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Is there a legit site to buy Instagram followers?
Best answer: Legit site to buy Instagram followers
What's something you only do at midnight?
Poll: what is your favorite American state?
What to do if have no money and homeless?
How do you enjoy rainy days?
Is 96,000 dollars too expensive for a car not?
The car I want costs 96,000 dollars. Is it too expensive or not?
What's something that should be disturbing ?
Who are the most hated users?
Do most liberals want to ban all guns? Don’t lie and say you don’t.?
If the answer is LETTUCE, what might the question be?
If you were the opposite sex, what would your name be?
Best answer: My Mom liked the name James, so I guess it would have been that.
Do you like driving?
What comes to mind when i say "openness"?
Do you come here often?
Does a positive attitude give you power over your circumstances?
What's something you miss?
Are you a hard person to get along with?
Is your room messy?
Best answer: Nah ..never....cannot stand any mess whatsoever....
What is the first thing you think when the window opens on it's own?
How do you think the world will end?
Best answer: it will end due to human negligence and pollution
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