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Why do cons constantly make up lies, while liberals don't have to since the president really is that bad?
Does this looks like a scooter?
Best answer: Moped.
Tax Help return rejected? IND-031-04 - The primary taxpayer's AGI or Self-select PIN from last year does not match IRS records?
Best answer: Exactly what it says. Dig out your copy of your tax return from last year. What was the AGI? Don't enter pennies. If you didn't keep records, print and mail. The only exception is if you filed very late (say in December), then try 0. If married, enter the AGI twice. If, by any chance, you have never...
Politics; who is in better shape, Trump or the drug using fudge packing liberal media ?
Bike was stolen and had no cbt but can I lie and say that my bike has been stolen from my house?
Have you ever considered building yourself a woman?
Best answer: I have not done this, no.
Why do most nerds develop deviant behaviour?
Best answer: They are small and have gangly little arms
Can i ask work here?
content creation
Poll: Showering at night or showering in the morning?
Best answer: Shower at night to wash off the days work/all the germs I came into contact with before I go in my clean bed, and also in the morning because sometimes I sweat in my sleep and I don’t want to go to work, or chill with friends unclean and smelly.
How much price will be required to the Service or Repair of Whirlpool microwave Oven Repair center in Hyderabad?
Is it true that cow farts contribute more to global warming vs cars and planes combined?
That’s sick if it is!!!!
Should I hire thr black guy or mexican guy for my resturant?
Why are cons crying about the alt right neo nazi speaker who was arrested for beating a woman at UCONN?
How can their be an war in 19 45 because they have not gons?
Why do people say women create life when it's the men who have "seed" and children come from their father's seed?
Women are just gestation vessels.
Is it true that real reason atheists hate on GOD is?
Best answer: They hate God because since He exists they stand a good chance of not having a Baboon for a Great-GrandFather.
Trump was endorsed by the KKK, but Hillary was endorsed by the Communists Party?
What would you atheists say to the SHOCK OF GOD, he talking about atheists who become atheist because of gays?
Best answer: Shock of god is an ignorant idiot.
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