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Do you assume that other drivers know what they're doing?
When you're on the road, do you assume that the other drivers all know what they're doing? Do you sssune that everyone is going to abide by the right of way, yielding, intersections with stop signs, lane changing?
Why is it so hard to learn drive a stick? Even after 5 years of trying?
I live in CA Car accident help?
I was driving my husband's registered car, and it has insurance, I was on my way home when a car hit from the side when she was pulling out from a street parking space while the light was green. I said it was my fault since it was my first accident and I was nervous and I had my son and I'm 7m pregnant but...
Should I get a car?
I only make 1000 dollars a month, but I live with my dad and pay 300 dollars for rent. I have 2000 of saved money, if I should get a car for how much I should purchase a car for? My job involves a lot of driving, I would get paid maybe $40 more a month. My credit score is excellent.
My exboyfriend gifted me a car, but has the title, can he take it from me without notice?
My boyfriend gave me a car but not the title, two years after our breakup, he came to my home and took the car back. He had the spare keys, title was in his name, can he take it from me with out notice?
Do you think a car should last longer than 100,000 kms/60,000 miles?
Before it starts giving problems?
After snow, how do you wash away salt?
I am a Japanese. I lived in Tokyo. I do not have any cars there. Please tell me about taking care of my car after snow. I live in Maryland. Last week, it snowed. After that, salt was put on the road. I know salt is the cause of rust. I do not want my car to be rust. What should I do my car not to be rust? ...
What car would you Never Buy?
I would never buy a vauxhall.i have had four over the years and had trouble with them all. One Nissan had two engine rebuilds in eighteen months. A Citroën had all the plastic dash cracking up. I now have a pergeot. 8 years. No trouble at all. What would you Never Buy?
Have you ever driven by yourself with your learners permit?
Do bikers need real leather jackets to protect them?
This may be a very stupid question and I apologize for that. I am 16 years old and I am thinking of buying a motorcycle instead of a car. I've always loved them and I've ridden on the back of motorcycles before and it is such an awesome feeling. I realize that this is dangerous and I accept that. I will...
Car help? Oil light is on?
I got an oil change about 2 months ago, still have another 5000 to go before I'm expected for another one. My oil light turned on so I brought it to the shop, they hooked it up to the computer and everything, and it didn't show anything was wrong. So I brought it home and now the light is on, but the thing...
Really bad driver?
So today was my first time behind the wheel alone (G2 in Ontario), and it was a disaster. The first was leaving a parking lot. A bus was letting people on so I edged out to check around it to turn left (the bus was on the road). I started making my turn and the bus pulled out, forcing me to go really fast to make...
I was in a car accident where the other driver was found at fault and ticketed for careless driving.?
I was in a car accident where the other driver was found at fault and ticketed for careless driving. I was injured car repair was over $7,000. There insurance company denied my claim. Case went to arbitration and I lost. What can I do now?
Would you rather have a Mazda RX7 or Honda S2000?
Is it better to lease or take a 72 or 84 month car loan?
Car engine won't heat up, is this bad for the engine?
When is it time for a new car or a new to you one?
Hi Wondered what do people experience or what clues do peoples cars provide to tell them it's time to start thinking about a new/newer car And also when the speedo reads 200,000-300,000 ish km depending on person why do people start thinking of a newer one and start looking for car deals when there might not...
Car ran out of oil whilst driving?
I was driving my car today and without warning it turned off. I checked the oil and it was all gone I filled it up and the car started again however it seems to be slower now with less power and a small bit of white smoke from the engine. Can anyone tell me if I completely ruined my engine. Unfortunately my car has...
Did i get screwed? 2003 kawasaki ZX6RR?
So i recently bought a 2003 kawasaki ZX6RR for 1900 dollars, got it inspected by a friend and he told me the frame had been painted, the clutch cable needs replaced, the rear suspension is ******, the fork seals are toast. brakes are gone. the chain is really dry and is currently laying on the swing arm. and that...
Is 1998 Pontiac Grand Am good car?
I been doing research online and with this car, the feedback have been 50/50. The guy whos selling it is only selling it for under 2000. He also went ahead to buy a new alternator and battery for anyone who do buy thr car. The car still runs and have 90k miles. What is your thoughts? Good idea or no. I m really...
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