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Einstein and Isaac Newton were believers in God. Thoughts?
How can you spot a liberal in a crowd of conservatives?
A Christian just referred to someone as a "shirt lifer". Anyone have a clue what this is supposed to mean?
Now that Papa John's founder resigns as chairman after apologizing for racial slur, would you still go there or no?
The founder of Papa John's resigned from his position as chairman of the pizza chain's board of directors, just hours after he apologized for using a racial slur during a company conference call earlier this year. His resignations came after Forbes reported that he used the N-word during a May conference...
Trump is blaming Obama for Putin hacking the 2016 election. Does that mean Trump is acknowledging that Putin hacked the 2016 election?
"Trump faults Obama for US response to Russian hacking"
How many babies died in The Great Flood?
Jea, is every living Christian on Earth a disgusting lying fraud?
Why is god such a stupid baby?
Why do you suppose Trump is near-universally hated by people all over the world?
Best answer: Because sane people also have eyes and ears.
Which corporate restaurant is more racist... Starbucks, Papa John's, Chick-fil-A, KFC?
Best answer: Taco Bell
Did white ;people invent nearly everything?
Best answer: Yeah just about everything
Is Fireball a 5 year old? If no why does she act like one?
Best answer: I doubt that even a 5 year old would feel the need to use all caps.
Does McDonald s have the best burgers in the world?
Friday is my first day at McDonalds what should I expect?
Are flat earthers serious?
Best answer: Either they are VERY serious or they are simply looney tunes. In my view they are both. The biggest thing these idiots just can't, or won't understand is that proving to the 99.9% of us who KNOW the Earth is an oblate spheroid that the Earth is flat is the simplest thing in the world. All they need to do...
Have you heard of Zeta Reticuli star system ?
Best answer: yes it exists but there is no evidence that aliens are coming from there
Is anyone else astounded at how... uneducated "cons" are?
Best answer: Neo-Nazis are way too common these days, especially on the internet. They have a lot of clever tactics to get people in.
Confederates did not betray their country, they were simply saving it from globalist liberal cucks trying to replace whites with blacks?
they want to make whites the slaves and blacks the owners!
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