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Why do drivers cut people off and swerve to different lanes to pass traffic?
Best answer: He doesn't understand that his life is in danger and that he is putting other people's lives in danger. His lack of patience is more important to him than attempting to think about the possible consequences of his actions.
Going over the lines when reverse bay parking on a driving test...?
If I go over the white lines, but correct myself afterwards, is that still a fail?
If you live & drive in a City would you be O.K. with a 25mph speed limit for all privately owned motor vehicles?
Best answer: I was once fined for driving at 36mph in a 30 mph zone........... at 3.00 am...........inside a tunnel, which was 1/2 mile long, had two lanes (it was one-way) and had no pedestrian access. (Limehouse link in the city of london) I paid up and I am not looking for sympathy, I am just illustrating how a...
What do you do if you're left out of a merge?
Like say if you're coming off the interstate and you are merging onto a double-yellow street, there are two lanes that break off into the double-yellow. Other traffic around you has already made it in and you are left out because you were too slow. What should be done in this situation? Should you try to...
Why don't some people use their turn signal when changing lanes?
Best answer: Ha, once again I knew this was you, not from the question, but from all the ranting after it. I usually use my turn signals, but because I always make sure it's clear, it's not really necessary. Plus, when I signal, I hate when some jerk speeds up to keep me out. "Not in MY lane, you...
Why do school buses not have seat belts?
Is it okay to turn the steering wheel when the car is standing still?
I passed my road test with a smart car but my instructor told me that I shouldn't turn the wheel unless I have the car in motion. It made parallel parking a little harder having to always be in motion. I rather turn the wheel all the way first before pulling the front of the car into the curb
A solution to school bus stop accidents?
Best answer: Ah.... for the driver to get out of the bus? Leaving a bus full or school age children tearing up the bus?

NOT a good idea. A better solution would be teach children to

** Stop, look both ways before you cross the street. **
Do cars mean people?
Best answer: Depends on the part of town and how well everyone knows everyone else.
If the car is able to be driven, I would move it occasionally, even just 6 or 8 inches, to add to the illusion that someone is there.
Also, you might think about setting up some interior lights with timers.
Is it dangerous driving with summer tyres during the colder months in the uk?
Just wondering whether it is dangerous as I see them advertised everywhere. Especially if I do not plan driving a lot during the winter. Thank you
Do Teenagers Require Booster Seats?
I get asked this on a daily basics is it okay for teenagers to sit in a Booster Seat if they feel comfortable and Safe in the Child restraints system he does fit in the harness when we get in the car he goes in the back and buckled him self in the seat if anyone can answer this for me that would be great
If women are statistically safer drivers than men, why is it still illegal to only hire women as drivers to transport hazardous materials?
Best answer: Because it is against Equal Opportunity Employment laws. Employers are not allowed by law to determine employment based on gender.
Why guardrail is so important?
Should I drive the speed limit or go a little over?
Hi everyone, I'm a new driver and I find that whenever I stay within the speed limit which in my town is usually 35, people get aggravated and either honk or tailgate me. It's like I am keeping my speedometer within 35 and being legal but people seem to wanna go faster. What should I do? Should I go over...
If you are a lyft or uber driver and ur passengers do not wear seat belts who gets in trouble you or passenger?
Should I have pulled over?
So, today I was in traffic and gave way to cars coming out of streets at intersections as I was going straight. It came to another intersection and I stopped to give way to a driver when i saw it was clear and then when the driver came out to the middle of the road I was still expecting them to check that it was...
Why does this same car stop at the stop sign for a long time?
Best answer: It could be someone who is newly living in your area. A lot of people when they are stopped at stop signs with no traffic will check their phone (regardless if it is illegal in your area or not). They can be changing what they are listening it. A minute isn't that long. If you are concerned you can talk to your...
What are these camera signs on roads for?
There are camera signs on a few roads in my town in the UK but there are no static speed cameras and according to some database there is no mobile speed enforcement that takes place on the roads I have seen them on either.. What the hell are they?
Pulling over for an ambulance at a red light?
Today I was stopped at a red light with two lanes going straight. An ambulance was approaching from behind me while I was in the left lane so I moved over to the right lane as close to the curb I could get. The right lane had no cars in it but the 3 cars in the left lane didn t move over so the ambulance had to go...
Is this sign a bus stop?
Can I wait at this sign is has a no parking sign but no bench? Are bus stops supposed to have bench google maps brought me here this is my first time
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