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How come Mcdonalds and KFC in the US don't have rice in their menu....?
Best answer: they dont want the cheap people coming in
Why do leftists pretend that legal and illegal immigration are the same?
Wouldn't the world be a much better place if Judaism, Christianity and islam died out and it's followers liberated from the mental slavery?
Best answer: Yep. And it would be EVEN BETTER if all those 'religions' were replaced by Polytheism.
What resturaunts are open 24 hours?
Denny's Diner is the only one i can think of.
Which is your fav coffee. Tim Hortons, Dunkin Donuts, McCafe, Starbucks, Mac's/Couche-Tard, Burger King, Subway, A&W, Petro-Canada?
Fried fish with tarter sauce or BBQ chicken?
Why is Jason still a virgin?
Why is american football called "football" when they are actually playing with their hands and throwing the ball around?
Best answer: Because football players "run" with the ball in their hands. At a time when most sports were played on horseback, the term "football" was originally used to describe games that were played on foot (not a game in which you kick a ball with your foot). This includes soccer, rugby and American...
Why have we not been visited by Aliens from another star system? Zeta Reticuli Alpha centuri surely their life in those systems?
Best answer: No one knows.
In fact astronomers wonder why we have not been visited by aliens.

The conclusion is that either --
a) aliens do not exist
or aliens do exist, but
b) space travel from another star is not possible.
What should I do if a restaurant worker or manager takes my order THEN informs me that they're doing to-go only AFTER THEY TOOK MY ORDER?
At a local pizza place, I placed my order for pizza and ordered a drink (planning on eating there that night) then sat down. A while after I ordered (probably enough time for them to have got my pizza beyond started), the guy working there brought over my drink then says "you know we're doing to-go only,...
Does KFC have an official app?
King box Burger King ?
Have you tried it
Mississippi is so much better than Montreal and Quebec. Agree?
If Americans or foreigners want to see a bunch of black people, why dont they just go to a Southern American state like Mississippi? Plus Mississippi has Mississippi Mud pie, Fried Chicken, the Delta Blues, and the black people are segregated but are harmless and decent......unlike Quebec's Somali thugs.
What is your favorite Flex Tape Family of Products? Tape, Glue, Seal, or Liquid?
I am so tired of the baconator at wendys?
Best answer: I have only had the Baconator once and I like it enough to consider it the next time it has a coupon on the app but I usually base my order on the 4 for $4 meals. They have at least two types of chicken sandwich, okay salads, and pretty good crockpot style chili. Being fare, I live in a high enough population that...
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