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Are the symptoms of global cooling and global warming identical?
What will happen to all the animals once florida goes underwater?
When the water levels start to rise, will animals start to migrate north?? It makes me so sad when I think about all the stray cats and dogs and wild animals that will be affected by it.
Does the Equivalence Principle of physics spell the death of the AGW movement?
Best answer: The FACT they been rigging data dooms it.

See how hard the liberal media is working to hide the truth? When was the last time you saw a so called "Denier" on TV? Even FOX is blacking our the facts.
Other than denial, are there any Conservative solutions to global warming?
Were the boys trapped in a cave in Thailand in their predicament because of global warming?
Is Donald Trump still building a wall out of solar panels?
Best answer: You can't be much of a visionary with your head up where the sun don't shine. That gives you a shitty outlook on life.
PLease tell me a little bit about yourself and help me answer these 2 questions?
I know it sounds a little informal for a survey but you re feedback would be appreciated. How much do you know about global warming or climate change How serious of a threat is global warming to you and your family? and also please provide some suggestions on where i can create my own surveys
Is the LEFT serious about Anthroogentic Global Warming?
Are you aware that America as you know it will SOON come to an end because of your complacency and ignorance?
Anyone that doesn't realize this should not answer before you have some basic knowledge on the subject. Watch this video. If you don't have any idea about what I am talking about you are not qualified to answer. This thing that I am talking about will soon...
What steps should humanity take to prevent the overpopulation of earth?
Best answer: Prosperity and education is the answer. If we had No 'third world countries' we would not have a population problem, most prosperous countries like Switzerland, Italy, South Korea, have declining birth rates. As for resources our solar system has huge amounts, we just have to get space travel/transportation...
Can I use earl grey tea bags in the garden?
I read you can use black and green tea in the garden for the acid loving plants, but are all teas the same? I think Earl Grey has some oil extract in it so I'm not sure if that is safe and i have other teas that are a mixture. So basically, are all teas good for the garden or which ones i should keep out of...
Best home energy storage systems other than batteries?
I'm interested in storing energy from solar panels at home, but I don't want to use batteries because these I can't replace them if they break (unless you know a recipe that is efficient). What is the best way to store energy other than batteries?
Shouldn't Global warming be top priority?
Earth needs to be treated carefully. Shouldn't there be be more news and information about Global warming? When will politics care? Scientists?
Why does Summer suck so much?
How long can i drive with no gas?
Best answer: 50km I think after the gas light go on
Are this weeks all time global heat records consistent with the kind of extremes expected from a warming world?
All-time heat records have been set all over the world this week
To combat global warming should we genetically engineer ourselves to be cold-blooded?
if we were cold blooded we'd be more adapted to high temperatures.
Of the 50 states, which do not exceed 85 degrees?
Do gay guys ever get raped by other gay guys?
Best answer: troll of the day
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