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Why do Muslims think that they can run over people in London and stab a police officer?
We should stand up to the Muslims before it's too late.
Are Muslim people all terrorists?
If you're on a diet, how do you know when to stop? Do you keep losing weight till you disappear?
If I get a papercut, should I dip my finger in salty vinegar?
Best answer: I'll suck it for you if the cut is in the right location...
Why does Scotland people sound retarded when them speak?
Best answer: Yes.
Atheists & Christians are equally despicable for different reasons... so which religion should I choose.?
Best answer: I, personally, am a Progressive Christian. We accept everyone for who they are and do not discriminate no matter what colour, religion, sexuality, etc. they are :)
Since the majority of Americans believe in creationism, shouldn't we just teach that in public schools?
Best answer: First of all I don't think that's true. I think a lot of Christians never really thought about evolution vs creation for themselves. They answer the pollster that they believe in creationism because they identify as Christians and believe it's expected of them. Secondly, it's possible for a...
Poll: What day will Yahoo Answers shut down?
Winner gets best answer.
All new born babys (50cm) evolve to 6 foot adults. Why then do religious people deny evolution?
Also a liquid in semen evolves to a bump in ladys stomach and evolves to a baby. Also a seed in a garden soil evolves to a flower which evolves to a plant which evolves into a huge tree. It is there to see in front of everyones eyes. Why then do religious people still deny evolution?
Anyway, how's your sex life?
Do all women stop working when their child is a baby?
Best answer: not all. my one friend owns a business while her husband works basic hour job. they have the ablity to not see each other much and watch their own child. my other friend has two kids she works just not full time. my other friend is a single parent has no choice but to work. one of my friends doens't work...
Is this the best explanation for evolution you ever saw:
Best answer: Adaptation to environment - sure... Animals changing into other animals? Only by cross breeding and then they always end up sterile. Breed two kinds of dogs, you get a third kind of dog. That is NOT evolution. Before the flood everything lived ten times longer because the atmosphere was completely different:...
Who said, "I think it's done."?
Is it illegal to punch a baby?
Best answer: Pretty much illegal, means you are probably crazy too.
Who babysits kids if one parent is dead and the other cannot afford a babysitter?
Best answer: Tough situation. In my church some girls provide that service free for moms (or dads) in that situation.
Mattress spring is to gum wrapper, as bowl of chili is to.....?
Best answer: A spirit level
Do strangers on the street stick their used gum in your ear?
Best answer: Well that did happen when I last went to Shoreditch
Who said, "Don't drink the water."?
Best answer: The beer salesman
Have you ever noticed Atheists think Atheism is like a race of people?
I've seen Atheists make comments like: "Atheism cannot be changed" "No one can leave Atheism, it is rationality" I find it's very similar to the homosexual argument of "being born that way". They see being atheist almost just the same as being white or black. That shows just...
Does this scare you?
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