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Do you eat microwave dinners?
Best answer: Yes, sometimes I do.
Can you do multiple things at once?
Do you think age is just a number?
Tell me a girl name that starts with letter R?
Tell me a Boys name beginning in G?
Best answer: Gabe / Gabriel
Are you a good driver?
What’s a male name that starts with the letter R?
Tell me a babies name that can be a boys or a girls?
What’s wrong with you?
What are your favourite boys names? I like classical and unique names.?
Do you like Ria, Rhea, or Rea for a baby girl?
What are your opinions on these baby names?
Best answer: I like Tamara. (I prefer the spelling Tamera - but Tamara is good too.)

I don't like Pierre.
Why do people yell about the holocaust but support an even worse genocide for the past 45 years?
Emily or Olivia?
Opinions on the name Savannah?
What if Donald Trump Were Black?
A common name you like and dislike?
Is it weird for a teen girl to be naked in front of her mom.?
I'm 14 and don't mind being naked in front of my mom. I was wondering if this is weird. I'm only naked in front of my mom or 7 year old sister though. Around my dad and brother I am always covered.
Do you know anyone with "old" names?
like dorothy gladys mabel and doris... i dont think anyones grandparents are called these anymore
What are you're favorite B names?
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