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Where to buy ACTIVE Instagram followers?
Best answer: Buy Active Instagram followers
How do I even start programming an os for a computer?
Like my problem isnt the coding part ill learn that but like. WHERE do I begin making it? how did they make mac OS? My problem is like idk where to start typing in my code
Buying pc parts from guy and don’t wanna get ripped off?
Hey so I’ve wanted a gaming pc for a really long time and there’s this friend that’s offering to sell me his current one cause he wants to buy a 1080ti. I want wondering if anybody who knows about pricing and computer parts could tell me if I’m getting ripped off or not. Here are the parts according to his own...
Can you shortcircuit a motherboard if you don t use the standoffs?
I got permanently blocked on someone’s YouTube channel because I was swearing in the livestream chat. Can I sue the moderator that did it?
Can Bluetooth work without WiFi?
Why don't computers have the decency to ask you if you want updates rather than just updating without your permission?
How do I comment to youtube videos without my parents knowing?
Is it true American's aren't that smart?
So, I have a "My Passport" external hard drive, but it won't show up, even when properly plugged in. Please help!?
Are most of FB friends fake-do they not really care?
Should I buy a graphics card now or, Should I wait for prices to go down?
Why do Moslems hate the England team?
Best answer: Thatchers? That's like fizzy píss. Grow some balls and drink the real stuff. Thatcher's is for birds.
What free software is so good you can't believe it's available for free?
Which new motherboard will run xp?
What is the best anti-virus?
Norton is rubbish
Why can't facebook leave users life alone instead of being in their family, love relationship, and really friends life Alone?
Best answer: that's why I am no longer a member of Facebook
When someone dies...Can you make their Facebook into a private memorial page on Facebook or does it have to be a public one?
Best answer: Yes you can make it into a Memorial Page here is a link with instructions on how to do that if that Situation were to Happen

Sorry about your Dad
Can we block a resident from a town facebook page ?
She has been ranting on and on about how her " poor little puppy" is scared of fireworks. Its just like " turn the TV up louder to calm it down with a familiar noise" nobody is going to stop thier good time for your dog.
I accidentally clicked the side tab where there is list of friends on Face book and opened a chat, but closed it quickly.?
Best answer: No, they will only get a notification if you have sent something or started typing something.
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