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If faith is belief without evidence, then why do people dispute this when it comes to the presence of God? Ex: Why do they try to prove?
To have faith in God is, in essence to believe that He exists, without any evidence that He exists. So with this being the case, I am confused as to why some people refuse to just accept it for what it is, as opposed to trying to go a step further and find evidence that God does exist. This is almost like a...
Doeas God care about us as individuals?
Why don't atheists understand the age of the universe doesn't prove the Bible wrong?
Best answer: The Bible says the universe was created in a single day as there was a morning and an evening each day. Thus everything was created within six 24-hour periods which is of course completely wrong. It also places Adam in the Late Bronze Age (see Genesis 4:22) with full knowledge of plant and animal domestication...
To end the sexual abuses in catholic church should not priests be allowed to marry?
Knowing human nature I imagine there would be less abuse if they had a healthy outlet for sexual desires instead of allowing it to become pent up . Also in modern day world were marriage is declining it would serve as promoting marriage. So it would morally be a good move to promote marriage and reduce sexual abuses.
Are atheists Satanists?
Best answer: Basically they are!
Why can't atheists just respect the fact that the Bible is the best book ever?
Best answer: Most will not
Atheists what makes you think there is no God? What completely rules the idea of there being one completely for you?
Best answer: I wasn't born into a very religious family and never had much reason to think there was a god to begin with. And if I count when I started studying different religions in high school as when I started seriously looking for a reason, I've been looking for almost 2 decades now. The odds seem pretty low that...
Is United States of America a Christian nation? If yes, then why americans don't follow Bible teachings?
Best answer: America was definitely founded on an ethic of religious freedom and by Bible reading Christians, for the most part. Many missionaries worldwide have been American, the 10 Commandments were the foundation on which America's laws were built. Now America has removed God's Laws from public buildings, made...
Since we KNOW gods & souls don't exist, does Christianity have a point? Is it meaningless?
Isn't abortion an excuse to take away personal responsibility for your actions?
Atheists, what is **THE** True definition of atheism?
Why in the bible, does Satan appear to be a better person than God?
Is it true that even believers admit that there is no observable evidence for gods?
What is the name of God? Jehovah or Yahveh?
Why do old people have big ears?
Best answer: I have more hair on ears than my head now
Okay. So, you end up in purgatory. You are greeted by God, and Satan.?
Best answer: I'd have to learn more about the currency values in both states
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