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Rotting tree limb stub?
Best answer: Concrete won't fact it will make things worse, Water will eventually seep around the concrete and make the rot worse. Just cut the rot out of the tree. Since the existing stub is "near flush", you may need to cut a little bit into the trunk. Maybe even a giant "C" shaped cut. ...
I just hooked up my new gas stove and smelled gas when I checked if everything worked. Is that Normal?
I just hooked my gas stove up in my house. I checked for leaks with the soap and water trick and everything was good. When I lit the stove for the first time I smelled gas. Is that normal. I’m cooking on it now and don’t smell anything. Thank you.
Is it safe to bleach the inside of your panties?
Best answer: Buy some new underwear
Why arent the highways lined with apple trees instead of pine trees? I feel like a food type plant would be more useful.?
How does dust grow under people's beds?
How can i isolate the water in the kitchen when i remove kitchen sink to replace with new sink because im not gonna get all done day?
How can i stop an unknown thief from stealing my sidewalk plants ?
Best answer: tie a string onto one & connect it to something noisy that will attract attention when it is pulled onto the sidewalk.
Which is better ... leave heat on, temp set with thermostat ... or turn off and turn on in the morining to heat up house?
Heater takes too long to warm up?
Best answer: If the heater hoses going to the core are the same temp as the top radiator hose, or pretty close, the issue is with the blend door or its actuator. The mode door directs where the air flow comes out, and there's the fresh air/recirculate air door, then the blend door, which regulates the temperature of the air...
Kind of a dumb question but are neutral wires the same as ground wires? if not what are neutral wires and what are ground wires?
Do you leave space heaters on all night?
I hear that's bad to leave them unattended. Do YOU do that or not?
How to unclog a toilet?
Someone flushed a pad down the toilet and we tried to use a plunger but it’s not working
Gas man came to read meter with a drill?
So someone regularly comes to read the gas meter which was usual. But today 2 people came and they did something with the meter. They drilled it open and did something to it. Is this normal or should I be worried?
I want to put up a vinyl fence BUT WHY do I see so many coming apart?
Does home depot or lowes install carports?
I think they sell the material to make them but do they actually install them too?
Can you unshrink a 100 percent polyester dress I made a mistake by putting it in the washing machine?
My parents won't turn the heater off what do I do?
Since it's getting colder where I live my mother and stepfather CONSTANTLY have the heater on and it's too hot upstairs like I start sweating. At dinner I asked ONCE a couple weeks ago and they get really mad I told them this week once that it's too hot upstairs and I wake up sweating and really dizzy...
What are the basics of gardening?
When you cut off a branch from a tree, does it grow back?
Best answer: Not from where it was cut off, if that's what you mean. You may get offshoots from near the stump, though.
Aren't kitchen countertops with built-in sinks a bad idea since you cant replace a defective sink without replacing the entire countertop?
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