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What is the most solid proof of the existence of God?
Christians why do you blame atheists for pointing out the falsehoods in the bible, we didn't put them there to pissyou off, the big guy did?
Why do so many unbeleivers hang around Religion and Spirituality?
Why do religious people brainwash their children?
Did King Soloman really cut a baby in half (1 Kings 3:24)?
The bible is disturbing...
Why do older people loose interest in current music and fashion trends?
Why do some people turn to God ?
When Jesus say "for all who draw the sword will die by the sword." is that pro weapons or against weapons? Matthew, chapter 26, verse 52?
Christians you say there are Roman record of Jesus why do you show them if you know they exist, prove us atheist wrong if you can lying sods?
Best answer: There are no records.
Evolutionarily, why are human-beings the ONLY evil species among ALL animals?
ONLY humans are the animals who're VERY evil, and can do EXTREMELY HORRIBLE stuff to each other as well as other animals, for NO reason (all other animals only hurt each other if there's a valid reason). Humans are the worst among all living things. Every other animal species is LESS WICKED than us. Why...
If an atheist makes a claim saying "God does not exist" does he or she have to provide scientific proof in order to believe?
Atheists: Explain THAT!?
Are you going to say Jesus ain't real now ?!
Why do Christians continue following the bible, despite ALL its contradictions?
Best answer: So what if it is full of contradictions. So am I. And when I read it, of course the contradictions made it impossible to understand. But it did give me a port in a storm way beyond my ability to navigate where I could tie down and rest for awhile. For all its contradictions, it made me its friend for letting me...
I am a Catholic questioning my faith, is there truly a way to know if God himself exists?
Why do Acts 2:21 and Matthew 7:21 contradict each other.?
What Is Sin?
Why does u think atheists is a-scared of the truths?
Do people go to Heaven if they commit suicide?
Which religion has killed more people trough out the history, Christianity or Islam?
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