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Should the statue in Parliament Square of the drunkard, warmongerer and Freemason Winston Churchill be torn down?
Do you like Scotland?
Should all the Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland be jailed?
It beggars belief as to how we English had to negotiate with the IRA and Sinn Fein killers. With Arlene Foster and DUP should all the IRA men be jailed? I think I'll try the London Gin I bought the other day during my shopping trip with the countess.
Whats the worst that will happen if brexit is scrapped?
Is a 2nd referendum almost certain now?
Best answer: As an American, I am seeing a disturbing trend. Great Britain voted to leave the EU. I am not familiar with all of the reasons the British voted to leave, but I would bet that they are tired of being told what to do by people in another country whom they do not know and did not elect. The people who wanted Britain...
Do you want an ethnic on the new £50 note?
Best answer: I want Aneurin Bevan on it. Everybody's benefited from the NHS.
When is Trump getting impeached and why hasn't it happened yet?
Best answer: well, he has to be brought up on charges in the house first, this won't happen till the Dems take the house in January, it will really take off once Mueller finishes his report and hands it over to them, hopefully this will be soon too, the indictments that have come down in the last couple of weeks have been...
Putin says rap should be controlled as it is based on sex, drugs and protest, and is a path to the degradation of the nation, is he correct?
Best answer: He is 💯 % right. Rap is a product of a degenerating culture, debauchery and crime. Am I wrong? No way, because otherwise it would not have evolved into Gangster Rap Lack of discipline in society is the root cause so we must tackle those issues with a policy of hard work, zero tolerance and reinstate the death...
Is Sir Richard Bransons warning that UK will be left near bankrupt in the event of a hard Brexit, correct?
My girlfriend and I have booked a holiday to Paris over Christmas, but with the riots and Muslim terrorist attack in Strasbourg should we go?
Best answer: The safest time is just after a terrorisit attack because they are all nervous and the city is full of police and soldiers keeping an eye on things. Last time I was in Paris there were armed police standing everywhere. They always make me feel safer.
In a second brexit referendum would u vote differently? and what percentage of people do u think would vote differently?
How many Democrats are ready to become Republicans?
Southerners have done it. Now the rest of you people in the Northeast and West Coast need to. Utah, Wyoming, Texas all were Democrats now they are Republicans. Join in.
Should Emmanuel Macron resign?
Best answer: Yes, you know it. Marine should have won the election.
Aren't you glad that people in the UK don't behave the French (current riots)?
Brexit is going brexit. Will it all end in an election, a referendum or the withdrawal of articular 50?
Is it true NO ONE on the left wants to deny Trump his wall? Don't they all say "Build it with Mexican money like you promised"?
Trump considering Kushner for Chief of Staff. Good choice? Banana republic anyone?
Can we the people save Michael Cohen from going to prison?
Best answer: Mobs, rioting and disregard for the rule of law is a democrat "thang".
Is Brexit the worst crisis that England has ever faced?
Best answer: It's a crisis of Theresa May's making. She is not listening to the will of the people who voted OUT. Ths solution is very simple. We tell the EU to stuff their deal and initiate a hard Brexit. That's what the ballot box paper said... REMAIN OR LEAVE. The choice was simple and they have complicated the...
Soldiers armed with assault rifles must now patrol Christmas markets. Did France make the right decision importing millions of Muslims?
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