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What's something that's very British, indeed?
What do Russian oligarchs get out of giving loads of money to the Tories?
Have you ever been to prison?
Best answer: Yes, I have, I was in prison from 1991 to 2006 for murdering my daughter's rapist.
Will the poisoning case in the UK spark a war with russia?
Would you ever betray your country?
Best answer: I already have. The primary reason being its inherent unviability (no demographic or political structural protection). It is not built to last. Its system should be dismantled and replaced with something superior. Eradication of a favoured subgroup, enabling alien cultural spread (especially belligerent ones) or...
Do you pay the TV license?
Best answer: No, not a penny of my money shall go to the paedophile ring BBC.
Why do wealthy Russians want to live in London more than wealthy Brits want to live in Moscow?
Are you Russophobic?
Will the skripal case bring the world on the bring of nuclear war?
Is the world on the brink of WW3?
Why would Russia risk killing some ex spy, what do they gain?
Best answer: It is odd that they would do this is such an obvious way, unless it is meant to be a message to Russians not to mess with the state, it is just before the election, though Putin has that in the bag already. Then there's the World Cup, you'd think that they'd want that to go smoothly, after the fiasco...
Are militias trying to take over North America?
Current Events can anyone seriously see England not going to the World Cup?
The Front Page of the Mail is calling for them to boycott the World Cup in Russia and a few other sections of the press are mentioning it. Can anyone seriously see this happening?
Why there are no news about ISIS and Bagdadi now a days? Have they vanished?
Was Corbyn appeasing Russia earlier?
There seems to have been some backlash from his own MP's after his response to the PM's statement in the lower House today where she condemned Russia for the attack in Salisbury where three remain in...
UK expels Russia diplomats, Russia expels UK diplomats in response. When are we going to get a grown up PM who talks to our enemies?
Best answer: When Mr. Corbyn gets elected.

This tit-for-tat nonsense is so childish. Unfortunately, I don't think the world population is intelligent enough for grown up politicians.
Wasn't it lucky that this alledged Russian gas attack happened just a few miles from Porton Down?
the UK's chemical and biological warfare research place? All those clever experts at hand to use their expertise.
What chance the EU backing the UK against Putin?
Best answer: thay are not good person.It shouldn't matter one jot if we're in the the EU, out of the EU, leaving the EU not one jot, because one day they might need our help and if their help on this is not so forth coming them one day if they should ever need our help it might not be so forth coming from us.
Was this nationwide "School walk out" by students today organized by teachers or school administrators?
Best answer: By Democrats and their supporters in the teaching profession in their latest attempt to smear President Trump and to have yet another issue to complain about and to try to increase the Democrat vote. Are people supposed to believe that traumatised students arrange the protests that happened mere hours after the...
Should British people be more receptive to survival material like the Americans are?
It is rather unfortunate, because the uniquely highly advanced material is from the British perspective.
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