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I hate beer. Do you?
Have you ever shot a bow and arrow 🏹?
Why do blacks want to be equal to humans?
Best answer: Because some jew minded liberals told them that they are equal
Are you ready for the doomsday the Pelosi Shut Down will cause next month?
This is really going to get bad. Pelosi has to let the American people have border security and re-open the government soon!
Can you get pregnant from cuddling?
My bf and I cuddle a lot and lately it’s gotten more and more sexual in nature but we are always fully clothed except sometimes I wear leggings and he’s wearing sport shorts my question is can we get pregnant from this cuddling?
Beautiful girl names?
What are your favourite girl names?
My 16 year old son got expelled from school today?
Best answer: Take the game away from him, now. you control all of his reasources, so take them all away. Make up a list of jobs he needs to do around the house for you, in order to justify his very existence. Make it his responsibility to find an outside job so he can pay you back the $250. Go down to the local fire department...
How do you know when you are in love with someone?
I think I love someone, but I'm not sure yet. She told me she loves me, but I don't know what love is. I'm 18.
Which boys name do you like the best? Lauchlan Xander Jaxon Monty Brandon?
If I pee in my girlfriend after I *** inside of her will it keep her from getting pregnant?
Best answer: By adding urine into... there, it reduces the concentration of c*m therefore reducing the risk of getting pregnant.
Do liberals sometimes end up being racist when pointing out racism?
Let me explain. This morning Yahoo posted an article about a restaurant that created a list of clothing you cannot wear and said this list is racist. But isnt it racist that Yahoo interprets this list of clothing as appearal only minorities wear? They basically labeled minorities and became the guy who says all...
Three most annoying functions of the human body. -Sleeping -Eating -Going to the bathroom?
They cost you money time and cause discomfort.
Opinions on the name Alexia? Middle names?
Suggestions for other first names are welcome as well. Will be sister to Emma Rose and Grayson Scott Thank you!!
Can you get pregnant if you touch the penis over the clothes and then wipe with papper toilet the vagina?
What do you think of the name Clarice?
I’m 17 and pregnant what should i do?
okay so last night i took a pregnancy test and found out i’m pregnant i’ve only been dating the guy for a couple months and when i told him at first he wanted me to get an abortion then literally 5 seconds later he said he wanted to keep it. my main dilemma is my mom insists on me getting an abortion bc me and the...
Sibling names for McKenna Rose?
Hi! We are expecting baby number 2 in May, we have decided to not find out the gender until they have arrived. We have been having trouble finding names that go with our daughters name McKenna Rose. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! If it helps our last name is Quinn.
How do twin names Lisa & Lauren sound?
Best answer: Lovely 🌹
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