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Do you drive slow in heavy rain?
Why do some people pull up to the crosswalk way after the stop line at red lights and block the way of pedestrians ?
Best answer: I don't know why people do that - especially when in an urban area where they know there will be pedestrians crossing on a red light. Some people are just inconsiderate, I guess.
Is this a advisory or mandatory speed limit?
So there's this 20 when light shows, and further down the road there is a 'speed on green/red light camera' I slowed down to around 25, there is a static camera just down the road which catches drivers going over 30mph, but if this is flashing would the camera start to catch drivers going over 20mph or...
How bad does weather have to be, to not be allowed to drive?
This is for a snow storm
In a road test (NYC), if you pull out of the curb, do you go to the lane right next to the curb or any further lane (like the middle lane)?
Speed camera lines but no camera, will he be caught?
Last night I was in a friends car, it’s was night and he decided it’d be funny to speed! He got up to 75-80mph in what I think was a 30 zone... we saw the lines on the road and he slammed on but we saw no flashes or anything! Today we went back to the same road, went up and down 6 or 7 times and saw no camera,...
Most fatal collisions in florida happen during?
How much space in between cars should i practice parallel parking?
Best answer: As others have pointed out - you can put them as far apart as you want to start, then start bringing them in. 15' is probably a good distance to get to. Depending on the vehicle size, visibility, and turning radius, it can be fairly simple, or it can be an unholy nightmare. I've stuck smaller cars (Mazda...
Seatbelt law?
Anyone else think there shouldn’t be a law to wear seatbelts? It should be by choice only. Considering buses don’t have any seatbelts and cars never used to, people also don’t normally wear them on coaches, why is there even a law to wear them in cars?
Advice to pass next road test / Review mistakes?
I failed my road test twice now. Kind of embarrassed about it but I want to move forward and fix my mistakes and pass. I'd appreciate any helpful advice to help me understands my mistakes better because the examiner just gave me the receipt saying try again next time and didn't really go over what I did...
Have a question about a tire sidewall and a small little hole or chip and you can see a tiny bit of the thread will it be a problem or leak.?
How likely are you to survive a car crash into a brick wall without wearing seat belts or having an airbag?
20mph when lights flash question?
So in my town they have added those "20mph when lights flash" signs around schools, when I slow down to 20mph I get tailgated hard but i m also worried about points as i m a new driver, is it a mandatory limit or advisory? it is not in a red circle.
Who has the right of way in this scenario in Michigan?
Best answer: In Michigan, pedestrians always have the right of way. When the pedestrians have the walk signal, that means that oncoming traffic has the red light. In this situation, it is the driver who needs to see if there are any pedestrians crossing before they make their turn towards the pedestrian, therefor, the driver is...
Which driver has the right of way when two cars approach opposite sides of intersection and one is turning left and other is turning right?
Does your car have any scrapes or dents?
If so, how many (small or big)?
Can someone help me with this driving test question? (test tommorow)? So lets say im making a left turn at the bottom. Do I stop for 3 seconds still? Like treat it as a stop sign? Thanks!
Do I have to completely full stop at green light when turning right?
So im taking my drivers exam tomorrow and was wondering if when im turning right on a green light, should I completely stop like you do at a stop sign or not? ( yes i know you have to look for pedestrians using the crosswalk or cars turning left.)
Is it a good idea to not allow people with alcholic beverages, cigarettes and drugs into my car?
Best answer: I too have a few rules about riding in my car: 1. No contraband! This is a little broader statement, it bans drugs and many other things which would give reason to have my car confiscated. It does allow a person to have tobacco products which does not bother me. 2. Wear your seat belt! 3. Hang on! Do not tell me to...
Over 4.34 Billion individual flying journeys taken by people in 2018 with 534 human fatalities; Is this an O.K. ratio to live with?
Best answer: Human beings have died from the hazards of transportation for all of human history.

Commercial air travel is the safest method of transportation ever created. Especially if you measure per mile traveled.
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