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Can I smoke and still be healthy?
I smoke between 7 and 9 cigarettes a day (quitting isn't an option right now). I'm trying to eat more protein and more vegetables, does smoking inhibit nutrition? I'm a very active person and I'm underweight.
How to lose weight fast?
I heard bananas are not good for you, it was on the local news or a youtube channel or something is this true?
Do soups count as processed foods?
Best answer: Read the label on a can of soup: It reads like a chemistry set.
Many grocery store carry soups which are fresh and not preserved.
I buy soups at the farmer;' market on occasion. They are delicious, only drawback is they are only good for a few days,
I love to eat rubbish food. how to stop?
Drink water during eating or no?
Best answer: Yes, helps digestion.
How can I convince my Mum to let me take weight loss pills?
Best answer: walk an hour a day a few times a week and in a few weeks your slacks will be falling off your waist. I know, I tried it. Maybe take up tennis or swimming or bicycling or jogging, those work too. Nothing works fast though. Once you're down to the weight you want then you'll have to continue to exercise...
What is the most effective way to lose weight?
To my big surprise, I weighed 240 lbs today. In my 20s, I weighed 163. I am a male. Should I go on low carbs diet? Is it normal to feel weak when I go on low carbs diet? Please serious replies only. Please be brief, I don’t want to read very long replies. One paragraph is good. Hope that’s ok.
What do you do to stay healthy?
Best answer: Avoid junk food, avoid negative people,
Eat healthy , excerise, get a good nights sleep . Follow my doctors advice
Is this a very unhealthy diet?
Best answer: Very unhealthy.
You ate bread and rice and drank coffee.
No protein.
No fruit and vegetables.
No vitamins and minerals.
No essential nutrients.
Is there a reason your diet is so poor or is this just poor decision making?
How to get a six pack in a shorter amount of time (3-6months)?
How to start eating healthy?
okay so my question may seem dumb, but I’ve tried to stick to healthy eating but I usually stop after awhile. I’m 17, I’m 5’6 1/2 and I weigh about 138 lbs (yes im a little over weight I know). I do go to the gym sometimes (just being honest) but most of my exercise comes from cheerleading. I do think that I do a...
Took laxatives but still can’t go?
So today I took laxatives in the morning & then some more in the evening. I can feel movement in my stomach but I don’t have the urge to use the bathroom. Should I wait or take some more?
Could sleeping on my back with dumbbell on my stomach help me lose weight in my sleep?
What's a good way to loose weight fast?
Is there any way to make eating less painful?
Best answer: Yes. Eating will be a lot less painful when you are ACTUALLY recovering. You are grossly mistaken if you think two slices of toast and a cereal bar is anywhere close to recovery. Anorexia recovery involves THERAPY. It also involves eating three meals a day made up of foods from ALL food groups. You are not...
How do i start getting fit?
Im a 20 year old male. I weigh around 220lbs. My goal is to be at 170lbs but i dont know where to start. My diet is horrible, i eat nothing but fastfood, soda, & beer. I want to know what foods or diets i should look up & follow. One that actually works you know. Heard about the keto diet i might try that...
Can I eat an unlimited amount of fruit and not get obesity?
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