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What do you do on a Lufthansa flight for over eight hours?
Best answer: They will feed you about an hour after takeoff. Then, best is to sleep until about 90 minutes before arrival. I usually get a window seat and gather extra pillows to make a "bed" to lay against so I can sleep sitting up, Try to sleep, even if it isn't very good sleep. An eye mask and ear plugs/ear...
Should we hate The British Royal Family for their incredible wealth and fame that they never earned?
Best answer: we should hate them. Thats the only reason they are there for. To make people jealous and hate them. And don't let anyone else tell you anything differently. But I hate them because because mainly because Prince Charles gets to wear nice and toasty underpants in the winter. Other than that. I have no complaints...
Are you upset that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's child is already more famous than you?
Best answer: I'm upset that a non Royal child is more famous than me. I mean, All that James Hewitt is known for is banging Princess Diana, and the fact that he has a grandchild more famous than me just because of that fact, upsets me. Also i am annoyed that i have to pay tax for a non royal child.
How many people in nyc who say Happy Holidays actually want to say Merry Christmas?
Can you bring shampoo body wash and liquid medicine in your suitcase on a plane?
Going from Ottawa to Las Vegas, can I pack my liquid medicine that I need, my shampoo and body wash in my suitcase? Not in my carry on bag.
Can you morally support the lifestyle of blacks and whites getting married?
Best answer: Nope.
Is ocean a pretty name for a girl?
Why did the Texas nut job use pretzel logic to say that Obama Care is unconstitutional?
Should Harry and Meghan name their first kid Oprah?
Best answer: Perfect. And if it's a boy, Harpo.
Can you bring candy on a plane?
I'm traveling from Ottawa to Vegas and I want to order candy from candyfunhouse and bring some to snack on while I'm flying. Can I bring it on my carry on or do they not allow outside food?
Is it possible to take an extra cellphone on a plane and through the airport without my parents noticing?
My parents took away my cellphone and I have an extra one my friends gave me, which I want to take on vacation but I’m worried it will get revealed through the process.
Do Cabin Crew mind if guests ask for photos? :)?
My friend and I are planning a year of travel from Australia within the next few years (Singapore, USA, Canada, Iceland, South America & South Africa) and I was wondering if Cabin crew mind being asked for a photo with us at the end of the flight?! Sounds silly, but we want to document our trip and try to get...
Why do so many people in Japan wear those white doctor masks?
Could I wear all this on an airplane to avoid checked baggage fees?
I'm going on a ski trip this holiday and I don't want to pay the ridiculous checked baggage fee. Could I theoretically wear all these layers onto the plane? And put the rest of my stuff (toiletries etc) onto a carry-on?
How will the weather be in the UK , probably, next 15 May-8 June?
I am planning a tour from Ireland thru Scotland-England , ending at Isle of Man for the TT races in '19.
Were the ancient Hebrews black?
Do u think that Princess Charlotte will grow up to be a hot sexy young woman?
Do you think this?
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