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Is Britney Spears God Almighty?
Best answer: Only a sick god would create this world. The god of creation is Britney Spears. Worship the higher power: the god of love, Chuck Norris. Only Chuck Norris can save you from this evil material world. Chuck Norris sent the snake to the Garden of Eden to give humanity the knowledge of good and evil. The knowledge that...
Why asian people look alike, cause we all have same color eyes, hair, faical features and we are not fat and look our age?
i think we all look alike because we have black eyes, dark brown hair, our skin color is in the middle between white people and black people, the same facial feature, we are not fat or obese so we all have the same body type, the same height, straight hair, we all look our age(if all asian look young, they are most...
Will we see our pets in heaven?
Best answer: I hope so. Because if I don't find my late, adored Cleo 🐱and my beloved Minnie 🐶 there, it won't BE heaven for me. God is faithful and just, omniscient and loving. and He created the animals as well as ourselves. I truly believe that since He knows our every thought, He also knows what our beloved pets...
Do you think You're going to heaven?
I have been struggling with religion, how can Christianity preach about being kind to one another but yet there are so much judgment?
Is it true that 3am is when demons and witchcraft are active?
I have been seeing all of the stupid “don’t do this at 3am” clickbait stuff and I started to question this “witching hour” thing. I also heard that when Jesus died at 3pm Lucifer made 3am, therefore, the witching hour was created. Is this true?
Things are getting worse with my dad, and I don't know what the hell to do. Is it Alzheimer's?
Best answer: If you've ruled out drugs and alcohol as factors, then it could be. He may have also suffered a mild stroke which affects his behavior.
Like Matt Damon suggested: get him to a doctor. The loons you see on here are just as likely to tell you he is afflicted with demons and needs an exorcism.
Is god an atheist?
Best answer: All gods are illusions - developed to swindle gullible idiots into willfully surrendering their minds, bodies and finances to lazy hierarchical institutions (like the Catholic Church) who: a) have sinister political and social agendas; b) do nothing whatsoever to contribute to the planet's wellbeing; and c)...
"i don't owe evidence of my claims, because i can't be wrong". Christian or atheist quote?
Can you claim something is true without proof/evidence?
eg the bible
What do you think of superior beings 'out there' somewhere, and if they exist do they mean us harm or are they peaceful...?
Do you agree with Donald Trump and the Conservatives on speak English or don't speak at all?
I am in distress. I worry about the souls in hell every day. How can I possibly be okay with hell?
Why do religious people think “no evidence of God not existing” means he exists?
There is no evidence of Spider-Man or Harry Potter not existing either. Does that mean they exist?
What do you guys think of my sister?
Best answer: Nothing special really, just a fellow person. Carry on...
How did Moses get lost for 40 years?
Best answer: He didn't take the left turn in Albuquerque
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