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I think I was conned by a homeowner :(?
Hello everyone. A few years back (2016) I purchased a house in a gated community in Pennsylvania. At purchase, no one told me anything was wrong. We had an inspector come check the property, there were no warnings of anything forth coming. Recently, the water heater in my house broke. The entire first floor was...
How am I suppose to wash my rain gear if it says not to?
I just bought some rain gear for a job I'm starting in a few days. They require us to wash our rain gear every day. Well, there is a tag on my rain gear that says "do not wash, hand wash, do not drive clean or use bleach. How the heck am I suppose to wash it? The reason they want us to wash it every day is...
What does a room without a roof feel like?
Best answer: It's bad. Leave the lid off the milk and it goes sour. Leave the ragtop off a convertible and you'll get soaked. Leave the **** off a girl and you have something not attractive either. Point is, things need tops. Pherrel didn't think that one through at all.
I get very dry hands if I wash them, so I don't wash them after the toilet is this bad. plus I go to the toilet about 15 times a day to wee?
Is it normal to own and use furniture from the 90s/ early 2000s?
So many of my friends lately have been getting newer couches and furniture and I was wondering if any of you guys still use older couches and furniture?
How exactly does a fire alarm system activate for a school or dormitory?
Best answer: As others have said, various smoke sensors in sleeping areas, living areas and common areas, report to a control panel, which activates some or all of the alarms and strobes when smoke is detected. That automatic system is supplemented with "manual" pull stations, often near each exit on each floor,...
Too heavy for bed what to do?
I'm rather overweight, I bought a divan off ebay for a couple of hundred pounds. It lasted me a while, but then it dipped. I then bought a divan from a local bed store. This dipped as well, in less time. They came out and replaced it, and now the same thing has happened too. I'm not sure what to do as I...
Is there a Brexit or not?
If you had no job and needed Money would you work at a nursery planting these palm trees in the ground for 11.25 an hour?
You get a shovel and plant then about 4 feet apart
My breaker is over 50 years old and it keeps tripping when I use the microwave and oven(electric) would buying a new breaker help?
if i am unable to split the two by adding another breaker?
My lawn mower is emitting a foul smell, however there is no gas in it. What s causing it?
What would cause three different lights in my home to burn out simultaneously?
How often should i use my dry towels before i put it in the hamper. how many days up to 2 or 3?
Does Canola oil and dish washing soap, make for a good paint hardener?
Best answer: dish washer soap is a dispersant oil will float on it it will not mix don't experiment unless you work at NASSA OR YOU MAY REACH THE MOON UNWILLINGLY
How can I keep animals from digging through my compost pile naturally?
Without adding deterrent chemicals to it that might harm the surrounding tree roots or render the compost useless. No matter how much dirt or sand I cover it up with, animals always find a way to get to it and end up scattering it all over the place, some of it even ends up on the neighbors property and the...
What can I do in spring to help the bees in my garden?
We just moved into our first family home and the garden is in poor condition. I want to put some pots out (lots) with flowers and things that are good for helping the wild bees. What type of things give maximum impact for bees that are long lasting and will survive more than one summer? I am terrified of bees.
What is it called when you have a staircase in tha living room an a staircase in tha kitchen that both connect to tha upperfloor/ bedrooms?
Do dips in floors always mean foundational issues?
My husband and I are searching for a home. We found the perfect one; however, there are two dips in the floor. One was right inside the front door and the other was on the second floor right before the doorway leading to the balcony. He is sure it means foundation issues, and he doesn't want to spend money on...
What is the difference between a 'couch' and a 'sofa'?
If I use space heater outlet on natural gas hot water tank for hydronic baseboard in my basement, will it work good?
I have Bradford White 75 gallon natural gas hot water tank in my basement. Tank very powerful and heat water very good even on medium temperature. But my basement is finished and don't have heating system. If I put closed hydronic baseboard in my basement, and run the water from space heater outlet and return...
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