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Could my phone be hacked?
So I got this very strange email from someone saying they hacked into my phone, took all of my contacts, and took a video of me from my phone watching porn. Well he said if I didn’t send him $800 in bitcoin within 3 days he was going to send that video to all of my contacts. And he provided a link, which I did NOT...
I mock soy boys at Democratic Underground forum, & they banned my IP. Is there any way to bypass the IP ban or will I have to sign up @ work?
Best answer: They don't like to hear anything not vetted and approved by the DNC-Media-Complex Ministry of Truth.
My old friend Tara won’t talk to me.?
Best answer: I'm sorry but there is nothing you can do. Let her go and move on.
I can't remember my wifi password?
Can a computer die without warning?
Everything's fine for years, then it suddenly dies and takes all of your files with it?
How many videos are on you tube?
Is there a way to get wikipedia s white backdrop go dark like Youtube?
Which languages should I learn to be a hacker?
What's better? Facebook! Answers, or Yahoo! Answers?
Best answer: there is no " facebook answers" .
How to clear browsing history?
My dad has a LG computer, he doesn't use it anymore, but won't tell me Pass, is there a way I can change the pass or bypass it?
Best answer: First, I really doon't think that iis wise... However, if you are that deetermined, are you talking about an OS password, or one in the BIOS (befoore the boot process even starts)? If it's in the OS, there are boot disks you can DL that will reset it (but be advised if there are any files there encryped...
What is the best soundcard for your computer?
I purchased a computer that sound card sucks.... I'm not sure if the card is built into the motherboard or not... Would an external sound card solve the issue?
Bought Norton Antivirus from the store but I don't have internet on my computer so I can't use the code. Help?
Asyoucanseemyspacebardoesn'twork. IsthereanyotherkeyIcanuseforaspacebar?
Do I record to HDD or SSD?
Best answer: The main thing that wears out an SSD is writing data. Using a screen recorder constantly writes data (usually about 2.1 MB/s for the one I'm using) to the drive that the videos are stored on. It might not sound like much, but it adds up over time. A mechanical hard drive, on the other hand, is mainly worn out...
I have a HP Pavilion Laptop and need to connect a second monitor. What connections do I need?
Install a newCD drive?
Anyone know of a good WiFi extender is like to recieve WiFi from far away 1/2 mile possibly?
Best answer: WiFi extenders don't work that way. you have to place them halfway between the two wifi points. also, wifi is not meant to travel so far. it hates walls and there are likely more than a few houses between you and the store. honestly, it is hard just getting a signal between two neighboring houses, much less a...
I want to buy a printer. I don’t have internet/WiFi. I do however have data and somewhat of a hotspot. Can I still use a printer?
I would also like some printer recommendations that are compatible and have a decent price on ink.
What kind of hardware do I need to read an extracted laptop hard drive?
Hi! I'm comparatively technology illiterate :) I have an old laptop with a broken screen that i'd like to get some files off of- of course with a broken screen I can't transfer to an external drive so it looks like I need to pull out the hard drive and get a caddy to be able to read the drive. My...
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