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POLL: What is the feminine name of Allah?
Is Ramadan a terrible tradition?
Ramadan: Just keep praying?
Shall I realise that Allah is in control and fear nobody and pray salah and make dua I keep obsessing Shall I just pray and read Quran
Are Kurds of Iraq muslims or not?
Best answer: Most are, but they are the people who actually controlled the area for thousands of years before 616 Anno Domini, and who will fight and die for freedom. They are the only ally we can trust and should support 100%.
Does this video prove that Palestine existed? A lot of Jewish people say that there is no such thing as Palestine and that Palestine was desert before the 1900s but this video proves otherwise and i can see no Jewish people in sight in this video.
Ramadan is your family against you ??
it was said your family will be against you they abuse you insult you. Even prophet Yusuf he’s brothers were against him. Peace be upon him why is your blood sibling hate on you for no reason ????
Mixing Religion with Government and Law?
is the same as mixing oil and water?
Left wingers s there an unconstitutional travel ban on non-Muslims to Medina or Mecca?
Ramadan Do you believe there is ever a possibility that a muslim nation would someday elect a Homosexual man as their leader?
In the women and girls wear a burkha to avoid rape and are there millions of Muslim male migrants in Europe now?
Ramadan is it haram for muslims to listen to hardcore gangster songs?
Best answer: Woman eats Habanero Pepper thinking it´s a cherry =)
"Shot For Going To School"?
Listen to Malala Yousafzai story, the Pakistani girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for going to school.
Why do Muslims love salami so much?
I like salami too but you don't hear me chanting it 24/7. Why not explore the meats and expand your horizons. Try a bacon sandwich with some mayo or a roast beef melt. C'mon guys.
Where is Mount Tur located?
Best answer: Abraham never took the children of Israel any where since he was demised before Israel or Jacob the son of Ishhaq having the 12 sons or being called the Israelites or the children of Israel. Moses was the one who went up to mount Tur to receive ten commandments after crossing the sea with his 12 tribes of Israel to...
Your opinion on the Taliban?
Why do Muslims not allow their people to express who they are?
take for example any one who is gay getting married to another man
How do you feel about nationalists AKA flag wavers?
I find them rather irritating, despite their usefulness at times. Allegiance to nations, especially this one, is primitive and counter-productive. Many people are loyal to nations simply because they were born in them and have become emotionally attached, not because they believe that their nation has any...
Is spirit cooking haram?
Best answer: Alcohol is prohibited in Islam, and those who drink it have nothing to do with Islam. Not even a little bit. Not even a tiny micro-organism sized portion to do with Islam. Sadly, the Taliban and ISIS are the only people that are 100% Muslim. Most of these so-called "moderate Muslims" are not real...
How did Turkey become the first muslim nation to have a gay pride parade?
Best answer: Turkey strives to be a secular nation where govt and law is not controlled by imams and mullahs and other religious leaders.
Ramadan, lets face it, the only significant economy in the Islamic Middle East is drying up (namely oil)?
Best answer: Yep, and then we are screwed.
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