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Is October too early to put a Christmas tree up or should i wait?
Best answer: put it up as early as you want. our family usually does it mid November. but some like to do it earlier and get it out of the way.
Why do kids & adults receive gifts on Christ's birthday?
Where did this tradition originate? Who exactly is Santa Claus? Is there a dark side to his story?
Does a 5 yr old “need” a watch?
For Christmas I wanna do Something they want Something they need Something to wear something to read. My 5 yr old really wants a watch would you put it under “want” or “need”
How do I deal with the trauma on Christmas of having been sexually abused by an uncle every Christmas as a child until he died?
This went on from 1989 to 1996. I feel shame cause I submitted and didn't tell anyone until he killed himself. I feel guilt I caused him somehow to kill himself. I feel anger he did this and that my parents failed to protect me (they knew he had gone to prison for rape at an earlier time). I feel hopelessness...
Who doesnt like christmas?
Should I still give it to him?
Best answer: Yes. Give it as a "goodbye, loved you while it was good" gift.
Anyone mostly done Christmas shopping already?
Best answer: Yes, I shop all year long and am done Christmas shopping. Which leaves me time to enjoy Christmas. Baking cookies, going Christmas caroling and much more.
Why is Christmas always on the 25th when Thanksgiving varies?
Best answer: Christmas is the birthday of Jesus as translated onto the modern western calender, so is on a fixed date. Thanksgiving (in the USA) was originally an extension of the Harvest Festival from Europe and occurred on the date when the harvest was complete. Obviously this varied widely around the country but usually...
How do I get over the pain of being rejected by family on Christmas every year?
Best answer: Visit local churches that are having Christmas programs. They always have refreshments afterwards and people will be friendly.
When will Christmas no longer be a holiday?
Best answer: Christmas will probably always be a holiday.
Will red butterfly's look OK on a Christmas wreath?
Best answer: Sure, why not? Never heard of butterflies as Christmas décor, but it wasn't all that long ago that nobody had heard of sleighs and reindeer as Christmas décor. You're the artist, so YOU decide!
Which colour scheme for a Christmas wreath?
Best answer: red and gold i think
Christmas is less then 3 months away. Are you ready?
Best answer: Ready or not.. it's going to come.
Is there anything wrong for a person who does not want to celebrate Christmas nor does he/she want to set up his/her Christmas tree?
Best answer: No. It's a personal choice. We keep things pretty low key here. For some, though, who normally go all out with decorating, it could be a sign of depression if they don't do it anymore.
Does north pole is exist?? help?
Best answer: All is fake
Do people really get coal for Christmas if they are naughty?
How do I get over the heartbreak this Christmas and Thanksgiving of my mother banning me from seeing my Dad and his family?
Best answer: I'm so sorry. It's so wrong when one parent uses kids as a weapon against the other. Your mom is wrong to do this too, but there's no point creating more animosity with her about it. It's just a pity your dad doesn't feel strongly enough to fight to see you over the holidays. You can tell...
Can you get gout from eating too many cookies? asking for a friend who really likes cookies and is being tested for gout?
What is your Christmas tradition when it comes to the gifts ?
We have 36 people in our family . Buying 36 gifts each is crazy expensive . So I was curious how everyone else does it ?
What do you want for Christmas this year?
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