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What amount of revenue do you estimate the UK economy would lose if it became a Republic?
The Royals say they bring in the tourists
Which royal will be the first seen giving the Duke a lift to the nearest Wetherspoons.?
Did the Queen's ex butler lie about having three university degrees when he applied for the job?
Best answer: Technically, it may not have been a lie if there was no intent to deceive. According to the ex butler himself: "trolls ... believe everything they make up".
Will you be watching Jeremy Paxman's new TV show, "The Queen and her children"? Will he play it safe?
Best answer: If its the BBC it will not be controversial, Might be slightly interesting.
Did the Queen's ex butler join Fulham FC's supporters club and buy a season ticket as he got the wrong idea over the club's nickname?
Best answer: That's what you get for being semi literate.
Do you prefer Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton ?
How do you say "vegan" in Hindi? as distinct from "vegetarian"?
Best answer: It seems that it is easier to tell people what you do want, not what you don't want. A dairy product may in a number of dishes.
What did the dreadful Markle woman mean when she said the Duchess of Cambridge was "dissing her"?
Best answer: I believe it is a term used on cotton plantations in the Southern States.
When will I breathe fresh air in Canada or USA?
I m really sick and tired of this country, never even breathe fresh air, all is just sickness and pollution, God damn this place, its hell, not just outside but inside life too, I m really tired of this everyday bullshit tired of my own family and this relatives and everyone, neighbors God damn these people I...
Are 'golden showers' available on request at the Queen's ex butlers B&B on the Isle of Man?
Best answer: Yes but it costs a shilling, the owner's mother does it and a shilling has always been her going rate.
Where was Prince Philip actually headed to when he crashed his Range Rover and toppled it over? Tescos maybe?
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has had an RTA that flipped his car over!! Is the palace fully informing the public of his status?
Best answer: Palace should be more worried about the women in the other car.
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