want to know.!


I think they used to be. Now they have more problems with the law. It's just like everything else. There are splinter groups of more extreme perspectives.

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Do the mormoms have many wives.?
Are mormons polyigamists and hav many wives.

It affects the lives of all teen boys in the Mormon communities who are run off because there aren't enough women for them all to have 6-10 wives. Many of them are beaten badly beforehand to make sure they don't return. And they are ill prepared to live life in the real world.

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It creates problems because some of the wives and children that do escape use resources that could be used by others if we didn`t allow the old pedophiles from marrying preteens and teen girls. The old goats take all the brides away from the younger men that would be more justified in marrying them. I view it as gender abuse at it`s worst.

Multiple Wives Mormon

The Mormon man can marry as many women as he can, as long as he can provide for them and their children. There are several forms of marriages or relations in the Mormon faith, and some of them are called concubines. Some practice that rule, such as Smith. Had several wives, but didn't live with them openly. Brigham Young had more than 50 wives, 19 were connubial wives, and with all these women had 56 children.

To answer your questions. Yes, but many of them don't have multiple wives. and, Yes Mormons are polygamist. Same with the Muslims, they are permitted to have four wives at a time, plus the concubine, plus the pleasure wives, but they too, most don't have more than one wife.