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A dead bird flew into my radiator and than got stuck what should I do?
Best answer: THE FLYING DEAD !!!!!!!!! ZOMBIRDS !!!!!!!!
What is a good safe car for my pregnant girlfriend?
My girlfriends has an old honda civic and i noticed the engine is knocking. I dont wanna her to drive it like that. I want to buy her something safe and reliable especially since she is pregnant. I was thinking of getting a 2018 toyota camry or maybe a suv like a toyota rav4. What do you think?
I was involved in fender bender auto accident, other driver wants me to pay out of pocket for repairs, but also wants money for car rental?
Should I pay for her repairs and car rental or just go through my insurance? There is no cost to me to go through insurance, I have no deductible and first accident forgivesness. The only thing is my rates will go up if I have a second accident if I file a claim. I've been with my insurer for several years.
My car won’t start in the mornings in cold weather? Is it the battery or alternator?
It makes a clicking Noise
I bought a car with the check engine light on and was told it was the O2 sensor but it turns out to be a bad engine. What should i do?
Head gasket went on my car a day after I bought it.After asking about the car and HG, the seller told me everything was ok.Do I have rights?
My car window wont roll up. How can i fix this without breaking the bank?
A man in a car rolled down his window and shouted "2006 biches!" at me?
That was the year I graduated from high school. Not sure what that means. HELP
Do I have to put air in my tires when the indicator light turns on?
Best answer: Your tires should ALWAYS be filled to the proper air pressure when they are cold. As you drive, the tires will warm up and the pressure will go up by a few pounds, but it will still be within the proper inflation pressure for your car. If you DO fill your tires to the proper pressure when they are cold, and...
How many time did you fail the driving exam before you got your driver's license?
I am watching a YouTube video about people failing the driving exam and remind me that I failed 4 times before I got my driver's license.
What is the benefit of having gas door on the passenger side and not driver side?
I won't ever buy a car with gas door on passenger side cause it's too long of a walk.
Im a first time driver i don't have a car yet when can i get a car insurance quote?
Diana, Prince of Wales, known for being empathetic & compassionate to those experiencing life’s difficulties, is dead. Why is life so unfair?
Best answer: Very true, If things had been fair, she would be the only one left alive out of the lot of them.
Should I occasionally start car and let engine run to keep from freezing radiator water that has low amount of coolant?
I was told that if your car is front wheel drive you only need snow tires in the front of the car for the winter is this true?
Is it wise to buy just enough car insurance to make it legal to drive?
Used car not financed, paid for
Do larger tires return better fuel economy?
My car uses OEM 15" tires but if I were to upgrade to 17" will it return higher MPG?
Why do drivers cut people off and swerve to different lanes to pass traffic?
Best answer: He doesn't understand that his life is in danger and that he is putting other people's lives in danger. His lack of patience is more important to him than attempting to think about the possible consequences of his actions.
Could I get a title for my vehicle?
So long story short I made a bad decision about a year ago. I bought my 3rd car. Shortly after I lost my job of 2 years and it was the middle of winter and I struggled to find anything to maintain that vehicle. I ended up not being able to continue paying on my car and I was just waiting on them to contact me...
How to find a paint gun air compressor?
I see air compressors on sale, but what the F, because no where does it say whether they are compatible and will work with paint guns.
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