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Is face book down for the moment?
Hp computer won t do anything?
My hp computer is so slow. It won t let me click on the start menu. If I open a program it takes ten minutes to click on one aspect of the program then you have to wait and hope it doesn t freeze. I just ran a full virus scan which came back clean. Defrag. Optimized disk. Cleaned all temp files etc. Also ran in...
Who likes windows 10?
Is Facebook not working right now?
Why do people like to watch people pop pimples on YouTube?
WORD came with my computer, how can it suddenly expire?
Where will the Computer be in 2050?
Being harassed?
These two girls are harassing me on Facebook, i a not bothering anyone and still being harassed. i'm afraid they might find out where i live because my parents aren't well and I don't want anything to happen. I called the police and they didn't want to do anything to help
Cpu question?
anyone know how to use 100 percent of cpu i have i5 2500 and im currently getting 12 fps on old titles lowest settings cpu says its only using 20 percent
How to stop people from calling me thinking I m someone else?
I had a certain phone number for quite a while and kept getting phone calls from various family members(typically speaking Spanish), insurance companies, banks, and others believing that I was this one guy named Victor. Not only is this not my name, but I m not even a man. I eventually switched numbers thinking it...
How long should a laptop last and when should I get a new one?
Can you just use the printer to copy without being connected to computer?
How often does the FBI successfully prevent the spread of perverse pornography?
Anyone elses FB not working on their computer?
Best answer: they were just making some changes - it should be fine now
How do you unlock a laptop if you don t know the pin (without loosing anything).?
Can I get WiFi on vacation?
So I’m going to Mississippi for thanksgiving and I’m staying with my grandparents, they don’t pay for WiFi service. I want to know is there a device I can purchase for that
Why Computer Win 10 super slow?
How can I increase storage for my laptop?
I have a laptop with just 32GB and apparently it can't be upgraded. It only cost $100. But I can't even get Windows updates cause of no room. Should I delete Office 365 since I never use it and it's 2 GB?
Is this 10 year old pc still good enough for basic tasks?
So my parents' pc died and i thought i could give them one of my old systems until they get a new one but i'm not sure if this thing is still capable of handling basic stuff. before i start installing windows and all the programs i want to make sure that i wont waste my time... what do you think? can it...
List primary tool for coding?
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