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I thought the USA was about ready to have a nuclear war with N.Korea & maybe Russian, what happened?
how Trump is meeting with both leaders of N.Korea and Russia and acting like best buddies,,why?
Would Rees Mogg be a good Prime Minister?
Shoul Brexit be axed as the stupidest thing ever thought by a politician?
Best answer: I fear it may be too late. If I were Germany or France or any other, I would be glad to see the back of the UK. Much of our industry will have been looking at moving to eastern Europe where land and workers are very cheep, the workforce is hard working and willing to learn, AND (the main reason we joined Europe)...
Whose fault is it that Denmark has been forced to introduce laws such as banning the burkha?
Best answer: There re no benefits of non european immigration, only flaws
Vote Leave gets hefty fine and referred to police, time for a new referendum on Brexit?
Best answer: If the government had any decency they would explain to the electorate how they were duped by the leave campaign and that leaving the EU constitutes economic suicide. Then scrap the whole thing without another referendum.
Does anyone else think Gerry and Kate McCann are guilty?
Who else never voted Tory before but trusted Theresa May with Brexit so voted Tory like I did?
Why is the National Action group being banned in England?
I do not fully agree with this group, nor I support them. But we have Islamic clerics in England living openly and freely calling for the extermination and enslavement of all the English people. We have had these clerics sending men to fight against English soldiers abroad. Why is the government quickly censoring...
Why did it take 24 hours for a team of 10 White House spinners to come up with 'wouldn't' instead of 'would'?
Best answer: Hopeless . Right up there with the dog ate my homework.
Does Trump deserve the negative UK reaction that he is getting?
Is Dianne right about space aliens creating the human race 2000 years ago?
Why didn't the NAZI's crush Britain during WW2?
What would happen if all British military, police, security service, political, etc personnel were made aware of this?
Best answer: So what you're saying is basically the police, army and the intelligence services have to rebel against the state to stop the leftists, stop Islam from taking over, stop bad culture and stop hot chicks from dying out?
Is Iceland right to allow whaling. Perhaps it is a bit cruel but where else would people buy whale meat?
Have you ever felt the desire to be the opposite gender?
Was England always the paedo capital of the world?
Did that Tesla guy seriously libel the diver who saved those Thai kids from that cave a pedophile?
Best answer: yes it's a serious libel
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