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When you're fed up with fake news and want to hear the truth, who do you turn to. Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity?
Best answer: Rush, he's 99.8% accurate.
Is Meghan Markle faking her pregnancy?
Best answer: Everything Marke does is fake, she's an actress. It's difficult to get pregnant at 37 without fertility treatments (side effects?). You wouldn't risk that by flying to Morroco at 7 months pregnant.
What was the largest protest to ever take place in Australia?
1.5 million people in the UK marched as a protest to the Iraq War on the 15th of February 2003. As far as I know that is the largest act of civil disobedience of all time. What was the largest in Australia?
Prince Philip not to be charged with anything, Is it one rule for the royals and one for the rest of us.?
Will Republicans in congress grow some balls and help stop the traitor's 'National Emergency"?
or are they just going to sit back and continue watching him trample all over our Constitution?
Is the price of free speech that you have to put up with idiots / morons / trolls / etc?
Were people malnourished back in the 60s and 70s?
If you look at old videos you will see a striking difference between the people of 50 years ago and today. No doubt we have got fatter but also built up a lot more muscle mass. Look at rugby players in the 60s, they are tiny. They would get crushed today.
It is official. A new National Anthem is required. This is to be put to a Referendum. What is your choice?
Best answer: The pimps in the crib would be a good choice for the new national anthem.
Do you think that the royal family will ever come to love Meghan Markle's dad, and make him part of the family?
Australia is a joke of a country. New Zealand too. Agree?
Australians are xenophobic white supremacists and hate everyone and everything that isn't remotely Australian. They segregate their Aborigines out in the sticks, and deny their existence. In doesn't surprise me that all the Australians I've seen are white, mainly blonde and blue eyed. People say Sydney...
Why are universities allowed to flood Australia with foreigners who don't go home after studying?
Best answer: Very few would choose to come to Australia to study if study was not notorious as the back door to PR. Of course those that come here to study generally just work anyway.
Who treated Jews worse: Nazi Germany or the Roman Empire?
Would prince Charles be good looking if he did not have the big ears?
Do you use a apple or samsungs phone?
Best answer: Apple
Can it go bad?
Can any car head gasket go Will my Hyundai getz 1.1 petrol last? 136,900 I change the oil and just use water
Once Charles, Prince of Wales becomes King, Will he give Camilla's children Royal titles, even though they're not part of the Royal Family?
Quebec is a Muslim province. Everybody in Quebec is a Muslim and a Somali. True or false?
Best answer: Quebec and Ontario are infested with Muslims and mosques
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