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Have you ever had surgery?
Best answer: I’ve had my wisdom teeth out (if that even counts as surgery) but that’s it.

I’m lucky enough to have good health.

If I ever had surgery again, it would probably be to correct my vision.
Does music give you goosebumps?
Do you wash your hands before or after using the bathroom?
In the movie the Shape of the Water they said you suppose to wash your hands before you pee, not after. I've been doing it wrong, what do you do?
Which is better revenge or forgiveness...?
Is marriage for you?
Have you solved world peace yet?
Kitkat or Twix?
We walk by faith..not by sight.. Agree or Disagree?
Are you attracted to outgoing people who talk loudly?
Poll: Have you ever had a hernia?
Poll: What is your name?
Poll: Usa or North Korea?
Apple or Samsung?
Describe your spouse in one word?
Do you come from money?
So today is the 27th anniversary of the first time I tied my shoelaces?
What was the last thing you changed your mind on?
Agree or disagree: everyone gets cheated on?
Best answer: Disagree. Many people, yes, but surely not everyone.
Would you rather do the right thing, in the wrong way, or do the wrong thing (illegal) in the right way?
True or false: Your body is a wonderland?
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