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Will Andrew Gillum win the recount in Florida?
Best answer: No Way, Florida is way to corrupt to let a Democrat win, Rick Scott is filing a phony lawsuit accusing the Dem's of trying to steal the election when he tried to destroy hundreds of thousands of votes. Florida is far to corrupt.
Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson are thieves. Are they really going to be able to steal the elections with recounts?
Why did good Men like Paul Walker, Heath Ledger, Hugh Hefner and Stan Lee have to die instead of Trump?
Is it true that Stan Lee created a comic book villain named "Liberal Man" ?
Liberal Man goes around the country doing whatever he can to destroy America. Sounds pretty realistic actually.
Are Medicare and Social Security examples of government oppression?
Best answer: No all civilized developed countries have pensions for old people, all the others have universal healthcare too, it cheaper and works better.
Describe Donald Trump in three words?
What's wrong with gun control?
What are your thoughts on Hillary Clinton to run for President again in 2020?
If the Democrats had it their way, what would happen to the United States?
Should there be universal income?
Best answer: Nothing is free and somebody will foot the bill. As a working taxpayer, it'll probably be me..... HEY! NO WAY!
What is wrong with socialism?
Should Trump declare war on France?
Why is Maxine Waters so rich?
Members of Congress only make 175k a year. I didn't know you could afford a 4.5 million dollar mansion with that salary. Maxi-Pad is living in the lap of luxury by cashing in on those campaign donations!
Name an honest politician Republican or Democratic?
If judge Ginsburg can go to work with broken ribs, why can't trump go outside in the rain?
Best answer: the damp weather hurts his bone spurs
Can a woman rape a man?
Should we disband the Electoral College? Why or Why Not?
Can Donald Trump handle constructive criticism from a CNN reporter?
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