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What was the last thing you ate ?
Do you consider your life easy or difficult?
Best answer: Life itself isn't really too hard, we insist to make it complicated. Although I think is the society we live in that makes it hard but other than that my own life is was never easy however.
Who can give me the BEST reason to hate president Trump?
I know a lot of us hate Trump, but what's YOUR #1 reason?
What's the rarest thing you own?
Have you ever started talking privately with someone on Y/A?
Best answer: No..... I like this site because of the individual privacy it provides.
Poll: have you ever won the lottery?
Poll: Do you like Mexican food?
Best answer: Yes. I love it! In fact, I'm eating some beef enchiladas right now.
Have you ever smoked weed?
u liked?
Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
Do you like exercising?
Do you like Lady Gaga?
Survey: Would you pose nude for money?
Are you scared of mice?
Do you like to eat at KFC?
Single people. Are you looking for someone?
What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
Best answer: Go take a piss.
What age do men finally stop wanting Sex?
Best answer: When our wives get too fat we stop wanting it... from them.
Poll: Do you think we are all doomed?
Best answer: Regarding the not too distant future, some of us, right or wrong, are more so than others.

Assuming that it's not under a nuclear cloud by then, US Presidential Election in 2020 -
and how people on both sides react to its results - will have a major impact on the future.
What country has the most beautiful people you have ever seen?
What did you have or what will you have for breakfast today?
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