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Am I overweight?
I'm 5'4, 12 years old and I weigh 132lbs
How much water should I be drinking a day?
I’m not much of a water drinking. If I try, I can finish my 1 litre (34oz) bottle but it’s a struggle. If it matter I’m a 5ft 7, 176 pounds (80kg) woman in my 20’s and I’m trying to get down to 150 pounds (68kg).
Will eating pasta every day prevent me from getting 6-pack-abs?
What’s the best breakfast in the morning?
Is it possible to lose 100 pounds in 10 months. (My cousin Dylan did it. I wish I could. I just don't have his willpower)?
My Cousin Dylan 70 inches tall weighed approximately 300 pounds in September 2017. Now he weighs 200 pounds.
I think I am fat?
Best answer: See a dietician and they will weigh you and go from there. You have your entire future to begin living a HEALTHY LIFE. Good Luck...
What's the healthiest food for weight loss?
I want to get healthy food shopping what meals are the healthiest
Is 105 pounds skinny for a 25 year old male?
I am 5'9" and my doctor says I need to gain weight, but I think I am at a pretty healthy weight. Am I too skinny?
Is a diet of mostly honey ok?
Why am I so fat when I don't eat that much and not as unhealthy as most?
I never eat fast food and always cook for myself. I'm a 34 year old male if that makes any difference. I eat medium proportions 2-3 times a day yet I am still at 6'2" 266 lbs.
How much weight should I loose? I’m only 15.?
So around last year in August I was 200 lb. I’m currently 160lb how much more weight should I loose? I’m also 5’6 btw. And after all my weight loss will I have to get surgery for my excess skin? Something I’ve noticed is that it’s really hard for me to loose belt fat. I’ve pretty much lost most of the weight from...
I'm an obese Housewife from Mississippi. Why did Trump kick me off of welfare?
13 y/o girl just ate an ENTIRE box of ice cream and a whole 8 inch pizza?
I’m a thirteen year old girl, I’m really skinny and I usually don’t eat very much but all of the sudden I got really hungry and ate an entire thing of ice cream and a whole 8 inch pizza? Will I get fat or no?
Fish smell after sex? Is it because of his diet and smoking weed?
Am I too skinny??
Am I too thin? Everyone tells me I'm too thin and it's really starting to make me worry. I weigh about 107-110 pounds and I am 5'5 to 5'6 feet tall. I work out every day but I also eat over 2500 calories per day. My body shape is 33,24-25,32 Am I too skinny???
Why do some people put on too much weight and others don’t?
Is it OK for my 84 year old dad to eat marijuana snacks to increase his appetite if he's wasting away from not eating?
I weigh 263 pounds and im 5'8. Am i really obese?
Eating healthy makes me feel happy is this normal?
Why female bodybuilders/physique competitors/athletes abuse anabolic steroids?
Best answer: For sexy bodies
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