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I just want to admit that I have failed my driving test for the second time!🙈?
I just want to admit that I have failed my driving test for the second time!🙈 I’m feeling so depressed and out of self confidence now. And embarrassed in front of my instructor and my husband. Because I made the same mistake twice! Don’t know what’s wrong with me! I felt calm during the test and I got almost...
What impacts drivers the most at night?
When your parked can cops run your plates, ask for insurance, registration, license? When they are there for someone else who has warrants.?
Can I sue a mechanic shop for negligence while giving me vehicle safety standard certificate (SSC)?
2 days ago I went to an MTO certified mechanic shop to get a safety certificate for my car. Last time I did safety inspection from the same garage about 45 days ago. Since the certificate valids for only 36 days I had to get a new certificate. When I walked into the garage I told them I didn’t make any appointment...
Do you think you ever need to have snow chains on both axles?
Best answer: If you have AWD or 4WD there is an advantage, otherwise not much point
When are good times to do what every driver does to avoid accidents when unexpected things happen and what are all unexpected dangers?
In petrol pumps using cell phone is not allowed because of RF, but the POS machine for card payment has RF. Why this conflict?
Shaken up new driver.?
Best answer: He might have hit it because it in was in his way. There is nothing to report, and you won't get in trouble. Stuff happens driving. If no one was hurt, be thankful and move on. Don't worry so much. Eventually so many other drivers will do stupid things to you, that you will realize that mistakes...
Car seat laws?
do you thick the law for child car seats is fine how it is or should be strict I thick all child seat should have 3 or 5 point harness fixed till the age of 12 that must be used
Who can be in a vehicle with a learners permit driver?
Best answer: As long as someone who is 21+ and has had a full licence for a minimum of 3 years is sat beside the learner as meny people as the car can safely seat can be in the car.
If you see a hidden driveway sign, how many miles per hour shall we reduce?
I drove with the emergency brake on for 4miles going 40-45 mph. The e-brake wasn’t on all the way and everything works like before.?
Best answer: Not the end of the world.You wore down the rear pads some. Have them checked if you notice anything different. but be aware , some shops will take advantage.Good Luck
How can we improve safety on road and stop distracting drivers?
I told people at work that I booked a crash course for next week to get em off my back C?
I told people at work that I booked a crash course for next week to get em off my back Cos they keep on at me about driving but I’m such a nervous guy it makes me feel sick getting behind the wheel So now I need an excuse to tell em that It’s off next week
Im 15 and a new driver, and I accidentally cut someone off today?
Best answer: I don't know where you are but 15 year old kids cannot drive at all in this state - it's 16 and that's only the permit. You cannot get the actual license until 17. You should have had an adult with you, even if the law doesn't require it. You are obviously far too "green" to be out on your...
How would you protect yourself from a pickup truck with something not properly secured? One day, I saw that the chair was moving around.?
Best answer: Obviously, you want to move as far away from such a vehicle as possible, by either passing them or slowing down far back enough.
Who's right? U.K. Road rule?
Best answer: The general rule is that you give way to the more vulnerable road user. Generally pedestrians have right of way at all times. Obviously it doesn't mean they can just step into the road and expect everyone to stop, but if you are already carrying out a manoeuvre (crossing the road) you have right of way. The...
What does a green arrow mean when making a left turn?
I have seen those green arrows when making a right turn but never on a left turn. And I don’t understand when cross traffic has a green light but we also have a green light, but we have to yield to them. How do we know if we are supposed to yield without signs telling us?
When pulling over for emergency vehicles, is it guaranteed that those in driveways you are going to pass wait for the vehicle to pass?
I asked my mom the same question but she did not answer. I know sirens are loud but I am not sure if everybody follows that rule. I know not everyone follows the rules sometimes.
I am scared of crossing the street?
I live in a small town where the nearest store is 6 miles away, so if I need something small and basic without going all the way into town I have to bike to the store. I do not have my driver's license yet, so taking a car is not an option. I would not be afraid, except for one problem: the store is on the...
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