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Why don't you help a homeless this Christmas?
Best answer: Most homeless people are a greater threat to themselves than anyone else. At one time they could wonder off into the woods and live of the land and do so successfully, we called them pioneers in the past. Presently find a piece of land that someone doesn't have their name on and a place were the building code...
In your opinion, why do you think nuclear weapons prevented the outbreak of WWIII?
UK users: Will any of you visit the USA while Trump is President?
Best answer: No, I don’t like Americans.
Why do so many of the left-wingers have the mentality of spoiled teenage delinquents?
Best answer: Millennials, the children of the baby boomers what ever you want to call them, majority are made up of young people with the false sense of entitlement. Welcome to the new era.
In years to come will brexit be known as the biggest waste of time, money and effort in human history?
Why are the people of Liverpool boycotting the Sun simply for telling the truth?
It's not their fault scousers are murdering scum is it?
Is Australia a better place to live than the UK?
Besides Australia having better weather is it really all that better? I do hear that more Britons move to Australia, than Australians move to the UK.
Do you think its kind of disgusting and unchristian that roy moores followers would rather vote a pedophile racist than a democrat?
Best answer: Republicans have gone from being the family values party to being the party whose motto os "In Predators We Trust".
Civil war in Britain?
Could there be a potential civil war if people try to stop brexit. MPs are trying there best to stop it or go for a soft brexit which means we will still be in the single market and customs union which would go against leaving the eu at all. God for bid if there is a second referendum or brexit stops happening...
If Brexiters had their way would UK become fascist dictatorship where talking down the holy brexit vote becomes a death sentence?
'Tory MP who led Brexit rebellion against Theresa May receives death threats'
Has the Salford Arson Attack made world news?
The slimeballs who did it killed 3 children - they are now under arrest.
Why is there so much anger in the world?
Best answer: I doubt there is any more than usual, we just have to Internet to express all our petty frustrations and instant news to report every little thing.

It's enough to turn you to a nice bottle of wine.
What do you think NASA's major announcement is going to be about? NASA is holding a major press conference after its planet-hunting telescope made a new breakthrough. The Kepler space telescope is operated by NASA to...
David Davis: "I don't have to be clever to do my job" Is he the Geoff Boycott of Brexit ?
Best answer: There are different sorts of cleverness or talent, having an eye for the ball doesn't require a great intellect, look at Rooney or Gascoine. However, delicate negotiations about our economic survival, especially with clever people, does require pretty high cognitive skills. He might not have to be clever to do...
So when will Trump destroy ISIS?
He's been President for almost a year now and ISIS is still around
What is your stance on Net Neutrality?
This week could be a poignant moment in net neutrality. What are your beliefs?
Does the average native British person have a bigger issue with immigrants who are NON-European, than they do with say a Polish immigrant?
Is Christmas bad?
I see adverts depicting loneliness and debt at Christmas time. Does Xmas merely highlight an existing problem or is it, to a large extent, the cause?
Serious questions. #1 - How did we end up being the world`s policeman? #2 - Should we continue being the world`s policeman? #3 -?
Best answer: our "policing" the world is government propaganda. The truth is that almost every war since vietnam that the US has participated in has had some financial reason. The exception being the police action in Kosovo, though who knows what was going on behind the scenes there. Generally we invade to maintain...
Is this the kind of world we live in now?
Best answer: I was appalled when I saw this item on SKY earlier, surely they can't all have been scrolling through the songs on their I phones while taking photographs of their genitals to post on twatter? .?...
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