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"why in the hell have companies discontinue cars' vent windows??"?
What are the disadvantages of self driving cars?
How much do you think the woman's family that got hit by the Uber Self driving car is going to get paid for what they did?
Is there any law against having a small florescent orange flag on the rear of your car ?
Best answer: No, not at all. In fact, in some places, it's a requirement.
I hit a parked car in the parking garage at my apartment complex and I don’t know what to do?
It didn’t look like anything happened to the other car but mine is scratched I left and parked somewhere else there are cameras does anybody check those what’s gonna happen
Why do all cars drive differently?
Hi All, I have been driving my fiat for the past 2 years.I am due to pick up a brand new car that i ordered which is coming in a week.I recon the difference won't be major as its the same size petrol engine .I had a very bad experience as when i passed my test, and i first got in my fiat it was so different...
What do you think about Kenworth trucks?
Will I get fined for PARTIALLY passing school bus?
A school bus is stopped in the middle of the road with its stop sign deployed. There is no movement whatsoever and no children present. I wait a couple minutes before trying to overtake it (I am completely at fault and I have learned my lesson). As I inch forward to try and pass the bus (it is one of the shorts...
Someone got ran over by a Self driving car. Does anyone still think this is a good idea?
A self driving Uber car killed a pedestrian in Arizona. Anyone still think a computer with sensors is as good as a human driver? I say this idea should be scrapped by the federal government immediately before we have more blood on our hands?
Why do some cars have integrated signal lights on their side view mirrors?
Best answer: Increased safety to alert other drivers riding in your "blind spot" who cannot see the front or rear turn signals. Truckers have had them for decades.
How to increase your vehicle horsepower?
I have several questions regarding this topic. Here goes 1. What do you need to increase your vehicle horsepower? (I know there is the exhaust system, cold-air intake, manifold, turbo/supercharge) That all I know. 2. How much horsepower will it increase when you install all the stuff to increase your HP? Beside...
Will Hypersonic Supersonic Passenger Planes Halt Current Subsonic Plane Production?
Best answer: No. The Concorde was in production for years and we still made the subsonic planes. Because the subsonic planes are way cheaper to operate.

Besides, there are no supersonic passenger lanes yet scheuled for production at this time.

Heck, we still build some planes with propellers.
If a car is ugly is it a valid reason not to like that car?
Best answer: Probably
What's the worst car ever made?
Best answer: I'd say it's the Yugo. They were total pieces of crap. They sold for $3,990 brand new in the late 80's. But the car that probably gets the distinction is the Citroën 2CV. In French, Citroën literally means "lemon," and so bad were these cars that that's where calling a super crappy car...
How many pallets of 48x40 I can fit in a 53 trailer?
Is it more dangerous to be a policeman or to be an Uber driver?
Is an online/class for driver's ed mandatory?
For the WRITTEN PORTION of the test (under 18/teens) , can I just use a driver's ed manual book instead of doing it online or taking a class?
Can USPS trucks run red lights?
Can VW/Audi settle my PCP contract if my car is part of the VW Emissions Scandal? So me give it back to them and they settle it?
I bought an Audi in September 2015 on PCP, which was part of the VW Emission Scandal, I have seen reports on the internet where VW have settled the costs of cars to customers where they have given the car back because of the high NOx fumes, are they doing that in the UK? Has anybody else done this? I recently found...
Why aren’t fog lights standard on cars?
Best answer: Auto manufacturers are in the business to make a profit from the vehicles they sell. If the manufacturer spends money to add accessories that a buyer doesn't want, the buyer will be less likely to want to PAY for those accessories. While fog lights may use "cheap" halogen bulbs, there is also the...
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