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How many people like Mcdonalds ?
Why do libtards think that we should have all of our guns taken by obama?
Best answer: I still have flashbacks to the day he invaded Texas, I dread to think what would have happened if Breitbart had not warned us in advance?
Hello Americans, which fast food restaurant did you eat at today?
In love with my youth pastor, need help deciding what to do?
I am 24, he is 27. I've been "in love" with him for a little over a year now. Due to an immature friend who I confined in (big mistake) last year she told him how I felt, and he told me he doesn't see me that way. But, even though God ultimately shut this door, I still think we are made to be...
How old were you when McDonalds opened their first restaurant?
I was 15 years old.
Pizza or Burgers?
Is it inappropriate for Queenie to be pretending to remember the fallen of WW1, when it was her ancestors that sent them to be slaughtered?
Best answer: Totally
Should it be against the law for california (tree huggers) to plant trees?
It seems over grown dead forests might cause them all to burn to the ground. Everyone knows that trees will die in the desert, except for the libs i guess? The feel good campaign is killing people
Whole Wheat or Rye Bread?
Does McDonald’s use pig lard to deep fried their burgers and fries or no?
What kind oil does McDonald’s deep fry their burgers and fries, I heard it’s pig lard, is it right?
Will the Queen's ex butler, Bruce Heath, be at Sandringham this year to provide the Royals with entertainment?
Which do you prefer McDonald’s or subway?
Are county jails or remand centers as we say in Canada prisons? What's the difference?
Best answer: Prisons are more long term than jails, but, they are much the same thing. Sort of. I am a jail guard at the jail at the nearest RCMP station, where people stay mostly overnight. If they are to stay in, they are sent to the city where the territorial prison is located, with a different sort of guard. I think...
Messed up mcdonalds interview, what would happen?
They was one question I couldnt answer at all even though she had explained it several times to me. Also on the email it says that I was going to have an OJE before the interview, but I never had one.
Which was funnier letter boxing Belmore St with my pamphlet or Queen and Susan, even the mossies got one?
Liberals just out of curiosity how do you feel about chick fil a?
Best answer: I don't care for the owners opinions, so I don't buy his chicken
Should I report this fast food cook?
Whenever I order the Double Filet-O-Fish, I only get 1 fish patty. I think the cook is stealing and eating the other one!
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