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Why has East Asian countries never been colonised?
Im moving across country. Any tips?
I am a 19 yr old female and for the record Im 4’11” so Im pretty small. Next year I will be moving from California to New York alone and I will have family there so Im set in that sense. However I would like tips on driving there what I should avoid, where should I sleep, etc. Also I would not like to sleep at...
Democrats! What crimes other than sexual assault would you like to see believed on a " MeToo" basis, irregardless of time or evidence?
Am I too late to travel to Europe?
Best answer: Do you really think that you will find refugees visiting the historical places, the tourist attractions, and the cultural venues or eating in the restaurants in Europe? Most inhabitants in Europe have seen refugees only on television Visit Europe and enjoy your trip. The world travel...
Racism aside, is Western Europe doing good right now?
If cops start fining people for making bogus 911 calls, would it stop Trumpsters from making those racially charged calls?
‘Blatant racism’: White women tried to smear black man as a pedophile for ‘gardening while black’
What percent of English people are British people?
Best answer: There's no such thing as 'English' citizenship - you get a British passport.

So all 'citizens' of England are British citizens.
How will Australia cope under "Minority Morrison"?
It looks like we are going back to the disastrous Gillard years of Minority government today, How will Australia cope?
Has Australia ever had to make the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefield?
Should the UK demand immediate repayment of loans if the EU give us a no-deal Brexit?
The European Central Bank is heavily indebted to the Bank of England, as are the central banks of Italy, Spain and Greece. We have been refinancing their debts ad infinitum, it is unlikely we will ever be fully repaid so if they want to play a game of chicken then lets put all of our cards on the table. The UK is...
Do French people really wear berets a lot in the cities?
Best answer: Not that I've noticed on my occasional visits to Paris over the years. Cannot say what the rest of France is like in terms of the 'French Beret' which became so popular that the British Army began wearing them and then over time the US Army too. Sample US Army Rangers...
Why do Republicans demand loyalty from everyone when the USA has the most corrupt history in the world?
Best answer: The corrupt think they are owed loyalty. It's nothing new. The conservative model of governance is really aristocracy; rich people are better than you - they rule and you have nothing to say, peasant. If they are corrupt, what business is that of yours, peasant? Conservatism in America today represents...
As an Aussie, are you enthusiastic about Prince Charles becoming Australia’s next head of state?
Best answer: You have to be joking.

Who really would want someone in charge who said that he wanted to be a tampon
Going to London next week, which British foods to try?
My husband and I will be in London next week. I really want to try traditional British food, but I don t even know where to start. I don t even understand half of what I m looking at on menus! Some advice on where to start would be super helpful. Thanks!
I have 1 hour and 20 min layover. Is it enough time?
I will fly via qatar airways. Some people say that i will miss the flight, because 1 hour is too little time.. is it true? There is not an offer with longer layovers...
How to survive a 14 hour long flight?
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