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What do you think to open an aisan restaurant in LA? all restaurants are crowded ,i assume that they make good money.?
What resturaunts are open 24 hours?
Denny's Diner is the only one i can think of.
What should I do if a restaurant worker or manager takes my order THEN informs me that they're doing to-go only AFTER THEY TOOK MY ORDER?
At a local pizza place, I placed my order for pizza and ordered a drink (planning on eating there that night) then sat down. A while after I ordered (probably enough time for them to have got my pizza beyond started), the guy working there brought over my drink then says "you know we're doing to-go only,...
What's your favorite restaurant?
Taking over tables as a server?
Best answer: they know u will pick up their slack. next time just refuse. they are layabouts
What can i do if a restaurant TV SIGN is too bright? like the ones mcdonalds have outside to show deals.?
Theres a restaurant that at night or when they are closed have their sign turn on but is too that cant even see the traffic lights that well.
Do Shipping container make good cafe?
Why does Chinese restaurants taste so bad?
Best answer: At home one is able to control ingredients whereas at restaurants + especially buffets
it's about quantity / profit. To quote a friend from mine in college from outside the US,
during a visit to the university cafeteria for lunch one day: " It tastes industrialized ! "
Would uber eats leave my food on the porch if I asked?
I have OCD and really don't like getting the door as I go through a lot of anxiety in interacting with people, is it alright to ask to leave the food on the porch or that strange? I'm very hungry and I'm not sure what to do.
Bartender last night didn't give me back my license?
Best answer: You should have not been ordering drinks under age.

The bartender should have checked your I.D first.

Yes, go up and ask. Talk to an owner or management if needed. Kicking áss is likely to not do you any good.
If I ordered a $20 meal from Ubereats and paid with $50, would I get my change ($30) back?
Do you like to dine at fancy extravagant restaurants , and pay high prices for skimpy portions?
Best answer: Don't be a fool. A rack of ribs is a lot of food. You NEVER turn down a meal. Especially a meal at a restaurant where someone else is paying. If you eat all your food and IF you are still hungry after desert...then on your way home...stop at Burger king and get three Whoppers and eat them. At least if...
Rancid feces in the Olive Garden urinal. Now what am I supposed to do?
Best answer: Grow up. Nobody owns you money because you were upset. If poop makes you need to take a time out and compose yourself life is going to be really hard for you. Especially that time you or your wife is going to shoot out a grey, bloody, body thing with it's much grosser placenta, after it pooped on itself and...
Is it weird to eat in a restaurant by yourself?
I have no friends.
What does it mean if a customer doesn't want to sit in a certain server's section at a restaurant?
Best answer: Sometimes customers are just rude jerks and servers are only human. They get tired of being called stupid, ignorant, crooked, slow. A drunk customer couldn't find where he put his own credit card so called the manager and demanded that my daughter be fired on the spot, bringing the whole restaurant to dead...
What's the maximum amount of time to sit in Starbucks before its weird?
What would happen if I ordered a pizza from Panago at 11:55 PM, even though they close at midnight?
**** Move?
A server at a restaurant asked us if the check was separate or together?
My girlfriend and I have been together a year and a half, and we go out to eat almost every time we see each other. Yesterday which was a Saturday we went to a restaurant called green turtle for lunch. Everything was fine until the server asked will the check be together or separate? I took offense to that for...
Do you think Starbucks waters down their coffee?
What should I do if a restaurant worker or manager takes my order THEN informs me that they're doing to-go only AFTER THEY TOOK MY ORDER?
Best answer: Take it to go.
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