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Isn't it shameful how our youth desecrate their bodies with tattoos?
How do you get rid of dark under eye circles?
Any makeup products, home remedies, or cream recommendations are appreciated.
Will people judge/dislike me for having multiple ear piercings?
Best answer: I wouldnt consider the conch piercing a trashy look, but some employers may see it as a tacky look. The ear piercings u have are quite common so an employer may not have such a problem with them, as they would the conch piercing. If u are worried it may impact a job opportunity I wouldnt get it, unless u work at a...
Poll have you got anything better to do?
Is it legal to get a tattoo at 16 with a parents permission?
ill be turning 16 this year so I have done some research into whether it's legal or not, some sources say it is and others say it isn't (btw I'm in the UK)
Does she dislike me and think I’m ugly af?
I'm a 21 year old guy who’s quiet and can look nervous when I go to appointments with this lady job advisor who's about 32 years old and when I get up to go from the end of an appointment she would say ‘awwww’ (like rrrrrrr) before saying bye (maybe as a gap filler) and I sometimes say thanks very much out...
Can i glue a wig on my head ?
Are skinny girls unattractive?
Best answer: "Skinny girls" are attractive. You do look human. Many girls would love to be "skinny" and run on the track team. God made everyone different and put us in different situations in our lives so we can learn life lessons and show the love of God to others. You are so important to God! God...
One of my waists is smaller than the other - could my scoliosis have caused this?
Best answer: No, as you only have one waist.
Why are brown and black people the color of my sh!t??
Types of belly button?
1. What do between "innie" and "outie" belly button types mean? 2. How do you tell the difference between them? 3. What type does the girl in this picture have?
I'm turning 16 next week and I can get a tattoo I don't know we're though?
Best answer: I have several tattoos but didn’t get one until my early 20s. I’m in the Uk so we can’t be tattooed until at least 18 (legally - I know plenty of people who got them aged 16/17 and regret them now). You may disagree / not want to hear it but you really are too young to make such a permanent decision. Make sure...
Ever since I got my neck tattoo, people usually glare at me. Why do you think?
Ann I too skinny and ugly? I wear a lot of layers?
Best answer: You look fine. Don't try to gain more weight bro. Looking good to go man
Walk-in tattoos?
Can I do a walk in and do half a sleeve or does that need an appointment?
I got a nose piercing 3 days ago, but it fell out the next day after getting it pierced. Do I have to wait to go get it re-pierced or no?
Can I re pierced my nose after 3 days???
What’s the prettiest place to have a tattoo?
How long would it take a tatto artist to do tattoo that says “Death leaves a hartache no one can heal Love leaves a memory no one can seal”?
Nipple pericing?
I have a pericing (barbell) about 7 months old, and now it’s swollen, it hurts when I try to move the bar or even have my shirt against it, what can I do to relieve the pain/swelling. Not sure if it was because of someone’s mouth being on the area?
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