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What would a bet recommend for pink eye?
My puppy as an abnormal amount of drainage from her left eye. It might not be pink eye; but, what would I expect from a vet visit.
Why is my cat so ****** cute?
Best answer: They all are
Why did three puppies die in a litter of 11 after vaccinations>?
We are purchasing a puppy, they were checked by the vet last week at their 7 week appointment, were vaccinated and sent home. Everything was fine, but then a few started to get sick and one died. Then over the weekend 2 more died, and two more were ill, but got better. We are hesitant to move forward, and don t...
What's the most dog-like cat?
Best answer: Siamese and other Oriental breeds are the most sociable and talkative cats.
Why do birds suddenly appear?
Best answer: because someone activated the bird spawner
What can I do to make it easier to trim my cats'claws?
Best answer: My cat used to always be a fight as well. Back when I was single, I typically had to pick her up, sit down on the couch with a gap between me and the armrest just wide enough for her, and drop her in that gap on her back with her facing the back of the couch. That way, I could use my elbow to pin her down and still...
Is it illegal for someone to attempt to tell their dog to attack your dog while unprovoked in your own yard? Both dogs are on leashes.?
My small dog escaped 6 months ago. I asked all the neighbors. Found out neighbors across the street hid dog. They refuse to give him back?
Should I get a kitten?
I have been thinking about getting a kitten but and unsure. I just dont want to pay alot of money for them. Like if I get a kitten and later on it life it needs surgery I will put it down because at the end of the day shes just an animal and Im not forkin gout 2k for surgery. I am fully capable of buying food and...
Why does my yorkie puppy not look like a yorkie?
What is the safest way to find a puppy online?
Should I declaw my cat?
Best answer: Declawing a cat is a really big decision, and one that can have permanent repercussions for you and your animal. I'll try to summarize some information for you. Declawing a cat is no simple procedure. It's not simply like trimming their nails or even cutting them off entirely. A cats claw is actually...
Can a dog be suicidal but show no sign of depression?
How do I establish dominance over my dog?
I tried T-Posing, but it didn t work.
Democracy doesn't work. Should Britain become a dictatorship?
Best answer: Definitely, we need discipline in society to restore morality and wholesome family values to Britain and this can only be achieved with a National Socialist ideology with a 90% monochromatic society. Therefore, foreigners will be encouraged to leave or direct action will be necessary.
What authority should I contact to get my dog back?
My neighbors took care of my dog while I was on a business trip and he "escaped." I put up posters and contacted every shelter in the area. I also talked to everyone in my neighborhood and no one had seen my dog. Two weeks of restless searching later, I saw my dog in my neighbor's yard two houses...
How can I train my kittens to use the litter box?
I have 6 five week old kittens I am trying to litter train. They are peeing and pooping EVERYWHERE. I have tried pellet litter(they hated it) I have tried a sand clumping litter(they ate it) and I have tried putting their poop and pee, that i had to clean up, into the litter box and showing them that’s where to go...
Isn't it great that we have a "free press" so that they can all march in lockstep to cede their editorial decision making power to the dems?
How to get my cat to like vegetables ?
I want her to have a well-balanced diet.
I’m worried about my cat. I think she may she struggling with going to the bathroom?
Her cat litter box is down in the basement. It’s always been there and it’s always clean. She would just walk downstairs and go, but now she’s acting weird. She’ll cry over and over and stand at the top of the stairs staring at me. I usher her to go downstairs and she does a little but it’s like I have to walk down...
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