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Now that its January, what is Santa clause doing right now?
Best answer: Retired, sitting by the beach. Watching the sun and thinking about how nice life is until September 1st when "Back to School" time means, Christmas time for Santa. September 1st is when he and the elves go back to work for Christmas 2018. Santa will be in NYC for the Toy Fair on the weekend of Presidents...
Is anybody else getting sale things ready for next christmas?
Is your family still in the Christmas Spirit?
Best answer: I am . Still baking ginger bread cookies and playing Christmas music.
Have you ever traveled with your cats litter box in your car while traveling with your cat?
Is Christmas the most wonderful time of the year like the song says?
Best answer: Yes it is
Is a Christmas bonus typically ten percent of employee's annual salary?
I was wondering because that's the bonus I received last Christmas and the year before
Are the hosptitals closed on Easter Sunday?
What if I trip over a daffodil in the spring and break my neck?
How can I not feel sad this weekend that we are not having a Christmas in January party like we did last year?
Best answer: We should have Christmas every month of the year.
My mother still has her Christmas Tree up though it is not lit. She said she likely will take it down after her trip (so in early February)?
Best answer: Your mother is doing nothing wrong. It would be a wonderful world, if ALL of us celebrated Christmas, for the entire year.
Where do you store your Christmas Decorations each year?
Best answer: Usually in my basement or attic. It just depends on what it is. Sometimes it goes in the garage too if it's something electrical but if it's something like the tree then I put that in my storage room. Like I said, it just depends
Why do some people leave up their Christmas stuff a ways into January or even February when the holiday season is long over?
Best answer: Some people spend a lot of money decorating for the holidays and
and want to get their moneys worth out of it. Some are just too lazy,
and yet some just get busy and put that at the bottom their list and
then too there is the weather to consider. No one wants to climb
on a ladder and slip and fall.
Why do people get mad and say we are lieing to are kids if we tell them Santa is real I mean why can’t we give them an imagination for a?
Bit their just kids and trying to have some fun they will eventually figure out Santa is fake on day
Why do people have eggnogs at Christmas?
Best answer: Tradition...nasty, gooey, overly sweet tradition.
Does Santa Claus get a vacation after Christmas before he gets to work on next Christmas?
Best answer: He only works once a year, the elves work year round
Is it true that in the early days of the United States (before 1850's) that Christmas was no more then a religious holy day?
Best answer: US Grant made it a Federal holiday in 1870. That only affected Federal functions. The states made it a state holiday at various times with Alabama being the first in 1836 and Oklahoma being the last in 1907. Up until then, it was just another day.
If Christmas break was 11 good days and 7 bad days then is this a good Christmas?
Best answer: You would have to say it was a success.
Where can I buy Christmas in Vienna 2012 dvd.?
When should I remove my Christmas Wreath from my front door?
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