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Can you get pregnant by making out naked?
Best answer: No, as long as he did not penetrate your vagina with his penis, simply because we guys are typically erect when aroused, and can seep ejaculate, and if it is at the cervix, there's always a chance, as remote as it might be.
Is it okay to use physical discipline on children as punishment?
Best answer: YES also REAL LATE (up to 20 year)... ABORTION SHOULD NOT BE AGAINST THE LAW...
Poll do you look like jesus?
Lora or Laura and why ?
I want to get my girl pregnant but we're both underage teenagers?
I want a baby one day so that I'll never be alone again
Favorite spelling of the name Ryan?
Best answer: MY favorite? I don't have a favorite, but "Ryan" seems like the right way to spell it.
Do you prefer Parker for a boy or girl?
Best answer: For a surname.
Why do people vaccinate their kids and put harmfull chemicals into their body when its been proven to cause autism?
What do you think of the name Arthur?
Best answer: I love it, Arthur is a beautiful name. 💜
What name is best?
My partner and I are expecting twin girls in January and we're yet to settle on names! We've narrowed it down to two of my favourites, and two of hers. Please lets us know what you think works best (or if you have any other suggestions we're very open to hear them!) Ivy Sienna Marlie Grace Emelia...
What do you think of the name Celine for a girl?
Can you get pregnant first time having sex unprotected ?
So tonight I had sex for the very first time. We didn t use protection and he pulled out but all around my vulva and a tiny bit on my vagina. When I was cleaning it off I accidentally put a bit in me .. I am ovulating .. what are the chances of me being pregnant?
What are your thoughts on the name ‘Trancette’ for a girl?
What do you think of people naming their baby after a "celebrity"? And would you ever do it?
Is Genevieve a pretty name?
Instead of Jenny the nickname Neva?
Diane or Diana?
Best answer: They're both lovely! Diane has a more classic, old-fashioned vibe to it, while Diana has mythical connotations and a good sense of spoken rhythm.
Opinions on name for babygirl?
Aurora Rain Aurora Hope Aurora Harper Or Harper Lillian Harper Hope Harper Clara
Sasha for a baby girl?
I always wanted to name a daughter after my lovely grandma. She was Russian, and her real name was Aleksandra, but everybody called her Sasha (it is short for Aleksandra in Russia). Looking for some opinions on this name. Thank you. PC: Middle name suggestions are always welcome :) I think about Sasha Adelind or...
Do you prefer Parker for a boy or a girl?
Best answer: Definitely a boy. It is a solid, strong and masculine one.
Do you think it's ok for a 16 year old to have sex with an 18 year old?
Best answer: Of course it's okay? Two years is nothing, in fact it's ideal in my eyes! In Australia a male or female is legally aloud to have sex at 16 with someone that under five years older. Once you're 18 you can date a 30 year old. I highly advise against it though lol. But other than that it's your...
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