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What part of "TREASON" do Trump supporters not understand?
Best answer: I used to think liberals were hysterical about Trump/Russia but when I saw Trump publicly side with Putin and blame the USA for the attack, I think it's clear that Donald Trump is in fact a Traitor.
In what ways does the modern GOP resemble the 1930s Nazi Gestapo?
What would happen if you submerged a landline telephone jack into water?
Best answer: if someone called you'd get an extremely nasty shock at 90 volts and possibly die. the wires would probably short out and make it useless
I keep getting calls from a telemarketer they won’t tell me the company’s name or give me to a supervisor they just hang up please help.?
Is it possible to route my cellphone calls into an old fashioned landline?
I want to use a funky 60s landline and answer to answer my cellphone calls. Maybe there's some way of routing the calls? That way I can leave my cell on charge whilst using the cool phone at my desk.
Why do I get calls of silence?
I don't answer numbers I don't recognize because they're always spam, scam, or silence. In fact I block them as they come (but they're always coming 😒) Anyway, as for the silent ones.. What's the deal with that? Not only are their voicemails just silence, but even if I answer, which I did out...
How do you call someone and have a different phone number show up on their caller ID?
Who this Telefone number belongs?
I forgot my pin for my home phone I need to spick to some one?
What phone number did they call on September 11th, 2001 to report the attack?
Best answer: Hey! That's not funny, my dad died on 9/11.

He was the best damn pilot in Saudi Arabia.
Why do some callers in my directory come up as unknown when I do have caller ID?
How to call from singapore to Las Vegas number (702)?
DSL phone line does not work. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
Can I use a payphone as a landline?
If I bought an old payphone could I hook it up to my phone line and use it?
I keep getting calls from random people, sometimes the same number or no caller ids, should i put my number on the do not call registry?
numbers located in brisbane have been calling me, also no caller id's, probably scams or randoms (bit suspicious if they are random people, im not in queensland), should i put my number on the do not call registry?
What should I do when I get a call from a “No caller ID”?
I woke up this morning to find that I had been ‘chatting’ with a No Caller ID for over an hour. I don’t know how I even answered the call, when I said hello I heard static. I ended the one hour call, looked in my Phone app and saw that they had called 2 other times and those lasted 1 minute both. They called again,...
Have you ever called a sex hotline on accident double checked and did not dial the wrong phone number. How is that possible?
How to add a land line telephone line with Verizon for an out off state relative and bill my account?
When is the last time you used a wired landline phone?
Best answer: Yesterday.
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