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Ramadan Can I fast while being pregnant 11 weeks ???
Can I fast while being pregnant
My parents hate me for being lesbian. What to do ?
Best answer: Well it's your life. They should accept you as you are. There are far worse things in the world.
Do non-Muslims celebrate Ramadan?
Do you ever invite non-Muslim neighbours and friends to share iftar during Ramadan?
During Ramadan is it OK to drink water at they gym while working out?
In Ramadan, do Muslims not eat and drink for a whole month?
During Ramadan fast, do you believe that your desires are curbed and you can gain more understanding?
Can people chew gum during Ramadan?
Why does Ramadan begin on a different day each year?
What do Muslims believe they gain from fasting in Ramadan?
Do Muslims in different countries celebrate Ramadan differently?
Best answer: Every country Muslims will have their own cultural nuances in things. But Ramadan is a month of fasting, we fast everyday from sundown to sunset and time outside of work is to be spent reading Qur an , giving/doing charitable deeds, praying often. And this is a case where most Muslims are unified.
So,I'm thinking about selling my dirty panties on ebay?
Best answer: I think no one will buy your dirty panties It is better if you work for collecting money for your vacation
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