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Why do some death penalty opponents claim that killing murderers makes us murderers as well but don't apply that logic to kidnapping?
Wouldn't jailing and sending kidnappers to a prison to serve out a sentence make us kidnappers as well by that logic?
Are there werewolves in Hawaii?
Has anyone seen the new Solo Star Wars movie?
Today, I'm watching the New Solo Star Wars movie on Netflix. I got to see who Han Solo was before he met Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you find it on Netflix, on DVD or purchase it on Itunes and Google Play.
Are you a film fanatic or do you just stick to what you know?
Do you ever watch a film you're not into just to get the experience because everyone's talking about it?
Does it make me a bad person to not care about anything the Nazi party have done to people during the holocaust?
What difference between inventory clerk and supply clerk?
Do active warrants show up on an uber background check. Yes or no?
Did you ever like Adolf Hitler?
Best answer: No, he was a dispicable person who caused world war II and caused the deaths of about 30 million people!
Why do libtards not want to build a wall, they work in North Korea?
Anyone caught trying to climb the wall get shot
What does "In Transit to Next Facility." Mean? For USPS does it mean the package is being delivered to a near by Facility near me?
Why does the United States keep getting embarrassed in space by poorer Communist countries?
Best answer: The mentality of those countries is that you sacrifice a lot for the state. The West does not think like that. Whats wrong with China having its day in the sun, so to speak? The U.S. and Russia had theirs.
How do some people function better than others at a busy, gossipy, watchful , unpredictable bureaucratic and hierarchical office environment?
Are you a top or bottom?
Best answer: Many ways, we are both contortionists.
What would be a good reason to populate a castle with this creature?
Is it me or do more Chink bots appear if you report them?
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