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Is it fair to make fun of.?

Is it fair to make fun of retarted people. Im asking this becasue i was on a date with a friend, and a grope of retarted people sat begind us, and were light yauhh urhh ugh or what ever, and every one at the table started to laught. Its like the rtarted people had thier own language. Me being the mentally weak on out of me and my gf, i started to lught, and she got up set at me. Do you think i was in the wrong.

You should actually be ashamed of yourself making fun of people that are different. You were not laughing with them, you were laughing at them.

I hope someday, when you grow-up and have children that they are born without mental defects.

First, you should use the spell checker. They are not "retarted" people, they are "retarded". They can't help the way they are and yes, it is wrong to laugh at them. I'm sure you are an absolutely perfect human being with no flaws of any kind so you naturally feel righteous about laughing at the imperfect, but no matter what, IT IS WRONG!

I'm laughing at you right now because you post and can't even spell! LOL LOL LOL!

yes you where defintely wrong, and its also wrong to refer to them as "retarded" catch up with time honey, it is called mentally challenged, and however they were laughing or talking is how they know how to do it, you consider yourself to be above them yet you can't handle yourself any better than that, i would guess you are a little challenged yourself, grow up "retard"

I don't think it's right to make fun of people with disorders. I look at it this way, lets say 1 in every 100 persons are to be retarded, well I see it as that one person helped and made it so that the other 99 wouldn't have to be retarded. I think she was right to be upset because alot of families have some people that have a disorder. How would you like it if your mom or sister was retarded and people made fun of her?

Don't make fun of them, they can't help themselves.

no not you ........all of you and the word you just used to describe ppl with mental disabilties is sad real sad grow up . it goes to show what you and your friends are like childish and stupid ,you laugh at them for fun you saw them as a joke ,you are ******* sad .laughing at what is differnt ,asshole

No its not fair or funny or even amuzing. making fun of someones handicap. not any more funny than tripping your own grandmother and laughing when her hip breaks.

Kudos for your girlfriend for getting upset

you were so wrong

Personally from having a child with a form of mental retardation (Down Syndrome) I am totally disgusted that people are still that ignorant and cruel to act in such a way. Try explaining to your child why people call them names and make fun of them. I think the word "retard" is totally offensive and to hear of people still so IGNORANT that they feed off of people that may be a little slower than them. It is always a child before that disability, and maybe if the people in the world that constantly ridicule and tease the most innocent and pure souls created would ever have to deal with a person hands on. ie...someone in their family or one of their children, or just witnessing how wonderful they are, then only then could the dipwads in this world leave that word out of their vocabulary except in its original context. It's like calling someone with impentigo a leper. People are people and people have feelings no matter what their handicap. Think about that and think about how loosely you'd say the word retard if a disability came directly into your life and just how hurtful that word can be.
A voice for my child, and a
mother fed up with ignorance.

that was so mean how would its the same hing when someone calls u ugly or hurtfull names its not like they chose to live their life like that did they? words mean a lot and i really hope u take that into consideration next time someone makes fun of you and u flip out. Now u can't because u made fun of mentally chalenged people. havent u seen the Ringer?? if not i sugest u buy it

Maybe you should bring your girlfriend to that movie Ringer with the guy from Jackass who pretends to be retarded so he can win the special olympics. Besides that, I do think it is wrong to laugh at peopel with disabilities, unless it is on the Howard Stern show.