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What slows the car?
What kind of cars do rich people drive?
How many miles do you drive per week?
Do i still get a permit if i havent gotten one by 18?
Im 18 and i still havent gotten my permit mainly bc no one has had the time to take me but im confident in my driving abilities and am ready to go get my license. Do i just show up and take the drivers test or do i have to complete a permit first?
How do people mix up their pedals?
Like seriously, I don't understand how some drivers can mix up the accelerator and brake pedal! Especially if you've been driving for many years. Do they just have a brain fart or are they seriously that dumb??
Why do truck drivers drive sooooo slow?
Like we get it. You’re all big and bad and own the road. No need to be so obnoxious about it by driving 35mph on the highway slowing down traffic. It seems like they’re just looking for attention like “Hey, look at me. I’m truck driver Joe and I make $60 an hour cuz I’m such a bad@ss because I drive a giant 18...
There is such a thing as self-driving cars. Is there such a thing as self-driving motorbikes?
What does this UK road sign mean in simple terms?
I plan to park here on a Friday at 4:30PM for 3-4 hours. Will I be fine? 5 star rating awaits you.
The bottom line solution to urban traffic?
The bottom line is... There is nothing BUT a car that we as a world of working human beings are ever going to be able to buy for personal transportation. The Hyperloop is for the next 100 years at least.. a Pipe dream. Flying cars, are a pipe dream. Non-Driver's license Scooters are not street legal in most...
Did you ever see someone spin the tires in a Camaro?
NYS law prohibits someone with a learner's permit from driving to their road test. Why?
Signed up to take my road test and on the bottom of the page it said that I'm not allowed to drive to the test location even with a 21+ adult in the car. What is the reasoning behind this?
Fine of illegal parking?
Well my child has a performance in his school. The parking lot was so croyd and full. I kept trying to find a parking for about 35 minutes then I decided to park behind two cars and I can tell there were 4 cars doing the same. I hurried up to see the performance and it took me ten minutes to come back to my car but...
Can the repo man take all of your items in your car when they take it?
So , we can’t afford our car anymore and I’m assuming the repo man may come soon ( we plan to volunteer to bring it back when we get the chance) we have car seats and items Still in the car , will they try to take those Items, and will they really come over night and take the car too ?? That’s what I heard
Who is right when a tire store won't live up to it's advertisements?
Best answer: The tire store is correct
All fair and legal comparisons must be not only same brand but same size
True or false: “a lot” of people use Uber?
I passed my driving test yesterday, I got into my new car yesterday and drove from work but I didn’t adapt well. Will I ever adapt?
Best answer: Yes. It’s weird at first driving on the road with other cars around in a new car, but you will adapt. It could take a few weeks, a few months or a few years.
How do I find it if I can legallly rose a dune buggy on Montana roads (not highway) in town?
Best answer: On any public road - highway or not - it needs to be "street legal". It needs licence plates, headlights and tail lights and turn signals and maybe more than that. Seat belts.....
Whats the best way to put a tracker on a vehicle?
No stupid answers please. Whats the most efficient way to track the location of a vehicle? I want to know where it is like gps on it?...
So I’m in high school I drive myself to school I parked slanted and site safety said I couldn’t and that my car would be towed can they?
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