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Why is there so many Hitler lovers on this section?
He was a murdering cowardly coward
Current Events what do you think of the heavy criticism a Glasgow Cathedral has received for reading a Quran passage during a service?
Church 'deeply distressed' by Koran offence, says primus
Just for the record I am not this DGH character. Will you please stop these accusations and let's all be friends on CE?
Best answer: This is the genuine "DGH character" I see nasty Flint/Kate taunting you as is his/her way. I am happy to confirm you have nothing to do with me. I know many wont believe that but I have done my best for you
Wouldn't you love to be one of the eight richest men, worth the same as HALF the rest of the world ?
Best answer: Not really. Several of them have already pledged to give their money away. Their success has enabled many people to live comfortable lives.

We do need to reward enterprise otherwise there will be no incentive to make any advance. In that sense we need more people creating wealth rather than less.
Why does Nathan dislike SlimCheesy?
'youre another vile filthy ccunt with disgusting and chav schoolyard level terms of abuse sad jobless waste of fvcking air and space you sad f.a.g.g.o.t. basstard ! Nathan' 'you would NEV ER speak to any real man the way you scrawl here you would get knocked into a coma in ONE punch flat on your back...
Why is Corny so hideously ugly?
Best answer: Erm, she is your mother?
Are you sad the Barnum and Baily circus is ending ? No more elephants running in circles or bears juggling or lions sitting on a chair.?
Is there a cell in HMP Foston Hall or HMP Styal with Dianne's name on it?
UK: What did you expect of Ms. T. May?
I thought she was the best choice but I did expect her to say she would evaluate the pros & cons for leaving Europe and then give the public her decision to stay or leave and reasons. The fact she has not done so leaves me disappointed. Charging into the unknown despite all the advice already given is the road...
Fred West slept with his mother until he was 16 and a pest on CE and Royalty slept with his until he was ten. Compare and contrast?
Best answer: Fred West is dead.
Fred West was a pathological liar.

I think the first is a contrast, the second a compare.
Why does flint criticize david for multiple accounts when she has them herself?
eric, Sweet Pea, blackbull and others
Will YA anonymous people be sent to concentration camps when the Eagle Rises?
Best answer: NO I'll just go and live in Malta or Australia
Why does David love little boys?
Best answer: Please stop talking about him. It brings him back, allegedly.
Unless you are David.
Trump says Merkel wrong to take Million refugees.What Hell is it to do with him!US takes almost nobody.Best to be parsimonious or poisionous?
Best answer: This is Trump to a tee, the man who says eff all useful at the time but afterwards claims he was right all along. Like when he supported the Iraq invasion until he decided 13 years afterwards that he didn't support it and thought it was a bad deal. Trump doesn't understand the complexity of the situation...
George Michael's death is now being investigated as a possible murder now?
Best answer: there's currently no murder investigation but there's no news of the tests orered following the inconclusive post mortem so the police must be investigation the suggestion that he died of a drug overdose and who might have supplied the drugs...
Should NATO invade Russia?
Best answer: Why? You like war?
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