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At what age did you learn how to cook?
What's the first beer you drank (mine was Miller High Life, it was gross)?
What kind of british food is this?
How can you get french toast to taste as good as the waffle house and ihop?
Where can I buy unsweeten coconut?
Do you think humans are naturally vegetarian?
I mean with our current body parts there is no way you can kill a cow or horse..
Good breakfast food to bring to class?
I have to bring in a breakfast food/snacks for my class at University. Something for like 20 people. Any ideas besides donuts?
Is it safe to drink out of the bathroom sink?
i'm extremely thirsty but the water isn't working in my fridge, can i drink out of my bathroom sink or will i get sick?
How much veges do u have with your dinner?
Do you think Trump served and paid for 1000 hamberders as he tweeted? Earlier in the day it was 300. Is Trump senile? Are the White House?
Best answer: I bet the food was cold, which makes sucky fast food even suckier.
So I don’t know?
You see I ate a chicken RAW and I can’t stop puking am I dying because I also can’t stop seeing dots
Why are eggs shells brown in the UK, but white in the USA?
How come standard chicken egg shells in the UK are sort of a brown/yellow(ish) colour with black spots and egg shells in the USA bright, clear white?
Can you make a good chicken stock with just chicken bone?
During the winter, I roast a chicken about once a week or every week and a half. I will usually eat tow meals off the chicken, and then use the meat for sandwiches or chicken salad. About a fourth of each chicken gets turned into chicken soup, made with canned chicken broth. When I roast a chicken, I boil the...
Are blackberries boneless? I know this sounds stupid, but I saw a strange white thing inside of a blackberry.?
If you bought bananas on Monday and today is Tuesday, and you are some yesterday will the rest be okay to eat on Wednesday?
Trump has done nothing but good for this country. Wht did a liberal coward on this sight tell me I am lucky to be alive for supporting him?
Would you rather have a stout beer or a very hoppy ale?
Best answer: Guinness and Old Speckled Hen,are equally good to drink.
Why do Americans hate soy?
Soy is soy. Why is there so much propaganda?
Do you like the smell of pipe tobacco?
And know anyone who smokes a pipe?
Spiritually speaking, why isn't fruitcake a year-round food?
I could eat it every day. It's just that good!
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