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Why can cats only say meow?
Can dogs tell the difference between an attractive human and an unattractive one?
I ask cause sometimes I ask my dog for a kiss and he just turns his head away.☹️
My 6 month old kitten does not like me she pees on my clothes, grabs my hand to bite it?
Is there anyway i can get her to love me ? Or is it too late
Do you agree huskies are the best dog breed?
Best answer: All dogs are good boys.

But I agree that huskies are the goodest boys.
Do you think my neighbors are jerks for pressing charges against me for what my dog did?
So I had a Dalmatian who had trust issues around people besides me. So one day the daughter of my neighbors (who was a 3 year old toddler) tried to pet my dog through the fence, but my dog bite the girl's hand (the bite so bad that she needed stitches). The little girl's older siblings saw the whole thing...
Don’t want to leave dog behind during holidays?
I was thinking about going back home to see family for the holidays.... I live in a different state. The family member that i was going to stay with says i can no longer bring my pup. She initially told me i could. She is seeing someone and he is allegedly allergic to dogs. I asked if he is allergic to all dogs,...
Is 'breaking' horses and destroying their will, a sin against God and nature?
Is my dog cute?
Wat would u do with your pets if we had a nuclear attack or kind of emergency where u needed to go to a shelter but they couldn t come in?
Would you be able to leave them outside to die?
I want to get a tiny dog?
How do cats eat eat food even though it tastes yuck?
Best answer: Cats have different taste buds. Same with dogs. I mean, my cat prefers to drink out of muddy puddles than her actual water bowl
Does the ideology of American Conservatism tie in with being religious or can you be a true American Conservative without having a religion?
Best answer: Among other things, Conservatives tend to support 1. As limited government as is practical in a modern world. 2. Law & order -- This means the cops obey the laws, too. 3. Reasonable government spending. 4. Citizens to be responsible or held responsible for their actions. 5. Lower taxes. 6. People on...
My dog won’t sleep, drink, or eat?
My german shepherd - husky mix is 2 years old. She is very young, all day she won’t eat, or drink. And she refuses to sleep. Whenever she dozes off she refuses to let herself fall asleep. My sister said earlier she was shaking while asleep a little bit. And if you give her food, she takes it, licks it a tiny bit,...
Do i need to get a regular domestic cat vaccinated?
ive always had purebred cats my whole life and now that i am living on my own want to get my own cat but cannot afford a purebred one. i am thinking about getting a regular domestic cat and i am worried about the usual vet expenses. are domestic cats more tolerant to diseases?
Why are my hamsters dying?
Best answer: 1. Throw away the old food and buy new. 2. Dump the food bowl every day. Sometimes seed shells look like food, even when there is no food there. 3. Change water every day. 4.Use bedding made for hamsters. Some wood shavings such as cedar, are bad for hamsters. 5. Wash the cage once per week using mild detergent,...
I have two pitbulls twins. Dre (male) Victoria (female) which one is going to be more protective of me? Give facts. (Serious Answers Please)?
Why does my cat follow me everywhere?
He follows me in the bathroom when I shower, downstairs, etc. Just wondering
My dog keeps killing my neighbours cats. Should I have him euthanased?
My 4 year old English staffy has killed and badly injured 2 cats. My neighbours cats from both sides of my house ( 2 seperate neighbours) both times the cats were in my yard. He badly injured my elderly neighbours cat last night, I assume it will die from the injuries, it had no blood but was paralysed. The cat was...
When you weep for a dog who passed away and someone told you to weep for a person instead as that is just a dog, what would your response be?
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