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Remember when Liberals used to post that meme of John McCain and Lindsey Graham engaging in homosexual acts?
Best answer: hmmm
19 years old could I have cancer in my colon?
I want to start off by saying my family has no history with colon cancer at all. Recenty (the past 2 weeks) my colon has been backed up with stoole. I go to the bathroom at least once a day still, but my stooles recently have gotten smaller. I’ve also been having abdomen pain, which started on my right side, but...
Is it possible for non homosexuals to join the Navy?
Do you prefer India or Pakistan?
Why not learn with entertainment?
Why on earth did the left throw their support behind Hillary?
it's just absolutely insane she didn't come out in favour of gay marriage until like 2013 the way she treated bills alleged victims was deplorable what ever happened to listen and believe and she was pretty much best friends with none other than Harvey wienstien himself
How to cross a busy street in India?
Why are liberals so racist?
It seems like everytime I experience racism, it's from liberals. And everytime I witness it, it's liberals unfairly hating on whites. The worst someone in a conservative area has ever done is give me a dirty look. Liberals on the other hand get manic. Will liberals keep ignoring their racism problem like...
Why is Sri Lanka a separate country from India?
It's the same Hindu culture.
Is my great grandfather sexy -.-?
He is only 101-.-
Some girls are like to wear sexy cloths is it ok?
What is happening in Kashmir?
Where can i find Victoria Bitter (VB) beer in Delhi?
Which is Security Agency In Pune ?
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