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Help with a title?
I'm looking for something to describe a strong brave teen girl, something with "Fearless" in the title.
Does the cute server want me to go back? Or was the billing a mistake...?
Best answer: Possible lunch special included the drink.
How would you feel if you accidentally answered a giant female bird's mating call?
Why does Dianne think there are humans with 12 brains?
Would god let me go to a fantasy world?
Would a #1 or a #2 buzzcut fit me?
Best answer: The ivy league you currently have is already quite short, for an even shorter summer style that can be designed to fully suit, suggest a crew cut or a flat top crew cut with a semi-short taper on the back/sides rather than a butch or burr(short butch.) A crew or flat can always be recut as a butch or burr by simply...
Has modern sociaty grown to be untolerent to queer/gay jokes?
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