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Should I give up my puppy?
Best answer: My dog was a bit needy as a pup but he grew out of it. Hopefully yours will too.
Is 49 degrees too cold for a pit bull outside in a dog house with bedding and food?
Why does my dog's butt smell like rotten eggs?
Whenever I smell my dog's butt a strong smell of rotten eggs fills my nose. It makes me want to throw up, what is causing this? Does my dog have cancer?
My pitbull bit my baby in the face?
My baby went up to my pitbull and pulled on its tail and the dog responded by biting my baby on the forehead. My baby's head bled profusely and my baby was hysterical. Please help.? The baby needed stitches when I took him in. But the dog continues to bark at the poor child whenever they are in the same room.
How can I keep a cat who has to live inside happy when he enjoyed the outdoors?
Best answer: Play with him to keep him occupied. Get him a cat condo. Grow him some cat grass.. Get some window perches.

Maybe consider a catio to give him confined outdoor time.

Animals get used to habits and routines, so it will tske some time for him to adapt
Does your dog like to dig holes?
Best answer: Occasionally, but she doesn't get a chance to dig more than a few inches before I tell her to stop
Untrainable dog?
My puppy is 12 weeks old and is still shredding things through the house and going potty inside. I pop her when she rips things up. and when she goes potty in the house I rub her nose in it, pop her and take her outside. I’ve kept her on a regular potty schedule but she will go play outside, sometimes for over an...
Don't you hate people that let their dog eat people food because it won't touch dog food and will even starve itself?
Best answer: Yes, it makes their dogs fat and obnoxious and reflects very poorly on the owners.
How do dogs get pregat?
Mailman will not deliver my mail because of my dog. What should I do?
My dog stays in my yard while I'm at work. She is tethered, cannot go anywhere near the mailbox at all, is not aggressive and does not reasonably hinder the mailman in any way, yet he refuses to deliver my mail if my dog is visible.
My dog has been itching a lot and we gave him 1 dose of benadryl and it fixed the itching. Can I keep giving him doses or is it bad?
Stray cat licked my finger. I ended up using toilet and wiping myself without washing my hands first. can I get rabies that way?
Do cats to to heaven?
Best answer: Wouldn't it be sweet if our dearly loved pets did go to heaven? Oh, damn, now I'm crying.
I am I wrong for getting so mad at my sister and then start yelling at her?
My sisters dogs constantly urinate in my bedroom. Most of the time I keep my bedroom door closed. The second I am not keeping an eye on my bedroom door (because my dog likes the door open, so I leave it cracked open while I am in there with my dog) her dogs go in my room and urinate on my stuff. It is so...
We’ve had him for a year and we love him to death. He just barks at literally everyone. When we’re walking him, when someone comes over, when he hears someone walk by at night.. he is a protective lil pup but its getting annoying
My roommate's adopting a dog, even though my dog is aggressive to others. I was on lease first. Any advice?? I paid pet deposit for mine.?
My dog is 9 years old & has a mammary mass. No pain/discomfort. There’s clear yellow fluid coming out of the nipple when I squeeze it.?
I accsidently kicked my dog’s head. Do you think she’s okay?
My dog doesn’t come when it’s called (it’s still a puppy online 6 months old) and so I was chasing after her trying to catch her and than she just stopped dead in her tracks for no reason and I tried to stop but I didn’t in time and I ended up hitting her head with my ankle. She’s a really small dog only 6 pounds....
Do Hot Dogs have Dog meat in them?
Best answer: no but I buy only kosher hot dogs only since they are guaranteed all beef
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