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Which has caused more deaths, Global Warming, or the false belief in Global Warming?
Where is god?
It's 12 degrees. Is this another example of global warming?
What's a 'zombie government'?
Is World War 3 the cure to Global Warming?
Best answer: Nuclear winter is a harsh medicine
Please tell what your thoughts are on climate change and then tell your belief or non-belief in God. The more details, the better.?
Best answer: "Climate change" aka "global warming", is a lie put out there to control populations. Those that scream the loudest about it, have private jets and mansion estates. That should tell you all you need to know. Don't be deceived by worldly "authorities". -----. The truth is that...
Will global warming make Antarctica habitable?
Best answer: Well, as others have pointed out, Antarctica is already habitable. Not only do animal species live there but we humans have a permanent presence on the continent with our scientific stations. However, if you look around the coast and use some of the worst case projections of a 7C rise in temperature by 2200, then...
Bjorn Lomborg caught lying about the environmental benefits of the electric car: why do these people do this?
Big cat rescue?
I’m currently in veterinary medicine school and I’m going to specialize in exotic animals such as big cats. My husband is studying to be a neurosurgeon, and our plan is to move to either Texas or Africa and start a small, 10 acre sanctuary for big cats such as lions, tigers, and cheetahs. Cheetah’s are almost...
Is this statement about the UN_IPCC true? And even if true, is the assured outcome really scientifically correct?
Best answer: Obviously it isn't true. If it is a review and recommendation body, it is political body. It will review what is thrown at it by its biased paid groups and sift through what might be useful. It will then try to spin it to push their agenda. It is a ploy to get the ignorant to think it is a scientific...
Why has the amount of litter on streets increased in the last 10 years?
What evidence is there that China will lower its greenhouse gas emissions?
Best answer: There is no evidence that China will lower its emissions because they have agreed with Obama to increase them dramatically. Their agreements are worthless anyway but they didn't even pretend to care about reducing emissions. They'll take money if we give it to them and they will be very happy if we...
Where do you throw a thermometer containing red mercury, that is about to be broken?
Which is more likely to be true?
"“If left unchecked, the damage caused by climate change will cause untold human suffering and significant damage to the U.S. economy,” Schumer wrote to Trump on Dec. 6." OR "“If left unchecked, the damage caused by illegal immigration will cause untold human suffering and significant damage to...
Why do oil countries have a higher per capita global warming emissions?
The list is topped by the likes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait.
If Tigers are so dangerous, why are we trying to protect them?!?
Is it a deformity that white people can’t tan?
What can we do in our daily lives to help the environment?
Best answer: Less plastic, less oil, less of bad other stuff and taking part in events that will help the environment.
Why would a temperate climate expand due to climate change.?
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