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Was Mueller smart to release the Russian indictments a few days before trump's meet putin?
I know trump is pissed off. Trump's only response was blaming Obama, he has noting to say about putin or Russia, he said its Obama's fault they did it. Treason trump rather blame Obama over Putin because he sucks up to putin tremendously
What was the biggest news story in history of the media?
Best answer: From my view as a teenager the Cuban Missile crisis was the biggest story of the media. I do remember the day of the JFK assassination on radio and in the newspapers. From the academic standpoint I would say the D-Day landings, Pearl Harbor Bombings, VE Day, the TET attacks in 1968, 9-11. From a personal view, as...
Would you trust an Arab pilot who pilots your flight?
Best answer: Yes. If an Arab is a license airline pilot, then they are trustworthy.
Does it all depend on Katy Perry?
Best answer: No, the hokey pokey is what it is all about.
If conservatives are all about "individual rights" then why did they fight tooth and nail to prevent gay marriage?
Name a Democrat that could pose a challenge to Trump in 2020?
Do you agree with gay marriage in the U.S.?
Best answer: No
Why did Trump rudely walk in front of the Queen?
Best answer: Disorientation is a hallmark symptom of dementia...He just didn’t know where he was for a moment. He thought he was back in the hotel room with Stormy Daniels
Could we now elect a dog for president?
Will Russia become the 51st state of America?
I think Trump's tariff war will slowly make people in the United States of America poorer. Do you think so?
Best answer: True. In 1929 the same thing happened! Outcome the rise of the dictators. Outcome WW2. Maybe that's the plan! Start a nuclear war, ZAP the competition! Job done! The neocons have been testing out "winnable nuclear war". Given their ghastly real life record since 2003, and never having experienced the...
Hillary Clinton says everybody wants her to run for President in 2020 again. Do you all?
Do you think that insurance is legalized fraud?
Do you trust Donald Trump?
In the Trump era, what can we do to ensure our jobs aren't outsourced to $#!&hole countries?
Has the democratic party come to this? It has no agenda, no purpose, no goals, no vision?
except to say Trump is a poo poo nasty no no
Why do liberals think Africa is a country or race of people?
Trump supporters: What will you do in the event that Trump does not win reelection?
Best answer: A lot of them will yell 'Fraud!' But I think there are more and more Trump voters every day who will be glad if he doesn't get re-elected. Less embarrassment for them. They'd MUCH rather crab and whine about a Democratic president and tell lies about him and blame him for everything bad that...
Do you agree with John Brennan on Trump's meeting with Putin today?
Best answer: This is the absolute truth. A blind man can see what's going on with Trump & Putin. What he's done is the very equivalent of throwing an entire nation (USA) under the bus for Putin. He should be impeached right away. Maybe as a bonus he should be made to move to Russia.
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