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Why do Canadians hate America so badly?
Poll: A cheap country to visit this summer?
Which state has the nicest people?
Hello!I want to restore my teddy bear. it is 13 years old already and I want to fix the missing marble eye, clean the nose and stuff it more?
Helloooo!!!! I want to restore my teddy bear... it is 13 years old already and I want to fix the missing marble eye, clean the nose and stuff it mooore soooo do you happen to know any place in the Philippines that can fix/restore my teddy bear? :) Please help! That teddy bear was there ever since so he means a...
Where would you like to travel on your next trip?
Best answer: I am missing SIX states to have been in all 50,(ND, SD, WA, OR, AK, HI) but my TOP GOAL of the missing ones is to get to Hawaii.
Are you allowed to drink alcohol on trains in Holland?
Which countries are better than India?
I want to move from India and live somewhere else. I have been to other countries like Australia but that is one very expensive country and their immigration laws are tight. I am just tired of pollution, hot weather and negativity in India and want to live in a better country.
Best Place to Move to in Texas?
I have done a lot of research, but I'm interested to hear what you all have to say! I'm currently in college, so I'm not exactly ready to make the move yet, but rather just planning ahead. Anyways, I'm a northerner, but I visited Houston, Austin, and San Antonio (as well as some rural areas in...
How to skip a school trip?
Do you believe it is weird to travel somewhere for only 2 days?
Best answer: Better than not going somewhere and then regretting it.
What do you think historically caused more anti-semitism against Jews in Europe: religion, race ( Israel is Asian) or usury interest?
Best answer: Usury interest in the middle ages.
Religion in Iberia
Race/Religion and Usury/Monopoly of banking in modern Europe.
Is there stuff to do if I visit Montana from Europe?
Best answer: There is stuff to do in Montana if you visit from ANYWHERE. What stuff is it you might want to do? Climb a mountain,explore a hot spring and go for a swim,ride a horse,explore some historic site. Be prepared to travel long distances self driving, little public...
Would you rather live in the vatican or russia ?
Best answer: Both are run by criminals -- but I'd have to pick the Vatican.
I love italian food & wine, and it's warmer there.

Plus, I could go and buy some red Pope Socks.
How do I get to Greenland from the United States?
It's a place I really want to visit. How do I get there? Is there an airline that will take me from my specific state (New Hampshire) or a nearby one? If so what's their name? Or do I have to provide my own transportation?
How can I move to America permanently?
Ok so I'm 19 and my parents want to send me over seas, How can I become a US Citizen and how easy will it be for me to be able to become a US citizen?
How many crosses are at mission Santa Cruz?
If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?
Best answer: Iguazu Falls in South America. Since I lived in Italy for many years and have a home in Colorado in the US so I've already seen a lot of Europe, North America and the Caribbean, but have never been to South America although I've been close enough to see the coast of Venezuela. I particularly like waterfalls...
Why would you want to or why could you not want to visit the Philippines? (Reasons)?
Have you ever been Canadian?
Best answer: I was Canadian for six weeks in 1984.

Good times!
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