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Is it okay for a woman to have an abortion when she is eight months pregnant?
What are old fashioned names that you love?
Best answer: Girl-
How do you pay for surrogacy?
I'm a single male in the process of having my first child through surrogacy. I don't want to get married and I want a baby. That's why I chose surrogacy. How do you pay for surrogacy? Is there ANY way to pay for it NOT out of pocket? It'll take years if I have to pay out of pocket.
Out of these popular girl names. Which one do you like the most?
Best answer: Sophia
Grounded for a year, was this appropriate?
Last September I stole my moms credit card and spent $5,000 on Minecraft and reddit gold. I made a huge mistake. She was furious, and she screamed at me for 5 hours straight and said your grounded for a year! No electronics No TV No books No drawing No junk food No bathroom No lunch Early bedtime 7PM No...
What do you think of the name Helena for a girl?
Which name is best? Brodie, Stacey or skye?
Best answer: skye
Shall I give my child a traditional Irish name like Paynus MacWangus?
Best answer: Yes! It is nice to have a unique name.
Can i get pregnant from being fingered?
Best answer: You cannot get pregnant like this unless he had a blob of semen on his finger. An invisible smear isn't going to do it. Each sperm cell has a chance of millions to one against of reaching the egg and you need millions right inside you to have a realistic chance of getting pregnant.
What are the chances of getting pregnant if my boyfriend wore a condomn and pulled out before he ejaculated?
Why dont white girls have nice bodies like?
black and latina girls? white girls are curveless flat butts,fake breast shaped like sticks compared black women and latinas who have small waist,nice round butts and natural big breast they are curvy and its very feminine why is this?
Would you be friends with someone named skye, Stacey or brodie?
Best answer: Of course I would but I don't like the name Skye
Does this mean I’m not pregnant?
We TTC August 27 and September 7th , I got my period today like normal but I have no cramps it’s just very bright red Does that mean I am not pregnant? Should I get a pregnancy test if it hasn’t been 3weeks? I’m hoping this is just what happens to women when they are in the early stages of pregnancy but I’m not...
How would you feel if your drunk teenage kid threw up in front of you?
Why do people keep giving their children names that are already in use?
Millions of people have the name "John." We do not need to see anyone else named "John."
Aya or Aja, which spelling do you prefer?
Pronounced "eye-yah, for a girl. Having trouble figuring out which spelling to use, thoughts?
What do you think of the name Mason Levi for a boy?
Vivian or Victoria?
Best answer: Victoria! Ive always thought that name was beautiful! But Vivian is very unique and elegant!
Payton or Peyton?
Best answer: I dislike.
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