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Do kids believe Santa visits during the year also?
Best answer: They're kids, they can believe anything if you sell it right.
Which gifts are perfect to present employees?
What makes Christmas the most important holy day of the year?
Best answer: It's the day (or season) when more people are receptive to the gospel message and receive salvation through faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.
What types of people have to work on Christmas and are they sad about it?
Does Santa Clause can travel around the world every Christmas?
When do you start christmas shopping?
i need to spread the cost so i might start soon
Would you still celebrate Christmas if you learned Santa Claus was a child abuser?
Best answer: I hate to break this to you but Santa is fictional.
Why does it take so long for people to remove Christmas signs/decoration on December 26th?
Some are still up, months later or year round. This does not happen with other holidays
What do they call "Christmas" in Mexico?
Happy Christmas folks! You having a good one?
Best answer: definitely, wish it was christmas every day
Why is it Happy Easter, why not Merry Easter. and I have heard especially in the UK Happy Christmas?
Why doesn't Santa just go in through the door?
Best answer: Mr. Cringle parked his sled in the garage, and put the reindeer out to pasture a couple of years ago, with the advent of Amazon. He found that, that it is more cost effective, and he can do all that work on his laptop, from his winter home on Maui. The Elves were all hired to attend the HotWheels assembly...
What food should I cook for Christmas this year if I want to seem special to the rest of the family?
Best answer: Pizza is always good, especially when your planning Christmas ten MONTHS in advance.
How many people do you know that don't send Christmas cards anymore or never did?
Best answer: Several. I have cut way back too. I send a text or e-mail to some people now instead.
Can I post a Christmas stamp from 2016 now?
How do I handle my sister's bullying at times like Christmas or family vacations?
Best answer: Does anyone tell her to stop bullying people? I recommend that the people who invite her to Christmas or family vacations, to tell her... that if she does not stop bullying people immediately, then she is NOT welcome at these events. And they should stop inviting her, until she stops
Are these moisturisers? The packaging doesn't say anything!?
Why we celebrate christmas?
Does your family have good memories from the past Christmas or are they disappointed at how things went?
Best answer: My family usually takes the decorations down around the first weekend in January. That way they can still be up for New Year's Eve and as an adult, I tend to do the same thing with my own decorations. Last Christmas was very good for me, although the year before things were disappointing. I guess it depends on...
How come at Christmas sadness fills the air but in February it does not?
Best answer: Because by February Christmas is long over.
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