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Since Trump only won because of GOP voter registration fraud, voter suppression, and Russian collusion, should he be considered a fake POTUS?
Do you think America will escape the Trump regime without a Civil War?
Best answer: Yes but if a few more Vegas shootings of contards happen I won't shed a tear

funny how your simple question made a trumptard cry so hard he moved it to Mendoza
Did you all know that I'm natural light?
True or false: As a transgender person I have the right to hate Conservatives.?
Best answer: What you banging on about? I'm conservative and I don't even know you so how can I hate you? I dislike certain aspects of the transgender movement, like extremists who think it's transphobic not to find them attractive or who think that being trans should be as easy as simply saying "I identify...
YA Current Events: Have you ever had a one night stand?
Best answer: No.
One night stands are disgusting and often result in sexually transmitted disease.
How can I get a bikini body in 3 months?
Why does Dianne think that a woman can't be independent and needs a man?
Best answer: Internalised misogyny. Typical of far-right women.
When Canada’s head of state meets the U.S. head of state at Windsor Castle on 12July 2018, what will be said about tariffs on Canadian goods?
Best answer: Not much - you cannot reason with a mad dog
What will Canada’s head of state say to Donald Trump about the tariffs on Canadian goods when they meet tomorrow at Windsor Castle?
Best answer: Nothing, because the Queen does not talk about politics with foreigners.
Why do Trumpsters still trust Dumpy to meet with Putin after he was played so easily by Kim Jung Un?
Best answer: Because Trumpsters would be nothing these days without Vladimir Putin.
Remember when maulporphy at least had the good sense to hide his right-wing hatred from the rest of us?
Best answer: Ah, that poor cupcake! It's good that he's being honest with his feelings and such. Isn't that a step forward? He can't retreat behind a 'just kidding' or a 'liberals made me do it' wall now. He has to own it, swim in it, have it branded across himself like a beacon-- this is what I...
Are Corny Catrin Zenz Hypo Celia H Roger the Doger and Chloe G all the same person.?
Best answer: Many of the leftists are indistinguishable from each other personality-wise, with their crass quips, extreme lack of originality, arrogance, immaturity, maliciousness and other vile qualities. My presence here renders theirs pointless, as I have at least one cogent refutation to every single one of their pathetic...
Does Zenz look cute with his black boyfriend?
Best answer: His black boyfriend is probably hung like a bull and he likes getting those cheeks busted

I didn't ask this question you stupid wench, seen as you lack the savvy to get ip addresses ask yahoo they'll tell you it's not me
Why would anyone trust someone affliated with Gates Rubber Company?
I went to my local O'Reillys auto parts store to ask about a sound my car was making. The person at the front told me to ask the guy that was there from Gates Rubber Company. I believe the guy's name was Dunnie Dunovant. I told him that my car had been making a creaking sound when turning the key to...
辛集不记名手机卡哪里能买到 伽薇芯【KA52022】?
辛集不记名手机卡哪里能买到 伽薇芯【KA52022】?徐凯表示,他们希望通过餐饮配套服务、文化创意产品开发等...
北京赛车图片大全 微信【接待微信号amyz017】?
2year old dog not eating and having trouble walking mainly back legs very lethargic?
瑞金代孕的孩子【电/微139-2401-6966】-代孕电话/微信:139-24... 代孕服务欢迎咨询我们,... ,我们安生代孕公司是开展体外受精—胚胎移植怀孕公司,有丰富的试管怀孕人工授精技术...   “啊——”艾可抓狂地再次开口,“我没……错……那是不可能的。”  “我知道,...
Dog sitting how much to ask for sevrices?
I am meeting with a family with 3 dogs to start sitting. It will be all different days and in 2 weeks will be a week stright i was wondering what i should charge for 3 dogs?
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