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Is Prince Charles getting senile?
Best answer: He’s been senile since he downgraded from princess Di to horse face Camilla.
Will things change in America too when monarchy changes hands to King Charles this winter ?
Why is the odious trouble maker from Scunthorpe flooding Royalty with stupid questions?
Will having a child give the Markle woman more leverage in the inevitable divorce?
What's your review on Daredevil season 3?
Best answer: I agree with Zeke, Season 2 was better but season 3 was still awesome. I love how Matthew had to rediscover himself and his convictions. And Wilson Fisk earned the title of kingpin this season. But its Foggy Nelson I respect the most because despite how badly they treated him, he was always there for his friends....
Which band do you prefer, Metallica or Judas Priest?
Which company did better in Canada Wal-Mart or Target?
Why has Prince Harry set a bad example to British males?
Best answer: Marrying an unsuitable person.
Are there plans to have the christening of the forthcoming Royal baby on the banks of the river Kamby Bolongo as a tribute to Meghan's roots?
Best answer: Methodist church down the road from me can do it cheap, maybe they can get a discount because they are posh . there's a pub just over the road for the party afterwards. and its got a bowling alley.
Is the intense hate environment due to Obama’s decisive policies?
Why does New Jersey all industrial factories?
Best answer: I am almost certain there is a verb that has slipped through the mesh.
Is funereal clothing kept at the ready, along with black crêpe de chine for draping the palaces & cortège, when Prince Philip & his wife die?
Best answer: The official period of mourning will be 10 days, as it was for the Queen Mother in 2002. But no "shops, businesses, schools, uni, etc" will close during that period; it just means that flags will be flown at half mast, books of condolence will be open, and national news and entertainment media will be...
My radio cuts out at high volumes?
Best answer: Any stock low powered radio / stereo will "cut out" at high volume settings due distortion that overheats the voice coils in the speakers. You will eventually destroy your speakers by turning up the volume that loud. The only way to get clean, loud sound is to use a power amplifier and install speakers...
Where has Manx gone, I look forward to his brilliant answers and he is much missed on the royalty section.?
Best answer: Rehab, one too many bottles of turnip wine. Someone has nicked his bong, and he swallowed his crack pipe. Total mental breakdown.
Kicked out of a bar for no reason, what can i do?
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