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How much carbon is California spewing into the nation's air with their rampant wild fires?
Why the heck is global warming political?
Best answer: What is global warming to you? Apparently you think climates were stable before humans began emitting CO2 so it is easy to convince you that humans caused any warming that occurred. It is apparently easy to convince you that any warming is necessarily bad. In fact, the climates always change, sometimes a lot and...
Suppose you are a teacher and you want to convince your students that AGW is real and is happening. What do you say?
Best answer: I really don't know. I can't even convince me! I can see the poles are warming because the permafrost is disappearing from several places. I understand that man is putting CO2, among other things, into the atmosphere and that CO2, by itself, under lab conditions can cause warming when it has light shone...
Why are the vast proponents of AGW such horrible people? Rude, condescending, arrogant, egotistical etc?
Why is global warming bad?
I will submit my details in a answer
Climate change or is it the fact you build houses in the middle of forest. Climate change or that you build houses on a seacoast?
How and when did the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam begin?
Best answer: I think you could say it started with Maurice Strong. Strong, a Canadian billionaire helped found the IPCC, a political organization that was all about using CO2 to further a leftist agenda. That agenda included global governance, redistribution and they used environmental crisis to sell the need. I think...
Global Warming Deniers are a threat to the future of humanity. True or False?
Best answer: False. Global warming was a money making
Con job designed by the biggest liar al gore.

Only fools buy bull crap with no evidence to
Support it. It's pretty cold for early November.
Do observations contradict global warming theory?
Which countries would World War 3 be fought over?
Best answer: In all likelyhood.......the spark will be something CHINA tries to pull. Whether it's the annexing of the Spratley islands, (which as many as 8 different countries claim)...... or trying to get tough over Hong Kong or Taiwan------ or trying to snatch some Japanese or Russian claimed Islands.........China...
What is the empirical evidence to prove humans are warming the Earth?
Best answer: There is absolutely no empirical experimental evidence to prove humans are warming the Earth. Experiments conducted in the early 20th Century by scientists including R.W. Wood and Niels Bohr proved that “greenhouse” gases like CO2 cannot increase air temperature by “trapping” infrared radiation. The results of...
Was marlon brando bisexual?
Best answer: No, he wasn't. He kissed a man once to see what it was like, and he hated it.
Dumb@$$ Global Warmers have been lying since the 80s, with nutty predictions. Who falls for this phony baloney ?
Best answer: Before they believed in GW, they believed in every other leftist scam. There is a long list of scams these people believe in. What is amazing is that they seem to be completely incapable of learning from their mistakes. For them it appears to be more of a matter of intent and showing they belong than in being...
Has a single prediction of AGW actually been accurate?
Best answer: I am still waiting for the 50 million climate refugees that the United Nations said we would have by 2010. The times we have been warned we have only months to save the planet Andrew Simms told us a year later that we had “only 100 months to avoid disaster.” Meaning time ran out in 2016… Al Gore told us that we had...
Who exactly denies that climate has changed in the past?
Best answer: I do not deny that climate has changed in the past. I do have a disagreement with the idea that it has "always changed", because I don't know what that means and I don't think people have the evidence to support this idea once it's defined. For example, we're concerned about the time...
Can someone please help I don't understand this?
If climate change continues, snow fields and glaciers in Canada’s north will shrink, which has two main consequences. It exposes the arctic soil and it thaws decaying organic matter that had been beneath the ice and snow. Why can these consequences make climate change occur even faster
If the Earth is round then Explain this?
Best answer: Face palm, lol.
How would "skeptics" have reassured people on the Titanic ...?
... shortly after the collision? Would some have made statements such as "There's been hardly any sinking in the last 20 minutes"? "Alarmists want to blame it all on the iceberg"? "Andrews believes in Peak Horses too; he's just a liberal with an agenda, like all those in the White...
What is the carbon footprint of Al Gore compared to the average citizen?
Best answer: HUGE! Let us pray: ALGORE is my shepherd; I shall not think. He maketh me lie down in Greeneth pastures: He leadeth me beside the still-freezing waters. He selleth my soul for CO2: He leadeth me in the paths of self-righteousness for his own sake. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of reason I will...
Does anyone else think climate change is unstoppable?
The Earth will warm up no matter what we do?
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