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Car dealership oil change and now car doesn t start. They got me a rental. What are my rights?
I brought my ten year old Prius in to the dealership for a routine oil change. When the job was complete the service manager says everything went great (they check several other things along with the oil change) except for the check engine light being on. I said it wasn t on when I brought the car in. He said we ll...
2003 Mercury Grand Marquis Coolant Leak?
I have a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis and had the engine overheat recently. Checked the coolant and the reservoir was empty. Filled it up and gave it a few days and when I checked again it was getting low. I watched for leaks and have found one area where it looks like it’s leaking on the engine, however, I don’t...
How can I get my car to pass the smog check?
I have a 93 Camry where the check engine light has been on for a long time, the code was "EGR system", so I don't know exactly what to fix. Someone who does emissions recommended I replace the vacuum modulator, which made it go from gross polluter on the first test, to just barely failing on the...
Should I change the transmission oil.?
my 2014 Silverado just reach 100k miles and I heard that's the time to change tranny oil but I also heard it could bad idea and just leave it and never change it. so what would be the best choice?
I am 63 years old and never had car insurance. I want to get right with my life. Where should I look for a first time rate for liability?
Is the gov shutdown over yet?
Is it legal drive a car in the u.s. with a steering wheel on the right side?
I bumped a car because my guide wasnt doing their job?
A couple days ago I was moving an RV trailer my friends parents gave to me. We had to move a trailer with a jetski on it and in the process of moving it I lightly bumped my friends brothers car. The only damage was to small gashes on the bumper cover and the sensor and fog light plastic popped loose. I was moving...
How can police know I am driving without insurance?
ow does police know I am not driving without insurance do they directly have to pull me over to see I am driving without it I was told cops can't just scan your plate for that
If a body shop quoted me $1000 less than the next lowest quote I got, should I’d be wary, or are they just fairer in their pricing?
Is it bad to drive with a bad valve cover gasket?
I took my car to the mechanic cause my car was leaking oil and he said the valve cover gasket was the problem. I don’t have the money to fix it right now so I said I’ll fix it some other time. Is that something that needs to be fix right away and is it bad to drive a car in that condition?
How do I pay less on car insurance?
First of all, I have accumulated several points on my license but haven t gotten any tickets in almost 2 years(My state they stay for 35 months). Currently been paying $200 a month for over a year on car insurance, which is a rediculous amount. Had to sell my car cuz theres just too many issues with it but getting...
My steering wheel keeps locking up from loose to tight. My tie rods are wore out but i can feel something loose when i brake. Is it my rods?
Do astronomers and other people know that the ball earth is a social construct, not real?
If a car no longer moves, does it have to have the license plates renewed?
When you get rear ended and your vehicle is totaled and your neck and back hurt but there us no broken bone how much money can you get?
How to remove a stubborn bolt? WITHOUT A FUQING BLOW TORCH?
I tried rolling up the window in my car manually but its an automatic. I tried spraying it with WD40 and hitting it with a hammer, all to no avail. im a single mom and a Survivor of Domestic Violence and I cannot afford to go to a mechanic LET ALONE BUY A FUQING BLOW TORCH! im going to be a real woman and manually...
Is it legal to drive a car with a steering wheel on the left side in the united states?
so i live in the southern united states. today, i saw a woman drive by in a car with the steering wheel on the left side, like a car from britain/europe. there was also a flashing yellow light on top of her car. is it legal to drive a car with a steering wheel on the left side in the USA?
2015 Hyundai Sonata hybrid is leaking lots of oil after oil change?
I got an oil change about 5 days ago. I then drove about 80 miles away today and haven’t really driven my car much before that. I haven’t noticed anything wrong until today when I could see oil dripping from the bottom of my car and also smelling. I’m not sure if it’s because of the oil change or what because my...
Best first car?
What are some good first cars? Need it to be able to carry two dogs (one under 50lbs and one at 100lbs). I was looking at mini coopers but heard of bad safety and jeep wranglers have a high rolling rate plus bad mileage. Price has to be under 100k. I like styles that resemble jeep wranglers, range rovers, anything...
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