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Can the wax seal on a toilet be repaired, or do I need to buy a new toilet?
A flower that smells sweet?
Is releasing a queen ant in my house a good idea?
Since i like arthropods and reptiles and am lazy, i though tit could be a good idea to use ants to clean my house, like crumbs or other dead insects or scare away other insects from my house. Is it a good idea and will it work as intended?
Will a water filter make my water safe to drink?
I live in a very old apartment, and the landlord let me know the pipes are also very old (but he won’t be replacing them). The problem is the water will come out a light brownish/red color and will leave some stains in places like the tub and sinks. It’s more prominent in my kitchen than bathroom and I tried to...
What should I do before I contact an interior designer?
Why is it not good to change reinforce concrete with aluminum rods?
Does lowes or home depot cut wood for you?
I want to make something for my son for his birthday myself like toddler stove and refrig type stuff and if i have measurement for wood. will they cut each piece of wood that length for me?
Away from the World Cup it's Celtic against Alashkert(aye I havnae heard of them either and I know my footy), will Celtic be ready?
What I mean to ask is will Celtic be ready, fit and focused so early in the season. These kinds of matches are always tricky as the opposing team take these kind of matches as if they were the cup final. But how fit and focused will the Celtic lads be this early in the season, that is the vital question that needs...
Help toilet clogged and I just took big dump in it what do I do. Do I just plunge it with the poop in the bowl?
How do I sand down a dresser and repaint it?
How does one smuggle a bear into a castle?
Someone told me that I should not use a cordless drill to drill through a steel mower deck, why this would be?
Best answer: Just yesterday, I used a 14.4v Dewalt cordless to drill a couple of 3/8" holes in my mower deck. I did drill 2 smaller holes and worked up to the 3/8". The advice you quote in "Update #2" isn't about whether a cordless can do the's about avoiding the cost of buying one if you...
What part of housekeeping is the most important?
Why do people call exterminating companies to come spray their entire yard for mosquitos?
it seems like such a stupid thing to spend money on...I mean, why not just spray your arms and legs with some mosquito repellant before going outside in the yard for extended periods of time? (if need to. I only do it if outside in yard for a long time and mosquitos are out really bad)
How important is “perfect” insulation in your exterior walls?
I’m replacing the siding on my old home and have found some voids in the insulation. The house currently has shiplap siding sitting over the original tongue and groove redwood. The redwood is proving to be very difficult and time consuming to remove and I would prefer to leave it, saving me sheathing costs and...
Is vacuuming your air conditioning filter as good as replacing it?
Thanking in advance for any insight.
Purging Unwanted Items?
What are my best options to successfully remove clutter from a house shared with someone who has been hording excessively for decades?
Is it possible to convert a 110v outlet receptable to a 200v?
Realized my 110v receptacle is not strong enough for my AC and it keeps blowing its fuse. Is there a converter that can change a110v to a 220v? Or do I have to call an electrician? Thanks. :-)
Grass killer spray that kills grass but not flowers?
Best answer: There's no herbicide that will kill only grass and not broad-leaved plants. Grasses are tougher than broad-leaved plants, and have a somewhat different metabolism, due to being more primitive. There are herbicides that will kill only broad-leaved plants, and not harm grasses, but there are none that work the...
Urine stains on matress?
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