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Where have you traveled recently?
Which country do you recommend next?
I'm from Canada. Been to England, America, China, Taiwan, and more recently Italy. Wasn't so impressed by it other than the historical sites. Which country do you recommend next that offers history and beautiful sites?
Republicans are criminals! Trump's henchmen are all criminals on their way to prison and so is he! Why are they trying to blame liberals??
It's liberals fault that cons are criminals? It's liberals fault when they get caught? It's liberals fault when they get convicted and sentenced to prison? How come nothing is ever the Republicans fault??? Just because I'm a liberal, I'm responsible for every bad thing that happens to...
Moving to a different country alone?
I really want to move to a different country but I have never lived on my own. When I think about leaving my family and friends, being on my own in a totally different country, basicaly starting from zero I get really scared. I would like to hear other people experiences who moved out of their country alone or some...
Which European country do you recommend to visit next?
Best answer: I can't imagine being disappointed in London or Italy! What disappointed you? Italy is a fabulous country, with great scenery, unbelievable art, amazing food and a lovely lifestyle that involves lots of long meals with lots of wine. What's not to like? Tell us what you're looking for, and we might be...
Where should we move to?
Best answer: Too many criteria to meet everything perfect. I found Providence, Rhode Island. 38% Hispanic, 34 inches snowfall average, though varies highly, Annual rainfall 49 inches. Near the coast. western and northern Rhode Island are heavily wooded and have fall folliage. Cost of living is rated a little over the national...
I want to go diving in Kish Island, but can't find any flights. So how can an American get to Kish Island?
Best way to ship sperm internationally?
Just to be more specific I have a donor who I'm interested in and luckily hes interested in me as well but he's all the way in Australia and I'm of course in the U.S I've seen some stuff about people freezing it but people say that it can kill the sperm? So what would be the best way to go about...
Where's your favorite place?
Trump supporters guess what? Trump isn't my president. Have a great day you hear?
What's colder, Greenland or Antartica?
Best answer: Antarctica, it doesn't get any colder .
Portugal or Asia for honeymoon in March? Why?
What are the most romantic places to visit when i go to to Portugal ?
Is it time to just retire the DUKW and send them to museums?
Find me a tropical beach destination with some good Marine live for snorkeling?
Best answer: I can't drag and drop the link, but do a search on "Smithsonian 10 of the world's best snorkeling destinations" and you'll find a good list. I've heard Palau is amazing.
I'm an American, I speak fluent Russian and want to join the Russian Army. How do you become a paratrooper in the Russian Army?
My establisment i work for is planning to gouge americans as compensation?
for trying to lead other countries to ruin, were gouging on our price items, inceasing it to twice for americans, at a tourist spots. ITS NOT like they know our language anyways, no is wiser.
What is the most beautiful beach you have been to?
Should the US invade Venezuela?
Best answer: If we sent our liberals, they'd surrender and pass out from the incessant whining.
What are the most beautiful places you've ever been?
Best answer: There are a lot of places where there spectacular natural beauty - they're different, but still spectacular. I don't really see any way to choose one among them. Maybe Keukenhof Garden in the Netherlands when the tulips are at their peak, of one of the National Parks like Yosemite or Yellowstone. Or there...
Are there pasty’s of Padua New Guinea that have never been explored?
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