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A weird question but should I remove 2 deceased family members from my Facebook?
Best answer: If you get comfort from it leave it alone.
There is no time limit to grief.
When does a woman ever rape a man?
I have literally never heard of an instance where this happened but my health teacher (because we talk about stuff like rape as part of our school's requirement in health) said only 99 percent of rapists are men. How would a woman even rape a guy?
What's behind the obsession with knowing the one and absolute Truth?
Best answer: insecurity about knowing one's own self. the problem is saying that your own opinion is an absolute, and that has lead to tyranny in religion. maybe, the absolute stems from the absolute power of the European monarchs being superior over all. it really clashes with the idea of democracy and religious...
Are all conservatives social conservatives retarded or just control freaks with insecurities?
Best answer: If you're going to accuse someone of being a retard maybe you'll want to frame that accusation within a sentence that is legible.
Poll: Why is sex viewed as dirty by some people. It's how we got here people?
Should I punish her? Yes or no?
Best answer: dont scold her. dont punish her. she will remember her whole life that she broker your laptop. she will be greatful to you. she will always be nice as your havent scold her. anyway it was a mistake. there is no reason she would do intentionally. please allow her to play with new laptop... be nice to her...dont be...
Why do people commit suicide ?
like what happens to make someone commit suicide ? our evolutionary instinct does everything to make us survive. committing suicide is pretty stupid, i would rather kill myself than commit suicide
Does Being Short affect a Man's SELF ESTEEM?
What is one of the best ways to contribute to society?
Best answer: be a law abiding citizen helps society
What make human different from animals?
Best answer: Humans are animals. The only difference is that some humans have the ability to control their basic instincts by using their brains, and most humans don't have the ability control their basic instincts any better than animals. Animal may be just as intelligent and cognitive as we are. Look at what other...
Is being called "very unique" an insult?
When I hear that I feel like people are saying I have autism or something. I know a lot people want to be "different" and/or special, I don't. I've felt different all my life, like I'm on track A and the rest of the world is on track B. Or like I live in a world of robots that play Christmas...
What's your MBTI type?
Best answer: Mine is INFP.

INFPs are imaginative idealists, guided by their own core values and beliefs. To a Healer, possibilities are paramount; the realism of the moment is only of passing concern. They see potential for a better future, and pursue truth and meaning with their own individual flair.
How can people love you no matter what you do?
Best answer: They accept you and they don't judge you. They accept you no matter what you do. Unconditional love. They love you - period.
Are antisocial/introverts just misanthropes?
What to do when feeling down?
Best answer: We tend to feel depressed because of how we see a situation or situations. If we believe we're blocked and don't have a way around something we're struggling with, we feel helpless and hopeless and become depressed. There are other causes. Not getting enough sleep or taking certain medications can...
I can't handle working full-time and I'm only 24. Does it get better?
Do you ever get tired of doing the same thing that makes you unhappy every single day? That's how I feel. 9 hours at a desk at work, sitting in silence around older co-workers who don't even talk to me, 5 days a week, day after day after day. On top of a soul sucking environment I'm also doing work...
Is being 'wise beyond my years' good or bad?
I'm 16, and I've been told that I act like I'm 20, and people sometimes look surprised when I tell them my age. They usually say that I'm 'wise beyond my years' and I'm very mature. I don't wear makeup, so it's not like I'm trying to appear older, and I think I look pretty...
Have you ever been insecure?
What s wrong with being liberal?
Correct me if I m wrong, but doesn t "liberal" mean willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one s own; open to new ideas ? Whats wrong with that? I dont understand why, but aparently it s a bad thing.
How to control anger?
I get angry really quick over little things. I get angry sometimes at the way some people walk or talk. And I can't control it. I tell myself all the time to calm, to breathe and pause for a sec, but it just never seem to work. I tell my family that anger is something I can't control and all they do is...
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