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What is the safest country to live in? A country where people are well educated, kind and gentle?
Best answer: Norway
Is it possible to travel without a credit card? book hotels or pull out cash, all with a debit card?
From what should my question comes?
Can I rent a car in another country?
Best answer: Of course you can. Depending on how early in spring you go, I would advise a car with 4 wheel drive. I went in early March and there was still alot of snow on the roads. Also many roads are gravel.
How long would it take to go from Lebanon to Mecca walking?
Best answer: According to Google maps it will take you 553 hours, although the route they´ve provided seems unnecessarily long =)
What language should the address be in if i want to send a letter to someone who's living in a different country?
Any advice?
Looking for advise, I've recently book a holiday and then ultimately realised i haven't been on a plane for at least 12/13 years, Now whilst i'm very excited, i'm also very nervous? any advise on how to handle this?
Most racist country you have travel to?
What continent is Iceland? Is there anything to see there? Are the people inviting to tourists? How is the tourism industry there?
Best answer: Iceland is counted as being part of Europe. Lots to see. Welcoming people. Well developed tourism industry.
But..... eye wateringly expensive.
Is it possible to build a city in Antarctica?
What is the best travel destination for a family with older teenagers?
Best answer: MOM can be part of your walking adventure. Does not have to be side by side step by step. She might just be your driver taking you out in the morning and fetching you at night to take you to sleeping place. maybe she is moving your luggage from one sleeping place to the next one. Suggest you let mom participate...
Is Tijuana the new Calais?
Are there gay people in Antarctica?
Best answer: Sure. Given how many work there.
Most disappointing country you have visited? and why?
What country you been too that didn't reach your expectations
Is Sentinel Island the location of a real-life Wakanda?
Best answer: Could be.
Is traveling the world really for the wealthy or could the average Joe do it?
Best answer: The average Joe can travel IF THEY WANT TOO. You may only have a few days or a week for your adventure each year or you save up for a longer thing every few years. You cannot do everything, you cannot see everything.You see nothing if you never go. You DO NOT have to only travel at the most expensive holiday time....
Would you visit this beach in Brazil?
Why does Australia own part of Antarctica?
Best answer: Australia's claims to Antarctica started with a claim to Enderby Land by the British in 1841 and this claim was transferred to Australia in 1933. Mawson's Australian Antarctic Expedition of 1911-1914 claimed a big chunk of what is now Australian Antarctic Territory and the BANZARE expedition, also under...
Could I afford to travel to Europe, the Carribbean and different states on a $40k income?
Best answer: Sure if your only going to each place once a year and you know how budget your money.
Which is a better place to live in your opinion?
Ottawa or Los Angeles area?
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