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Question about how to hide money during travel?
I may be going to Vegas first time next year and want to ditch the purse for safety reasons and no I do not want to give anybody cash from my bra because nobody wants to handle cash with boob sweat. It's just gross. I will be shopping online to look at what has been recommended. Anytime I am going to be...
Safest countries to travel to solo?
I m planning on going away around my birthday , i m considering going on my own if no one can make it. What countries are the most safest to travel to solo? i know every country has crime but i m wanting to know countries with less crimes and somewhere that s more safe. I m going to go through TUI holiday company...
What do I need wear to go on Titanic ride in Orlando FL?
I have an old dress I bought on Ebay for $119 but dont know if its ok. I looked at the Titanic website and saw people dressed more with the times. I am stressed.
Does it make it easier on readers when 350 newspapers all share one opinion, viewpoint, stance?
How do they get cruise ships to the ocean after they are built?
Like i never see them on trailers getting transported to the ocean on the road, maybe they use a couple helicopters to transport the cruise ship?
How do I take mouth wash with me for a 10 day European trip?
What is surprisingly satisfying?
What time will my dry ice delivery likely arrive?
I live in East London, UK, I made a next day delivery and they said it will arrive between 8am-12pm. What time is it likely to get delivered as I'll be out to work to visit a couple clients around 8am and will be back by 8:45am.
Flying back to the Us?
I’m flying back to the US after being in London for 10 days on vacation. I’m flying back to Baltimore with a connecting flight in JFK. Can someone please explain the process of going through border control and customs. I was told that I have to put my checked bag through security and then put it back on the...
I hate living in Australia. Is it ok If I move to Afghanistan?
Is Canada a place where royalty who resides in the UK is considered to be above Canadian elected leaders?
Is it ironic that Australian Gas Networks will get a corporate tax cut when they own 34000 km of Natural Gas pipelines across Australia?
Is it weird to be a male flight attendant?
I'm a guy and I love flying. It's so exhilarating!! I am too chicken to become a pilot though cause that is too much of a responsibility and way too much training. So would it be weird to become a flight attendant since most flight attendants are women? Thanks for answering!
Is New York City the best city in the world?
Best answer: Only if you love the Manhattan skyline, like myself. Paris/Vienna are historically more interesting.
What's the best city in England to live? (For a University student)?
Best answer: You should also be looking at the quality of the university. Combing that with nightlife:- London, Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow,Edinburgh, Manchester
I've lived in W. Oregon for 28 yrs. I detest the gloomy cold weather, the people are meh, and the overall culture is not me. Should I move?
Best answer: Your emotional health is up to you.
Is it possible to drive from the American border to Montreal in less than 1 day?
Why don’t Europeans travel to USA, Canada and other places outside Europe as often as people from all around the world who visit Europe?
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