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How can I find a job?
Is 3 phone interviews too much?
Best answer: I think it's a sign of unnecessary bureaucracy within the company. I've worked for companies like that and they are not to my liking. That being said, there is no harm in continuing with the interviewing process, so long as you're not holding your breath for this one job. Continue your job searching...
How do we force people born in the 20th century to hand over their careers to us?
Best answer: We aren’t giving our careers to people under the age of 19.
When is it time to quit my job?
So I've been working at home depot for over 2 and a half years. It's a part time job while I'm in college. So far the job is kind of stressful because of the amount of work and management is lazy. I'm not really in desperate need of money because I live with my parents. Only real bill i have is my...
Does selling things online count as work experience?
Irrelevant Job Experience on Resume?
Best answer: Yes, exspecially if you do not have other work inline to include. The time you would remove irrelevant job experience is when you already have jobs inline with your current working career you are looking to maintain. Keep in mind those reviewing your resumes aren't just looking for people that have the...
Should I drive for Uber/Lyft or be a food server at casino? Pros and cons?
I’m a 23 year old woman. I work M-F 8-4 and I’m looking for a side job. I’m having a hard time deciding which to pick. I got hired to be a server at a busy casino sports bar and grill and by Uber and Lyft. Which would be the better choice? Pros and cons.
Why are McDonalds workers majority black in America?
Is $13 a good rate for babysitting?
It's one baby who is super easy for 10 hours. They are paying 130. Is that a good accurate amount?
Is this a clever way to get unemployment?
Worked old job full time for 2 years. Quit job for new position providing 2 weeks notice. New position has 90 day probation period -- don't like new job -- getting let go in said probationary period via actions that are no fault of your own i.e. not fitting in learning fast enough - intentional or not : )
Ex lover is controlling me?
I got myself in a huge mess. She used to be married to a coworker who got promoted to manager a year ago. He never discovered the affair between us. The divorce happened for other reasons. We met again and she told me how much she miss our time together. I told her I don't have any interest in her. That's...
Would it be unnecessary to add fast food and grocery store work experience on my resume?
Best answer: Add them on if you ve been at those jobs for more then a few weeks or months. It shows you're willing to work, hopefully you've learned a few valuable skills, such as time management and being work with other people in a team.
The more experience you have, the better chance you could have of getting a job.
Are all jobs sh1tty jobs? Do you know a non-sh1tty job?
Best answer: A job is what you make of it.
What's wrong with having a career that makes me happy?
Best answer: Follow your dream. You could work for a Florist at lower wage while perhaps studying Floristry so maybe after that you could start your own business and expand it into doing the floral arrangements for Hotels, Restaurants, Weddings etc.
Have you earned $100,000 or more in one year?
Best answer: Yes, previously.
I work in a warehouse and the want us to sign a form saying we can be checked on the denied persons list.?
when i asked them to explain what the denied persons list was they couldnt explain it. what kind of people are on a denied persons list? thanks
Advice any would be helpful!?
I recently graduated from high school and turned 18. My dream is to travel around the world, and would love to make it a job in the near future. I’ve look into multiple jobs and came across the peace corps, does anyone have Advice on that? Or advice for any other jobs that would fit in the traveling category?...
Was this employer up to no good?
Best answer: If they serve until 10, it's unlikely that the last customer leaves much before 11. If it's a busy restaurant, it wouldn't be unusual for the dishwasher and cleaning up to go to midnight. They probably have a hard time filling those hours.
Is he likely to change careers? My brothers husband is doing a job that doesn’t pay well. My family is encouraging him to now do science?
Best answer: Your brother needs to tell his parents to butt out. First, it's none of their business. Second, it's too late to go back to school & earn a PhD in one or another science.
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