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Why do people still cook?
Seems so antiquated to me. Why would you ever buy food and cook it yourself, when you can order it and have it delivered to your door already prepared? I haven’t cooked a thing in years. Drive thus have been a thing for decades yet I can’t see why cooking wouldn’t become obsolete. So to all the cookers out...
Do you cook or bake a pizza?
Have you ever tried Vegemite on toast?
Best answer: I've been eating the stuff since I was kid and still like it. If I'm not eating it on a cheese and lettuce sandwich, I'm having it on warm buttered toast. Sometimes I go without the butter and have it on toast with either;
- Fried or Poached eggs
- Smashed avocado
- Tomatoe slices
Do American kids like curried egg sandwiches. They are a favourite for kids lunch boxes in Australia.?
Best answer: As an American kid, I have never in my life heard of curried egg sandwich. I would also be careful, most American kids are easygoing in their food choices, but some can be extremely picky with new foods, especially sauces.
Have you ever eaten crabs? What do they taste like?
Why do vegans think meat is murder?
Best answer: Because I know for a fact that the animals you eat do not sacrifice their lives themselves nor do they tear a piece of their flesh for you to eat. By mass producing livestock just for humans to consume is considered a definite murder whether you agree or not. Over 750millions pounds of grains are used as feed for...
When was the last time you ate candy?
What can I make for dinner tomorrow?
What are some food items that are very cheap, and last? Doesn't matter if unhealthy.?
The best example I have so far are boxes of pancake mix where all you do is add water and they cost less than $3. Also box of mashed potato mix. Or canned beans.
Why eat meat and dairy if you don't need them to be healthy?
I've been vegan 15 years. I'm active. I work out at the gym 4 days/week, mountain bike, hike, and I have a labour intensive job (carpenter). I feel great! So why do you need meat and dairy?
Why do so many people believe soul food is part of "black culture" (please) when it's a hodgepodge of Native American and European food?
How can I make kraft Mac and cheese taste better?
If God didn't want us to eat meat then why did he create animals?
Would you eat kangaroo?
Why do people ruin a perfectly good whiskey on the rocks by mixing it with a soft drink?
Help going to a pot luck on Saturday and have never been to one ever ?
Best answer: You do not have to cook or personally make something. Getting something from the grocery, target, cubs, Boston market or anywhere else will work, too. Just make sure to get a large enough dish.
Where can I buy zero calorie pizza?
I’m on a diet
Meat Loaf or Corn Beef with Cabbage?
Best answer: Meat Loaf with mash potatoes and gravy wins out all the time.
Beef: Favorite cut of meat?
Best answer: Prime Rib, hands down. I love when I can go to Longhorn's or O'Charley's and order some Prime Rib with Au Jus for dipping, oh my goodness.
What do beets taste like?
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