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Did it really bother white people to know white people were servant to the Obama family for 8 years?
Their racist ancestors were probably turning over on their graves.
Do you prefer to burn regular logs or duraflame logs and why?
If a electrical line falls and is not sparking is it dead?
Why does water appear on the floor between the toilet and tub after flushing the toilet?
Why do people say homophobes are closet homosexuals?
Best answer: Cause it's not a comeback... it's the truth lol. If all you talk about is how much you hate gays 24/7, you're either trying to take the attention off yourself or you're trying to project your self hate onto others. I was the same exact way for years in school before I became more open recently, so I...
Any good suggestions for cleaning sticky vinyl flooring?
I live in an apartment with "wood-looking" vinyl flooring and my shoes are making a sticking noise as I walk around. It looks clean, but when I wipe it with a paper towel to clean up a spot, the towel is just black. How do I clean this awful stuff without a huge investment? I have pets so I want to...
What causes hard water?
I am currently heating my home with heating oil and it has become too expensive. Over 200 a month with the thermostat at 62. Alternatives?
Best answer: no--space heaters are electric and will cost can do things like get thermal curtains and put plastic over the windows
Can a transgender operation ever be reversed?
Is this house structurally sound?
We just bought this small house out in the country. It's a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house, with living/kitchen area, and in the front there is a converted screened porch that is now a second living area. I've noticed that in the converted porch area the floor is slightly slanted. We put a pool table in there...
Can they stop us from putting up a fence?
Best answer: Most counties have a 6 foot fence law. Anyone can build any kind of fence up to 6 feet without a permit. When one goes over 6 feet, then there are permitting issues. We always build our fences 1 inch inside our property line. This makes the fence entirely ours. IF you want to build a fence right on the property...
Should old paint be removed?
I have a good many sections on my house that have paint peeling off. I haven't painted in a while. Should I try to get as much of the peeling paint off and then paint it? What should I do for the best result in painting areas that the old paint is peeling off?
How do I turn on this heater?
Hi there I moved into my room at uni a few days ago and it's freezing. I have no idea how to get this type of heater to turn on. Any ideas?
If you leave a dead cockroach lying around that you killed as a lesson to other cockroaches will it scare all the other cockroaches away ?
I'm trying to find new alternative ways to keep them away and was wondering if this is a good option ?
How many hours does it take to only the carpentry work of a 7 feet by 8 feet bathroom? .?
I m excluding the hours of the electric, plumbing and tile installing.
Electricity bill question?
Hi all! So one of my roommates is kind of angry that our electricity bill is kind of high this month (its February in VA) and is insisting that if you are living in the space and have a space heater, leaving a salt lamp on, or have an electric blanket you should be paying more. I have a salt lamp and leave it on...
Can you grow a tomato in a container and then transfer it outside?
I cannot find any answers to this question. Can you start out tomato seeds in a container and then plant them outside in the natural dirt?
Mild electric shock from touching dishwasher and tap water simultaneously is it dangerous?
If I accidentally touch the running tap water with my right hand simultaneously as I touch the dishwasher with my left hand I get a small electric shock. It does not hurt, but it is unpleasant and i can only feel it locally in the finger that I touch the dishwasher with. It feels a bit weaker than the shock I got...
Why does my new hose leak from both ends?
Just bought a new hose from home Depot and a sprayer. I screwed it into the faucet and turned it on and it s leaking from the faucet side, and the sprayer. Any idea what s going on here?
Should I wash out the months old unwashed (beer contained) glasses or throw it out?
I left a couple glasses in a drawer after I drank beer out of them a couple months ago, maybe even a year ago, and have left them sitting there with drops of beer in it. I looked at the color of it and the beer drops turned to a brownish color and less liquidy; looks like mildew. I don t know if I should wash them...
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