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Do I have any rights to my dog still?
I rehomed my German shepherd to a family we took over a month talking to/getting to know before fully handing over my dog. She just turned one. Now the only agreement I required (and this is all in emails) was that I was able to check up on her. Text/email whatever. SHE even said I could come see her whenever bc...
Is Craig a good name for a cat?
What is your favourite and least favourite thing about your dog?
Could be anything but try to make it interesting =)
Can i have sex with a cat?
Mu Mom make me clean ny kitens liter box but it is nasty amd grosss?
Is it okay to let my dog lick my penis?
Can i milk a horse with my mouth?
Dogs vs cats?
How can I get my cat Fluffy to lose weight she's gotten so fat ?
She laid on top of my chest the other day and it felt like a 12 month old human infant sitting on me Then when I tried to pick her up she was so heavy She's put on a lot of weight and a quite a few lbs I work a lot so I leave her at home With her litter box and a bowl of food Lately I've been working...
My cat seems like she is trying to kill her kittens, but I m not sure. What do ya ll suggest?
My cat recently gave birth to a litter of four kittens, but the fourth one died shortly after birth. She nursed the remaining ones normally for the first two days, but then she stopped and got really sick. She was throwing up blood and refusing to eat, and we were pretty sure that she was going to die, as we are in...
My Kitty will not stop eating plastic, help!?
My year old calico kitty (mocha) will not stop eating plastic! No matter what she always seems to find plastic somewhere and she tares it apart and eats every bit of it she can until shes stopped. This behavior started after getting her spayed. I'm very concerned for her health as eating plastic, her go to is...
Is a Cockatoo and Cockatiel the same bird or different?
Is it ok to euthanize my cat because I can't bring it to my new apartment?
Best answer: They're cats, you could just let them loose and save the effort and money. It's up to you though. Personally, I wouldn't.
I'm adopting the grey and white kitten in two weeks. He is male. Any name suggestions?
Male Greg and white kitten who I will be adopting in 2 weeks. Need help with name suggestions?
Can you list the reasons to not have a child, but to have a pet instead?
Do French Bulldogs need C-section to have there puppies?
Can I train my pit bull to bite only black people?
Best answer: You'll have to call Donald Trump to help you on that one.
Rate my dog 1-10?
Best answer: 10/10

Shaved puѕѕy I have seen, but a shaved pup ...
I want to adopt a semi-feral cat?
There is an extreamly affectionate and sweet semi feral cat nearby who is about 1 year old. I want to take her in but I also have a pet rabbit so I don't how that would turn out. Also how can I litter train her? And should I bath her with a shampoo or just water? Will she become distructive or can I train her...
Are dogs, pets or family members?
Best answer: They are personal property same as a car, microwave or bed. It's pretty clear in the bible that God made humans to rule over other animals and not to be our equal. Also pets are replaceable, if your dog dies you can get another one and forget about the old one. Now if your mother or father dies can you...
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