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How to lose weight?
I’m a female, I’m 16 & 5 foot 4. I weight 114 lbs and I think I am fat but ppl keep telling me that I’m not. Am I fat, I skinny or average?
What do you like for breakfast?
If you don't like breakfast, you can go to hell.
Is it okay if I only eat cucumber, ice cubes and drink water and lemon juice every day?
Wish I was never burn, anyone else feel the same way?
Trump is now officially obese, even according to his seedy "doctor"? All that stress working hard for America made him fatter?
My fiancée wants me to look like a supermodel?
I felt good with my body (I'm 35-25-37, height 5ft 9in) but my fiancée wants me to look like a supermodel. He insists on me to go to the gym 4 times in a week, checks my progress in muscle making (I hear often that my *** is too flat and my thights little too fat), advices on my diet (meat, rice and...
Is this a healthy eating?
BREAKFAST 2 egg, ham, and cheese omelettes Coffee with heavy cream LUNCH Bunless (lettuce wrapped) burger with bacon, avocado, cheese, and mayonnaise Steamed broccoli DINNER Salmon and tuna sashimi Riced cauliflower
Why do people eat eggs for breakfast?
Why do fat people not realise if you stay fat you get diabetes eventually?
Best answer: Lack of proper, and understandable, information. While I do NOT have diabetes, I have other health concerns, yet I have to "drag" information, from my doctor.
If you're a girl and you're big (like thick or fat), then I'm here to let you know I love you?
Do I have an eating disorder/body dysmorphia?
I’ve asked some questions on Yahoo before and have been told I need to stop asking about weight or else I’ll get an eating disorder. I know Yahoo Answers isn’t filled with doctors but... I’m 16, female, 5’9.5 (69 1/2 inches) and I weigh 130 lbs. my measurements are 33 bust-26 inch waist-36/37 inch hips I really...
Why can't you live on fast food?
Best answer: You can if you watch what you eat. There are many people which eat out quite often, and mostly fast food. Just because it is considered fast food does not mean that is cannot be healthy. You just have to be smart about what you eat and where you eat. If you watch your calories you can even lose weight. Places...
Is it possible to eat healthy on 80$ a month?
Why are Americans fat, if it's "because they're rich" then why are poor americans usually more fat?
Is it possible to lose 30lbs in a month?
Why is eating meat bad for us?
Best answer: I doubt any random strangers here on the internet are going to have the expertise to be equipped to answer this question, and my guess is that you'll instead get a bunch of opinions rather than medical fact
How to recover from an eating disorder?
i don’t think my issues actually fit into a “specific” ed. whenever i eat anything i need to exercise it off. i eat like 1500 calories a day but i do like 3 hours of exercise daily. im always dizzy/light headed/irritable and apparently im very pale. i have also had multiple breakdowns over how much i have eaten/...
Am I giving my girlfriend good advice to drink 8-10 tablespoons of coconut oil a day?
Best answer: YES....a very healthy oil, and even the quacks admit, it helps those with dementia....Mom used it on her face.....
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