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Is a car from 2002 considered old or new?
Whatever happened to manual chokes on cars?
Is a car from 1999 considered a classic car?
Best sounding American V8s of all time. Opinions?
Best answer: OHV NASCAR 427 ................
Why do so many people struggle with driving in the rain?
When it rains here the roads are an absolute disaster. My morning commute of 30 mins turns into an hour or sometimes even 2 hours. Cars are in ditches, accidents at intersections because people slide through on a red light. A few months back there was a 15 car pile up on a bridge which grid locked half the city...
What’s fastest you could ever handle a car?
Best answer: If you spend most of your time driving on crowded city freeways at 60 mph then 120 seems fast, but I've pushed through 5 States with 80 mph posted limits. Now to me 100 is no big deal. I have a fairly new Mustang, topped 110 a couple of times, didn't feel like it was near edge of control, but traffic and...
Stopping for a school bus in Ontario?
If a school bus is stopped with red lights flashing, but the stop sign is not extended, are drivers allowed to pass?
What’s a good first car for teenagers? That isn’t a total gas eater?
What taxi " extra " means and why they charge for that?
im new in USA and the point of extra to me sound like a tip when i asked the taxi driver he said NO its NO tiping so what extra is charged for i feel like taxies taking alot of my money
What are some cars that people consider legendary?
I just recently got a ‘16 mustang gt. Straight piped it yesterday, recommendation on first performance upgrades?
Do I have to take the vehicle to the same place that it was rejected?
My son and I took his truck to get it inspection of the 1st time ,we did not know but it do not have a cyalactic convertor on it. So it go rejected , we have put a new one on, but my question is do I have to carry to vehicle back to the same place or take it to another station. The reason I ask is the other one is...
Is it best to you a vehicle on a car transport or on it's own wheels?
I see people towing their vehicles on the tow vehicle's own wheels either with all four on the road or the rear two. Is this bad for the vehicle being towed. I used a car transport from uhaul when I moved. Would my vehicle been messed up if I towed it without a car transport?
Parking in front of our neighbours house?
Best answer: Public road? You can park anywhere that's legal and does not block entrance or exit from other properties. No one has a right to park outside their own house. This guy expects everyone to leave a space just in case his parents come round? Bad luck.
On average, what time of night do roads become more treacherous in Winter weather conditions such as snow?
Best answer: Sundown is about as bad as it gets, especially if the temperature was barely freezing in the afternoon. Slush is more slippery than hard frozen snow, and ice can form where it was only wet.

That said, icy roads can always be treacherous. Remember that bridges and shaded areas freeze first.
Learners permit?
Can you purchase a car with a learners permit?
How much does it cost to ship a car from Colorado to California?
How much would it cost roughly to ship a Mercedes benz sedan to Denver from Orange County,CA would I just be better off driving and paying the gas ?
I need to go to reston va in the morning but I cant afford the toll which way do I go?
Learners permit?
Im over 21. Once i pass my permit test. Are adults still required to have someone in the car with them at all times? How often can we drive does anyone know?
Name the two types of cylinder sleeves?
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