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Should the British born schoolgirl who joined the Islamic State group in Syria be allowed to return to the UK?
Shamima Begum left London in 2015 to join IS. Now pregnant, she wants to return to the UK. Should she be allowed, and if so under what circumstances?
Is there really a national emergency happening?
Why are British jihadi brides the problem of Syria or any other country?
Trump is declaring a national emergency. What does that mean?
Why does the UK media want that unrepentant Paki terrorist to return to the UK to drop her demon spawn on the NHS and commit more terrorism?
Why is St Valentine's Day ignored in Muslim lands?
Feminists are welcome to answer
Southern border: If it's all of a sudden a national emergency today, why wasn't it a national emergency last week? A month ago?
Best answer: The fat orange idiot never mentioned "A national emergency"
until he found out he wasn't going to get his "beautiful" Trump Wall.
Seeing as trump wont show us his sources for this “border crisis” and national emergency, can anyone find out where this border crisis is?
Do you loathe the bumbling and casual attitude of the typical Briton? Do you wish more of them were hardcore?
Hardcore like me. How to attain hardcore mentality, like what the author has: ​ - Become intensely fixated on defensiveness (self-preservation prioritised) and, if necessary, offensiveness - Develop total resistance to undesirable conformity or peer pressure (you advocate, dote on or think whatever you want,...
If there's a national emergency then why did Trump hop on a plane to Mar-A-Lago?
Shouldn't he be protecting us from all the dangerous Mexican anchor MS-13 babies allied with ISIS coming to kill us all with their Mariachi music?
Is fiona bruce far right?
Are Liberals proud that they costed New Yorkers 25,000 jobs today?
Gunman Gary Martin leaves five dead in Illinois, will yanks grow up and create a civilized society within next decade?
Should a remainer undergo an intelligence test before voting on any future EU referendums.?
Best answer: 'intelligence' and 'remainer' would never be in the same sentence.
Should the British Government give Brexiters a £100 each for saving Britain from EU clutches?
Best answer: Better still if we dont give the EU the £39 billion...split it up and share it amongst the 17.million brexiteers which would be about £1,200 each...I think...not that brilliant at math,s
Is Britain's sole aircraft carrier near their coast intimidating the Chinese leadership or causing them to laugh at British weakness?
One rather small aircraft carrier (which it is by aircraft carrier standards) equipped with deeply flawed F-35s is hardly fit-inducing. This isn't the time of high seas sailing, opium pushing Empire, the UK's army, navy and air force are far, far smaller than China's. Since the US is in decline and...
Why didn't Trump deal with this national emergency two years ago when he had congress?
Best answer: Because it wasn't and isn't an emergency, this is him throwing his toy out of the pram
So you believe Mueller won't charge trump?
Best answer: They say he can't indict a sitting President but trump certainly can be indicted for crimes after Jan. 20, 2021 when he's no longer President.
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