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Why can't a law be passed that all people convicted of murder, rape child molestation be sentenced to Life without possibility of parole?
Life means Life. Never get to be released
Is Theresa may doing a good job . why or why not?
Tory austerity, it cost £4m policing Eugenies wedding, was this money well spent rather than wasting it on care for the elderly?
Left-wing Swedish student says that racists are worse than rapists, do you agree with her?
Will Elizabeth Warren be the first native american to ever run for president?
Does Elizabeth Warren realize that many Europeans have a greater amount of Neanderthal DNA than she has Cherokee?
Best answer: Amount of DNA is meaningless. Ethnic groups aren't based on DNA. Dirk Nowitzki has Polish ancestry. But he's German. Many Russians are descended from Muslim Tatars. Look at Putin's eyes.
Do you like redheads?
Wouldn't you love to see the Royal Family forced to live in a block of council flats and on £60 a week Universal Credit for a year?
Another attack on Trump bites the dust?
The story is literally minutes old, but apparently Stormy Daniel's lawsuit against Trump has been dismissed, and the judge ordered Daniels to pay Trump's legal fees.
Is Trump really that bad all things considered?
Best answer: Worse, last week the IPCC released a report stipulating that we have only 12 years to reduce our carbon emissions in order to stave of warming the planet to a catastrophic level, and his reply was, I can get you a report that says anything you want. He has to go, he's dumb and is dumbing us all down just being...
It seems masochistic to me. Why do people celebrate birthdays when it is completely illogical to do so?
This has baffled me since I was a teenager. Reach a birthday between the ages of 1-39: Congratulations! You are now one step closer to (most likely) unfavourable conditions of life, as well as mental and physical deterioration. Reach 40th birthday: Congratulations! Your biological deterioration will now be...
Why do some people think that we could have a referendum on abolishing the monarchy?
They'd never allow it to happen and would ignore the results anyway if they were inconvenient. What would they voluntarily give up their enormous amounts of wealth and power?
What sort of a sick person would invent that they had prostate cancer?
Best answer: Possibly somebody with Munchausen Syndrome (not the ''by proxy type). My mother-in-law had that. She would visit her GP every week with pretend illnesses, actually telling my wife on one occasion she was going to "put it on" to get attention. She was telling everyone she had emphysema until her...
Should fat little piggies that just can't manage to keep their hands out of the biscuit tin get their gastric band free on the NHS?
Do supporters of the monarchy realise that the monarchy sees them as nothing more than idiots, a great source of money and common filth?
If North Korea had oil and sold it to america would they be such enemies?
Is Princess Eugenie better than us?
There's a lot of racist questions about the royal family. Is this the joys of free speech?
Does Trump Lie ?
How do you get to stay on the dole long term without the social annoying you?
Best answer: I'm not recommending it just pointing out a loophole but I know someone who pretended to be an alchy and got extra money and didn't need to sign on anymore, have to say I thought giving an alchy more cash a bit odd
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