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I’m tired of being single. Any advice is welcome?
So I am a French medical student and I have been single for several years. I really want to find my soulmate but I can’t fall in love anymore. Girls around me seem boring and they consider me weird. I don’t have a Facebook account, nor a Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat account and it surprises them. They listen to...
Should I leave my boyfriend because months ago he undressed me when I was asleep and sick?
Months ago I posted a question in which I described the whole situation and most of the answers justified his behaviour claiming that he did the right thing. I had high fever (39°), and he was sleeping at my house for the first time because my parents were abroad. I was alone at home and had fever. The first day...
My parents don t want to cope with me anymore?
I m 19 years old, and for as long as I can remember, I ve had all sorts of anxieties and depression from a young age. Long story short, the other week, after my mum got married to her new husband, she had a go at me for crying when I dropped my phone on my toe. I thought crying when you ve hurt yourself is a...
I'm 33 and a man and have still never had sex and I feel like I've totally missed out and am quickly losing my chance?
Even though I've never had it I'm sure it is lifes greatest pleasure than one can experience. I'm not a virgin because I'm ugly either. In fact I'm somewhat the opposite. I've just lived as such a recluse for so long due to debilitating social anxiety. I also have little confidence. I...
Would you feel bad if someone refused to date you because of your race?
How would you describe your sex appeal?
DO YOU HAVE KIDS. how many, age, and private or public school enrolled?
I'm in love with a married man. What do I do. It's not a crush?
Be honest, have you ever bullied someone?
Is it bad to have 2 boyfriends?
I can’t believe this is happening when before I was crying about being single but now it looks like I’m about to have not 1 but 2 dudes in my life. This guy that used to work at my job really likes me he lives next to me and wants to ask me out and try’s his hardest to get with me. The other day he came knocking on...
Husband won't let me take one day off from work?
I never ever take off from work. That's the problem. I am exhausted and I just need a break. No matter how much I cry and plead, my husband shows no mercy. He keeps saying we'll go to bed early and we need every dime to pay bills. We both have good jobs. I make 12 an hour and he's an Electrician and...
Are you a cop? Do you like your job? How does it make you feel knowing that most people hate you and they think you're a racist criminal?
Go ahead. Tell me you're one of the "good" cops! You're one of the teeny tiny 10 percent of police who are NOT racist, corrupt bullies! Sure, oh, sure!
True or false: Having sex with your spouse is the best chance of keeping a marriage?
AN OVERPRICED CITY. would be ok living in one?
If you were 16 and just got into a relationship how long would you wait until you first have sex?
Me and my husband are always buying expensive presents for our family when it comes to our birthdays we get trash am I over reacting?
Some people in the family who don't deserve it get expensive things we splash out when it comes to us we get stuff from poundshops why can this be and what should I do
Fellow bridesmaids and maid of honour have not helped AT ALL?
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