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Before being able to vote should people have to take a basic intelligence test and a test showing a basic understanding of UK politics?
Best answer: Yes, as long as the test was impartial and the sitter carried the exact required identification documents.
1/2 of Republican voters now believed the media to be "the enemy of the people rather than an important part of democracy. Isn't it bizzare?
Best answer: It is bizarre. But not unexpected. JP Morgan discovered which papers he needed to regulate to control the message seen by the American people about a century ago. Things have only got worse since. Now the media is controlled by only half a dozen organisations. So what six people say is what you see in the...
Did 350 newspapers all just prove that they share one brain?
Westminster "crash" now officially being treated as a terrorist incident by counter-terror police. Thoughts?
Best answer: Thoughts? Glad no one has been killed, and hope that those injured are not seriously hurt and make a full recovery very quickly. Let's hope the police and security services can piece together what actually happened, and if it was a terrorist incident it can yield intelligence in the fight to prevent further...
350 newspapers in the us prove that they all share one opinion and viewpoint. The free press at its finest?
If the two religions of Christianity and Islam went to war (again), which side would you be fighting for?
Are right wingers naturally smarter than left wingers?
Best answer: Well, thanks, but I don't think it's really as simple as that. To be honest, there are really cretinous people on both the left and what is considered the "right", and there's great thinkers on both sides as well. I would say the problem with the left is that they put ideology and values...
Was anyone else surprised that there are still 350 newspapers?
What will MSNBC complain about after Trump is out of office?
Best answer: You mean we will continue to hear the moaning, wailing, and gnashing of teeth until January 20, 2025? Darn.
Is there proof Salih Khater is an Islamic Terrorist?
he has no links to ISIS or other known extremists and his mosque said there was no sign he was extremist his friends said he was depressed and isolating himself maybe he just had a moment of madness just because he was a muslim doesnt mean he was an islam extremist
Is Corbyn a classic example of why MPs should be forced to retire at 65?
Best answer: Corbyn was dangerous as a young man and never changed.
Should it be made illegal to have children with someone of the same race so we can promote diversity?
Is good partying more important than good A-Level results?
Have you ever been to Paris?
Did you know that it is mental enslavement to value continuity of civilisations more than continuity of desirable human qualities?
Loyalty to nations is infantile and outdated. See this mentality as beneath you. Evolve beyond it.
Since more people commit crimes without Burkas than with them should Burkas become compulsory in the UK?
Best answer: No dim, but I'm sure you look lovely in yours.
YA Current Events What is your opinion about SJW's [Social Justice Warriors]?
Has the UK become a police state?
Is it true what I am reading? 42 percent of Republicans would NOT mind if Tramp ran the USA forever, as long as he continues his promises?
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