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Why are there Sikhs and Hindus in the EDL?
Has Trump learned his lesson about violating the 1st Amendment? Or will he keep revoking the credentials of journalists who question him?
Best answer: Trump never learns.. He will keep make bµll$hits...
Did Monica “Ho”winsky throw herself at Bill Clinton like the slut she is?
Do Indians have a problem with Mutton ?
Okay I am visiting India as a part of my South Asian Tour. I have already seen Bangladesh and now i am in India and after that i will visit Pakistan. Now despite being a secular-state Indians still have a problem with eating beef and it is banned in many areas so Beef food is something i am saving for my visit to...
Jesus is not only loving, He is also a wrathful punisher, T or F? Why?
I developed a flat spot on one of my front tires while driving it was bumping on the steering wheel then it went away is that possible ?
Best answer: yes -but the problem didn't
It indicates that the radial belts are moving under the tread and new tires are required
How can someone who repeats the same nonsense every day tell someone to stop being repetitive?
WE HAVE SAID 99 TIMES THAT nakedness is only with the spouse...get the drift and stop repeating Fireball · 7 mins ago
Spiritually speaking, Were did Logan go? Back behind a Blue Mask/?
Best answer: He is around in some form, if not using his main account he might be using one of his 20 or so sock accounts.
Why do the only ones surprised by right wing nationalist violence seem to be Trump supporters with a poor knowledge of history?
What was it like Growing up in the 1940's-1960's as a child/teenager in Bangladesh?
Can you sing me a song through typed words only that would give me an idea of your singing voice?
Was it worth that i went out?
I have guitar lessons but i have few cigarettes and i will buy them so i guess i went out for something... i think i will buy a pepsi too.
Are there any Seafood Hotel near yelahanka, Bangalore?
In country india people are charging their vehicles in to my legs making me feel as if i am being molested and raped by vehicle drivers?
in country india state telangana city hyderabad secunderabad and in district ranaga reddy iam being raped by people who are charging their vehicles in to my legs iam becoming paralytic and iam unable tocontrol the shame of being raped by people
Why do I feel guilty for no reason?
Best answer: Anxiety can cause this. Try to relax and enjoy yourself.
What is Mainland India.?
Best answer: Mainland India are the territories of India located on the Asian continental mainland.
This includes all the parts of India except the union territories of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep and the Antarctic base of Maitri.
Poll do you prefer a daddy or master?
Best answer: A female master.
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