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Can I teach myself how to drive?
I’m 22 and I have a decent amount of money to buy a car. I have tried driving a few times. I don’t want to get driving instructions. If I have a licensed driver in the car and I just practice, is that good enough?
Swerved into another lane?
I was driving today and was about to make a lane change. I didn't see any car just the ones behind me in my lane. I didn't see any cars in the other lane. Then this car appeared I honestly don't know where it came from but my car swerved into that lane. I didn't hit the car just to be clear. There...
If you could have any car you wanted then what would it be?
Best answer: Hmmm. This is a hard question to answer. During my days of playing Gran Turismo, I used to be very fond of the Ford GT, Saleen S7 and McLaren MP4-12C, but I am certain that these vehicles are now inferior and outdated. It would probably have to be a sports car that I find visually appealing, but with...
My rent is currently overpaid at the moment, can I ask my landlord for the overpayment?
My car broke down on me it needs a new motor ($1500 repair). Where I live at its not on a bus line not even a uber only taxi cabs in the area. With the overpayment I would just get another car to last me until tax time.
How much would you pay for an engine that allowed you to get 200 MPG out of a pickup/SUV and would be guarantee'd to last 300k miles?
I'm not here to argue whether or not this is possible, but suppose somebody made aftermarket engines that allowed you to get 200 MPG from even full size pickup trucks and obviously much more with cars, BUT the vehicles these engines go into legally would need to be made before 1986. Would 15 thousand dollars...
Which car brands are best for bumpy roads?
Best answer: Daimler S class or Audi A8. Either is available with air suspension, although I think only the S class can have the "look ahead" feature that detects potholes in front of you and preadjusts the suspension accordingly.
Would you own a self driving car if you could?
Best answer: That day will be coming and sure, I'd get one but I wouldn't be an early adopter of that technology. I want to see the technology proven in the real world first.
Why would no one want an RV that was seized by police?
I came across an RV impound yard. The guy showed me three of them that I could just have if I removed them but they were junk. He showed me a nice RV that runs and drives, needs only minor cosmetic work, he said he could sell it for $500 and it would come with a title because he has to file for it to sell it. It...
What causes a car to jerk when shifting?
Best answer: 99.9% of the time, it's the driver. In the vid you're referring to, it's definitely the idiot behind the wheel. Here's what is happening in that video... That guy wasn't just shifting, he was playing Race Car Driver. His goal was to get the vehicle from zero up to stupid-fast as quickly as...
Why are all cars and trucks 4 stroke not 2 stroke?
Best answer: 2 stroke requires more frequent motor rebuilds and lubrication in the fuel itself which creates more emissions .. the design is cheaper to build and may offset the price of maintenance, but its just not as practical the way things are ..
Just curious question.?
I gave my friend a ride and she was recently dealing with a bed bug problem but she managed to get it some way under control. I didn t have bags, just my self, my kids diapre bag and their carseats... when i got home i stripped my kids out side and put all our clothes in a plastic bag going to wash them, then i...
Car sounds like a helicopter and has no power!?
Over the last couple of weeks this has gone from a rare moment to constant... my car sounds like a helicopter at the back and doesn t have any power. Mostly from a stand Still for about 30 seconds but this is now starting to happen mid drive more and more often. Also my check engine light is now on.
How do I know if my car is road trip ready ?
I have a super cool 99 CR-V, it drives fine and I haven't had to out too much work into it, i also maintain it pretty well . I really want to take it out of town to see a friend. Not super far just about a 4 hour drive. Do you think it'll be okay? I just get nervous cause its my baby i would hate if...
On the driving test where you have to park uphill with a curb, how close to the curb do you have to be?
Best answer: When finished your turned wheel should be just touching the curb. You have to be the same distance from the curb edge as on any other park. Oklahoma law specification is: every vehicle stopped or parked upon a roadway where there are adjacent curbs shall be so stopped or parked with the right hand wheels of such...
Do parking tickets affect you in any way?
Best answer: No adverse consequences or properly paid parking tickets. It does not matter for points, insurance, license renewal, etc. It just costs you money to keep getting and paying the tickets.
Does using African-Americans to do construction and car assembly reduce the quality of our infrastructure and vehicles?
Best answer: Yes, my uncle was an expert in carburettor design and while consulting in the USA he met US and Japanese experts who were appalled at the levels of sabotage they had witnessed in Detroit's factories yet the management of those car factories allowed their industry to die by using black communists to work there....
How much longer do you think Tesla can last?
How to correctly stop at a stop sign for drivers test tips? Any other advice for second drivers test?
Last week I took my first drivers test after having my permit for almost a year now. The reason I failed was because I stopped over the white line 3 times (where the stop sign is). (Stupid mistakes I know) I’m conflicted on where to stop. I would always stop behind the line obviously, but my dad said I’m stopping...
I moved into a house and there is a junk car in the driverway. The landlord doesn t know who it belongs to. How can we get rid of it?
How does a car trade in work?
I want to trade in my 2012 Chevy Malibu, which has 80,200 miles on it in for a 2012 Dodge Charger SE that has 56,700 miles on it. I've only had my Malibu for 1 1/2 month and I still owe $2700 on it. The Dodge Charger that I want is $14,075 with tax. How does the trade-in process works? Your answers would be...
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