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Why do guys only want me for sex?
I'm 20, & i'm about done dealing with boys. I don't ever want a bf because every guy that says he have a crush on me or wants to be my bf, he just wants to hook up with me. I had this happen to me when I was 14 & I was hurt by it. I lost my virginity to that guy and it took me awhile to get over...
Does anyone look at you with tenderness in their eyes and face?
Best answer: No there is no one who does
Should I consider having a baby under these circumstances?
Im 20 yrs old soon to be 21. With a well paying job. 3 months from now I will further my career to a higher position . We have been together for 5 years and always have unprotected sex. My parents had me at a late age and feel as if they dont have alot of time left. My mom is 55 and my dad is 60. They really want...
2 BLACK MEN kissing in public. WOULD YOU BE OK?
IMAGINE 2 BLACK MEN. WHITE TENNIS SHOES, white t shirt thats very clean and have young thugs on it, dark denim jeans that not too tight, and strong cologne on. KISSING IN PUBLIC. like 6 seconds.
I really need a mom/mother figure in my life?
Long story short, I am a seventeen year old girl who needs a mother because mine doesn't live up to the title. She is an alcoholic who wishes that I would die, abuses me mentally as well as physically, and is an alcoholic. I don't know what to do. I honestly don't. Except for to be a better mother when...
Isn't rape the woman's fault?
If the woman did not dress slutty/in revealing clothes she would not have been raped. I think most would agree that women are mostly to blame for getting raped
How often do women want sex?
How do I tell my husband I have been cheating on him?
Best answer: You need to end the relationship with this person you work with immediately. You need to then go to your husband's friend in total humility and with your heart on your sleeve and tell your husband's friend that you broke it off, that what he did was a wake-up call and made you realize how reckless and...
I get turned on by the thought of having sex with strangers and not knowing someone's identity. Does anyone else feel like this?
I'm a 17 year old girl and I don't know if it's a fetish or just an interest but I also don't like it if an older guy wears a mask and does things to me
If I continue to accuse my husband of cheating will that make him do it even if he's not?
I think my husband is cheating on me, but I have no real proof. He denys it, but my heart says there is something going on. I have been asking and accusing him for months. Will he eventually cheat
Is it rude when I say this to my husband?
I am a divorced mother of 3 and I have since remarried a man who is a great father to my my kids. My ex husband (and child's father) still sees his kids occasionally but does minimal to support them financial and emotionally and the needs, finances, and raising of my kids has been put mainly on me and my...
Would you disown your child if they turned out to be gay?
Best answer: Of course not. He or she can't help it if they are gay. It's not a choice you make to be gay. You love them and accept them as they are.
Am I dating an abuser?
So his ex told me he pushed her down the stairs, smashed her head through a wall - did a lot to her. My bf has no family, they're all drug addicts and he has only very few friends. When his friends are pissing him off, as in flirt with me online he says "I lost respect for them, they lost a good...
My girlfriend dont suck d i c k.?
she wont give me oral. and that really frustrates me. im probably gonna leave her
How come white people are always so racist? Why they always oppress people and stuff?
Best answer: Whites need to be put in work camps.
Have you heard of forever marriages, I plan to spend every waking moment forever with my wife?
Best answer: Are you off your meds?

ALL marriages are "forever". NOBODY gets married with the intent of not being together forever.
Do married people still get attracted to other people or are they only attracted to their spouses?
What is your opinion on this?
I'm 6'8" tall and my penis when flaccid is between 8-9" (depending on different conditions and how I measure) and gets much longer when I get erect. Below are some flaccid pictures. I've never shown it to anyone IRL, and am curious what people/girls would think of it. Again, it's only...
My mom doesn't want me to talk to her family. My uncle texted me on messenger asking how I am. Do I have a choice to text him despite my mom?
My uncle texted me about how I was going and I have a feeling I should text him. But my mom despises her family. One time my aunt texted me and my mom saw so she told me to type "I'm good thanks and I'm doing homework so bye." But this time I feel like I have a right to choose whether or not to...
Does he not wannna see me ?
Last week I texted my friend and asked him was he doing anything Saturday and he said "no why?" And I said "I'm going to come see you for a bit since I'm off" and he replied "you don't know where I stay" he called right after sending that text but I didn't answer and...
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