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Liquid detergent or powder detergent which is good?
How do key cutters know you are the actual owner of the house and/or car you are getting the key cut from?
Should I use my old microwave again?
Best answer: An old microwave that is sparking could be emitting excess radiation. Either have it professionally checked, or purchase a new one.
What is the cheapest and easiest way to cover a tiled kitchen counter? When I say cheap and easy I mean cheap and easy. Thanks in advance?
Are flexi hoses recommended for toilets?
Best answer: Yes, they are common. If yours burst after 6 years it was either a faulty hose or you have excessive water pressure in your home, or perhaps you had it installed with a sharp kink. The hoses can bend, but should never be used to make sharp turns. Find one the correct length so that it attaches from the valve to...
Do you do the dishes right after eating? How long do you let the dirty dishes sit without washing them?
How can I adjust my metal door?
The front door too my house seems to be binding in the upper corner above the door handle. I can't just shave the door where it rubs as the door is a metal skin door. The hinges are not sunk in to the door as they would be in a wood door and need to be. Do I get a metal grinder and grind off where its hitting...
Poured lavender scented floor cleaner on it dead? EMERGENCY!?
There was a spider in my kitchen so I tried to kill it with the before mentioned method. It tired to hid under trash bag so I tried to squish it with a broom. Pretty sure I did not get it. Will the heavenly scented floor cleaner kill it?
In what direction should I unscrew the nut of an old steam radiator trom the pipe?
What are effective lures for a mouse trap, my flatmate is extremly allergic to nuts so standard nutella or peanut butter is not an option.?
Best answer: Chocolate is good,and believe it or not the fat residue from a frying pan
How to MIG weld?
Do homeowners associations usually allow one house to always have 5 cars parked in the street blocking someone else’s driveway?
Should I be concern the way my house is being built at this time? This house builder been in business for 60 years.?
Concrete slab poured two weeks ago. Right now I have issues already with cracks and such. The builder contractor told me that this slab is better than most he poured. I thought to myself that it could have been better, but I did mention my concerns about it. Framing started a week ago. Notice that the bottom of...
Can any kind of smoke/heat detector be set off buy covering it ?
I recently moved to a new building and asked the landlord if i could vape in the room. He told me it could set off the smoke alarm. I'm thinking about covering the smoke detectors with plastic bags and some tape, but I just wanna make sure it won't be set off by covering it. Thanks!
I have a new washing machine, but forgot to run it with no clothes in for the first time?
Best answer: Not really, it is just in case there is anything left in the system when they test them in the factory. The manufacturer pumps dye through the system to visually check for leaks as part of the Q.C. process before they are packaged for delivery.
What mushroom is this growing in my garden?
Suddenly doubled overnight, spreading across the whole garden! Light brown/ grey colour on top and dark brown underside
In a House Fire, Would Turning Sinks on Help?
Say my house catches on fire, if I wake up from smoke detectors and turn all my four sinks on which are located throughout the house, would that help extinguish the flames? Furthermore, should I stay in and attempt to use the hose on my kitchen sink to manually extingush some of the fire?
Is it a good idea to wash all of my clothes in cold water all of the time?
Best answer: I use warm. Especially if you have a top loader, there isn't much water in there and even on warm its close to cold. It has never damaged my clothes and they come out clean.
Is their a tool where you squeez the handles and the jaws on top open outward and pry open stuff?
Is length of the thermo coupler in a water heater important?
I need to replace the 8 1/2 inch thermo coupler on the water heater in my camp trailer but the shortest one I can find in town is 18" long; will it work; - - - safely and - efficiently?
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