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Do you like playing chess?
Best answer: Yes, it's my favorite board game
I'm an American, I speak fluent Russian and want to join the Russian Army. How do you become a paratrooper in the Russian Army?
Should the US invade Venezuela?
Best answer: If we sent our liberals, they'd surrender and pass out from the incessant whining.
What is the most beautiful beach you have been to?
What are the most beautiful places you've ever been?
Best answer: There are a lot of places where there spectacular natural beauty - they're different, but still spectacular. I don't really see any way to choose one among them. Maybe Keukenhof Garden in the Netherlands when the tulips are at their peak, of one of the National Parks like Yosemite or Yellowstone. Or there...
Are there pasty’s of Padua New Guinea that have never been explored?
Why don't cons care to ask Trump where the children are that he took from the parents?
Best answer: Conservatives hate children. It’s so sad that kids have no parents all because of some selfish man. Conservatives have totally ruined America. Conservatives have always been rude, but never this bad.
Is it safe to travale to bosnia and herzegovina?
So me and my aunt is plannin to travale to croatia bosnia herzegovina in october but well be travalin to medjugorje from their but were both females and i was just wondering is it safe for 2 females to travale their alone im 20 and shes 37 is it safe travalin from taxi to our destination alone i dont mean any...
Loud trips?
What would my breakfast be like if I lived in Antarctica?
So now I been thinking about going to Sweden to do my college. Will My SSI benefits get taken away if I travel there?
Who would you like to play in the NSDAP party? (Or who would you like to be?)?
We're planning a party and some games. It's a theme party. We'll have costumes and some games. The games will reflect that historical period. Any thoughts on who you would like to play and why? Do you like the idea of wearing a crisp Hugo Boss uniform? Would you wear a hat? (Hats were fashionable...
If you could choose one country to vacation to, which country would it be?
Marines or the Navy?
Best answer: I was Navy and traveled all over the world. If you get foward deployed in someplace like Japan or Italy, then you are essentially living in those countries for at least 2 years. I was stationed in La Maddalena, and spent 2 years living on the Emerald Coast, Amazing beaches, with hot Italian babes. Small boys...
After visiting all countries and places you could think of, what's next?
Which one of these places should I go in summer 2019?
The UK and Ireland France and Monaco Italy and Malta Australia and New Zealand Madagascar
If you drive you boat up the Amazon River is it legal to bring rifles?
Best answer: Possibly so
Wife and I are headed in a bit to a topless beach, our first time. Any advice.?
Best answer: She should definitely keep her top on for a while to get a feel for the local topless etiquette. If you've never been to a topless beach, it may not be obvious that showing up topless or in a shirt/coverup with no top is usually not the norm. Is she planning to go topless just while sitting and sunning or...
Las Vegas or Monte Carlo?
If you could have an all-expenses paid trip to your choice of hotel-casino in either Las Vegas or Monte Carlo,which one would you pick and why?
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