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Due to Obama's negligence it is estimated that over 5 million illegals entered America from 2008 to 2016?
In that same time period, thousands of Americans were raped and killed by illegal immigrants.
Are These Rules To Naming Kids Relevant?
Best answer: Ridiculous.
All Priuses are driven by gays and Suburus are driven by douchebags, but what do gay douchebags drive?
Best answer: I'm a gay douchebag who drives a Prius.
Is Princess Charlotte aware of the fact that she's never going to be Queen?
Is she aware of this sad sad fact?
Why do Americans believe moon landing was Fake ?
Do you wish you were a member of The British Royal Family?
Best answer: I'm simply happy don't be a member of the British Royal family.. !o!
Why do dumb cons make fun of me for being vegan?
Best answer: It must be due to disrespecting your morals and personal values.
What if The Queen Elizabeth II lives to be 2000 years old?
Best answer: Than Prince Charles can say goodbye to his chances and lifelong wait for becoming King.
When will the last of the demlib snowflakes wake up and realize how much they have ruined our lives and country we are just getting back?
On our feet after the disastrous Obama era
If sanctuary city/states are so much safer why do Pelosi, and Obama both have walls around their homes in their respective sanctuary cities?
Someone masturbated towards me on the 7 train today...?
Best answer: One goes to the police, or transit authority. Take a copy of your evidence and they will have you make a statement. Likely this has happened to others too, but to end it someone has to stand up and do the right thing and report it.
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