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I just found out there are 5 veterans that go to my school. I’m really scared right now and the school doesn’t seem to want to do anything?
Best answer: no reason to be scared
If you had the gift to cure cancer with your hands, would you charge?
Best answer: I would spend my whole life healing people! It would be AMAZING! And I would especially rejoice in curing people who had NO money, while asking for absolutely nothing in return. :) ..As for people who DID have a fair bit of money, though..? I would appreciate a donation, based on what they thought it was worth....
Do you like getting your haircut with wet or dry hair?
Does your pee usually splash everywhere?
Is this girl from Brazil fat?
How often do you get depressed , lets say in a month?
Best answer: Almost every day.
Poll: How often do you shower?
I shower everyday straight after work as I feel dirty especially working in retail, however when I have days off at home I don’t shower until day 2 or even 3.
What Food Is Popular In Your Country, But Unacceptable In Other Countries?
Best answer: Bangladesh:-

=> Shutki (processed smelly dry fish, cooked into various dishes)
=> Panta Bhaat (rice soaked in water overnight)
MGTOW and modern feminism are the same thing for opposite genders. True or false?
Best answer: Feminism is far worse just based on the fact that it’s been around much longer and negatively impacted more people. Mgtow is relatively unheard of by the masses of people and last I checked they’re not accosting women the way feminists accost men. If you did a public survey most people would have no clue what mgtow...
assess the role of African Caribbean culture in the formation of Caribbean identity. (20 MARKS) LIke 5 paragraphs but im grateful for anything
True or false: you would reject a good looking person if you didn't like they're personality?
Best answer: yeah probably
How do you think you will die?
Best answer: like a bird
Why does Dianne think there are humans with 12 brains?
Best answer: Anon, BRAIN CELLS. ;-) Anon, this might scare you, it does me. Your brain is made up of over 100 billion nerve cells and each brain cell is connected to around 10,000 other cells, this equals around 1000 trillion connections in your brain. It does scare ya doesn't it? ;-)
Would god let me go to a fantasy world?
Is it humanly possible to have a worse taste in entertainment than this person?
A teenager who loves whiny pop-punk bands and idolizes talentless reality stars like the Kardashians?
Would a #1 or a #2 buzzcut fit me?
Best answer: The ivy league you currently have is already quite short, for an even shorter summer style that can be designed to fully suit, suggest a crew cut or a flat top crew cut with a semi-short taper on the back/sides rather than a butch or burr(short butch.) A crew or flat can always be recut as a butch or burr by simply...
Has modern sociaty grown to be untolerent to queer/gay jokes?
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