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What's your favorite boys' name starting with 'L'?
What would you name this family?
Surnames:- Eglintine, Stones, Walsh, Armstrong, Martin Mum- Helen, Natalie, Wendy, Gail, Linda, Noelle, Vanessa (middle names is from this list) Dad- Henry, Charles, Marcus, Derrick, Nigel, Harold. (Middle names is from this list) Son- Clayton, Braxton, Kingston, Easton, Colton, Dayton (middle names is fathers...
Name all of these 10 children?
1 (girl): Demi, Meadow, Bailey, Marcelyn, Amelia, Margo 2 (girl): Genevieve, Makenna, Avie, Alyse, Laurel, Alexis 3 (boy): Crosby, Griffin, Xavier, Hugh, Caleb, Thaddeus 4 (girl): Eleanor, Britney, Gwyneth, Mia, Toria, Jasmine 5 (boy): Holden, Ryker, Jude, Elliot, Elias, Leo 6 (girl): Katy, Liv,...
I m due this week and I m still torn on a baby name. Which do you prefer Melanie, Mia or Melania?
Veronica or Camila?
Do you believe misspelling your child's name will make your child unique?
I see so many people saying they use quote unquote creative Spelling's because they want their child or children could be unique. Do you really think that's what makes your child unique? Honest answers please.
Unusual/ethereal/uncommon male names?
Something along the lines of Denzel, Loki, Eli or Axel. A nice long list please! Thanks.T.x.
Which sounds more like a "rich girl" name: Julia or Brooke?
Favorite female names starting with the letter D?
Best answer: Diana, Diane, Demi, Desiree, Donna, Daisy, Dedi, Danielle, Dora, Dori, Danica, Delilah
Why do some girls these days have blokish names like Robin, Charlie, Sydney or Ronnie?
I think that giving girls names like that is leaving them wide open to mockery in school. Why don't they have nice girly names like Kate or Sarah? They won't be teased if they have names like that.
What is a better name; Clara or Violet? Thanks! :P?
I need names that start with sh, for my cousins baby. They don't have to be girl names, boy names adapted are cool too
I need a middle name for Rose?
Not switching. Rose will be the first name. Id like to possibly use the following family names but open to suggestions! Thanks Rose Angelia Rose Angeline Rose Michaela Rose Mary (not Rosemary as first name)
What would you call this family?
Best answer: Elizabeth Dawn
Frederick Phillip
Anna Scarlett
Benjamin Patrick
Ideas for First names that can go with the last name Ace. Boy and girl names?
Carson vs Carter?
Middle names for Lydia?
We've decided to name our daughter (due in June) Lydia, but we can't decide on a decent middle name. My husband likes Lydia Estelle, which is absolutely adorable, but I feel like I'm being boxed in with this one name because we haven't considered anything else. Any suggestions for middle names...
What would you name these siblings?
Best answer: • Olivia Violet
• James Spencer
• Daisy Morgan
• Lucy Rachel
• Hunter Grayson
• Isabelle Riley
--Liv, James, Daisy, Lucy, Hunter & Belle--
Which name do you like more: Corey or Carson?
Best answer: I like Cory better. I like Cory for a girl or a boy., Carson is a last name to me. I can accept it for a boy but I dislike it for a girl.
What is the proper way to hyphenate a baby's name?
My girlfriend and I have been discussing marriage and children recently. She is very well suited in her career and would like to keep her last name. I am fine with that, however, I would like for my children to take my last name. We have decided we will hyphenate our child(ren)'s last name. As the father,...
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