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Do you prefer India or Pakistan?
How to cross a busy street in India?
Why is Sri Lanka a separate country from India?
It's the same Hindu culture.
What is happening in Kashmir?
People who have visited India,what were your thoughts after you returned?
Now,keep in mind that I have never visited any other country and haven't stepped out of the state I live in.So please explain to me calmly what exactly is the difference between India and other countries?No biased answers because I wont understand the reason for it anyway.Keep in mind that I'm zero...
What are the difficulties faced by foreigners during india visit?
1 A small village in South India?
What are the best place in india for adventure.?
What are the most famous beach resorts in Srilanka?
Why am I seeing soo much news about India and Indian people that I have never heard of and could care less about?
Is India underpopulated still?
Is Sharma Packers and Movers is really that Good?
Best answer: Yes, reviews are great.
People in India look so different from each this due to multiple raids?
Dravidian I think is the BASIC genetic element that has been bombarded throughout 1000 years of raids...from Arabs., from who else? I think there is a basic similarity...but if you look at them close they look like different kinds of beings depending on where you are. ex. Calcutta vs. Mumbai or Mangalore
Some general things about India?
I need some fast information about India like if it’s a good country or if it has violations of political speech , it’s policy on necessary things
Dear People outside of the United States of America...?
Best answer: tackling our own gun control laws = LOL

The USA is 25 years behind most other countries.

In their eyes,,,, you are a total joke
Why do Sri Lankins Bangladesh Pakistan people look like Indians?
My friend had a blood cancer in 2nd stage he Cnt go for high treatment because financial problem give the remedy for blood cancer in 2ndstag?
Sushmitha Bangalore
Will India use nukes if China's army invade northeast India and occupy it?
Best answer: No, India will use diplomatic pressure, same as she did in the 1962 invasion of India.
Is it true that this kind of bribery happens a lot in India?
Do Indians bribe big companies to pass licensure exams???
Is India safe for me to travel alone?
I’m a White British 21 year old. I have had generations of family who lived in British India and there is still a feeling of love for India in the family and it is a place I have wanted to visit for years. My only fear is that India is a dangerous place and I have heard personal stories of people being robbed,...
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